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Saikat Basu

Citizen based in Kolkata, India. Joined on Feb 22, 2008


Experts say that the Arctic as it was may never recover

The Earth's refrigerator is fast losing its cool, with disastrous consequences for the rest of the world. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released its latest report on the Arctic.

Apple and Google will be in a musical rivalry by year end

Google seeks to invade Apple's iTunes' space by launching an online music service that will be connected to its Android mobile platform and search.

The unsolved mystery of the Atlantic’s garbage patch

The Great Pacific garbage patch is well documented. The Atlantic garbage patch is relatively less known. Little is known of its origins.

The age of 12-character 'super passwords' has arrived

What's the right length for a password? A jump from standard eight to twelve character passwords could mean the difference between a breach and ironclad security, researchers found.

Digital downloads of Pink Floyd albums hits a wall

The bad news is that you won't be able to download any Pink Floyd songs in digital formats because its contract with EMI has expired.

Delta Air Lines lands on Facebook with its online booking page

Delta Air Lines unveils its 'Ticket Window' on Facebook that aims to help travelers book tickets on the social network. It's an innovative move in a competitive industry.

McAfee warns malware threats at all-time high

McAfee, one of the world's top security software companies, warned users to be wary of ever increasing malware attacks. Around 10 million new pieces of malicious code were catalogued this year alone.

Decline in plankton signals alarm bells for food chain

Phytoplankton is barely visible to the naked eye. It also lies at the very bottom of the food pyramid. But now its rapid decline could shake the foundations of that very pyramid.

Here’s Comes an App Which Can Help You Avoid Run-ins with Exes

Awkward moments are made of these; when you meet someone you don’t want to meet. Avoidr is a web based app that can help you out of those jams.

Couple Realize That They Had First Met Each Other As Tots

This is a little story that proves the world is a small place after all. A soon to be married couple comes to know from a photograph that they had unknowingly met when they were toddlers.

World Cup 2010 Is a Cutting Edge Technology Show

Most of the world will be watching football on television. For a lucky few, it could be football on 3D and high-definition as technology takes over sports and entertainment in a riveting package.

Cellphone networks could be stretched during FIFA World Cup

Don't be surprised if you face mobile call breakdowns during June. The World Cup is on and cell networks could find it difficult to meet capacity.

With HP’s ePrint, new age of printing heads towards the clouds

HP is trying to change the way we will print in the near future. The printer is becoming a standalone gadget. Unfettered from the desktop, HP's ePrint technology allows you to email documents to be printed elsewhere.

World's Biggest Marine Reserve Draws Kudos and Also a Bit of Ire

The environment comes with a cost. Whether we destroy it to our detriment or save it for the sake of our future. That's what the Chagos Island example tells us.

Children Learn Solace in a Warring World

A North Carolina based non-profit - Solace for the Children, heals injuries of children from Afghanistan. The children learn to heal there hearts.

Mobile Q&A Service Clears the Air on Long Held Celebrity Myths

Did Walt Disney really have himself frozen? Did Tom Jones have his chest hair insured? - These are just some of the questions that Britons have always wondered about celebs. Some of us have too.

Report: Hackers Compromise Pentagon's Costliest Project

In what could be a serious breach of security, the The Wall Street Journal reports that hackers have stolen sensitive data on the Joint Strike Fighter Project.

Playboy Ranks University of Miami as the Top Party School

Playboy standards may not be the benchmark of academic quotient. But they do know something about the fun quotient. Ranking by those standards, Playboy has brought out a Top10 list of the best party schools.

Oprah Comes Late But Gathers 76,000 Followers With First Tweet

Oprah sets the Twitterverse agog with a single line of tweet. That's celeb power punched with Oprah charisma as within minutes a herd of Oprah fans trampled through cyberspace hanging on to her every syllable.

Library Gets Back Stolen Book After 145 years

Washington and Lee University in Lexington got back a book on its shelves which may be the second longest overdue library book in the nation's history.
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