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Nancy Houser

Digital Journalist based in Wilcox, NE, United States. Joined on Aug 19, 2009
Expertise in Women's health, Environment & green living, Books, Health, Kids,   see all» Pharmaceuticals, Science & space, Religion, Internet, Holistic health, Charity & volunteer work, Pets, Politics, Government, Social media


Op-Ed: Forced female genital mutilation in the United States

On Tuesday, July 22, 2014, the Obama Administration announced they would conduct a major study on female genital mutilation (FGM), assessing how many U.S. women are at risk or are victims. Currently, 130 million females live with FGM in 29 countriies.
In the Media by Nancy Houser

Global changes in growing crane market

New York City - TechNavio's analysts have forecasted the Global Crane market to grow at a CAGR of 7.29 percent over the period 2013-2018. Even though cranes are an important part of the construction market, the construction market has dropped in the last decade.
In the Media by Nancy Houser

Funeral director hides decaying bodies in two storage units

Boston - Detectives and pathologists found 12 bodies in a Public Storage Unit, located in Weymouth MA. Five days earlier, cremated remains were found in a storage unit in Somerville. A former funeral home director is responsible for both units.
In the Media by Nancy Houser

Eight decaying bodies found in abandoned Texas funeral home

Fort Worth - A vacant Fort Worth mortuary has been found to be the home of eight dead and decaying bodies. When the local police arrived, they called it a crime scene and left. The Homicide Unit was immediately called in, becoming an active crime scene.
In the Media by Nancy Houser - 2 comments

Link found between global warming and kidney stones

Philadelphia - According to a recent press release, a link has been found between the extreme hot or cold temperatures of global warming and the high risks of developing kidney stones. The six-year study involved 60,000 adults and children across the United States.
In the Media by Nancy Houser - 4 comments

CCC Announces Closing of Purchase of Brampton Facility

Brampton - Canadian Cannabis Corporation announce the purchase of its 300,000 square foot facility in Brampton, Ontario located at 98-102 Rutherford Road South.
In the Media by Nancy Houser - 2 comments

Heroic pets — Swoosh, therapy dog for children with cancer

Nashville - Part of a new clinical trial in pediatric oncology, a little Pomeranian named Swoosh is being tested along with cancer-stricken children, in order to determine how animals can help in the management of ill patients.
In the Media by Nancy Houser - 2 comments

7 ways to reduce serious back pain during long road trips

Los Angeles - One of the top orthopedic surgeons in the United States has published an article titled, "Seven Ways to Reduce Back Pain During Long Summer Road Trips"--- Los Angeles, CA, orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Gary Brazina of DISC Sports & Spine Center.
In the Media by Nancy Houser - 1 comment

Growling or singing seahorses are in distress or are courting

There is nothing as gentle as a seahorse, unless they are mating, giving birth, or being held against their will under water. Then they begin singing or growling in a unique matter that has been previously unheard by human ears — until now.
In the Media by Nancy Houser

Vandalism moves from painting trains to pooping on train tops

Uxbridge - Pooping on passing train tops has the police of Uxbridge, Massachusetts, extremely angry. As the trains pass under overpasses over railroad tracks, vandals have moved beyond the artistic graffiti stage of train cars, to simply pooping on them.
In the Media by Nancy Houser - 3 comments

Yellowstone road closes indefinitely due to rising thermal heat

Yellowstone National Park - On July 10, 2014, Firehole Lake Drive in Yellowstone National Park was temporarily closed due to extreme heat from surrounding thermal areas. Thick oil bubbles are rising to the surface of the asphalt highway, causing unsafe driving conditions.
In the Media by Nancy Houser - 2 comments

Africa begs for more Ebola protective gear for medical caretakers

The need of Ebola protective gear for medical personnel in Liberia is lagging behind the daily acts of medical heroism. Caretakers on all levels provide round-the-clock care for the dying, while simultaneously face death themselves from the same virus.
In the Media by Nancy Houser - 3 comments

Op-Ed: The intelligence of extreme dogs who follow nobody's rules

There are dogs, and there are dogs...and then there are dogs who follow nobody's rules but their own. These are awesome dogs, dogs who are super intelligent and think like humans, at times driving their owners absolutely crazy.
In the Media by Nancy Houser - 1 comment

Pit bull killed by off-duty LAPD as it mauls face of child

Fontana - A male pit bull was killed by an off-duty LAPD officer as it mauled a four-year-old boy in the face and head on July 7 at 3:30 p.m. Two off-duty officers heard a woman screaming in a nearby home; one officer was forced to shoot and kill the dog.
In the Media by Nancy Houser - 5 comments

Joan Rivers, 81-year-old diva, furiously walks off CNN interview

Eighty-one-year-old Joan Rivers, the notable sharp-tongued comedian from New York, furiously walked out in a July 5 CNN satellite interview. Rivers explains her walkout by stating she felt as if she was being interrogated, not professionally interviewed.
In the Media by Nancy Houser - 22 comments

Studies in developmental disorders show men are the weaker sex

Genetic studies in developmental disorders show that men are the weaker sex. The male biological clock is linked to Autism, Schizophrenia or Bipolar Disorder. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Asperger syndrome are five times more common in boys.
In the Media by Nancy Houser - 1 comment

Review: The Horse Lover, by Alan Day: 'Quest to Save the Wild Mustangs' Special

Nenzel - I recently received a request from Lynn Sneyd to do a featured book review on rancher Alan Day's new book, "The Horse Lover". Day is the brother of Sandra Day O'Conner, a retired Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.
Digital Journal Report by Nancy Houser - 7 comments

WY ignores EPA ruling to make Wind River Reservation into a state Special

The EPA ruled Dec. 19, 2013, that Wyoming towns of Riverton, Kinnear and Pavillion are now within the boundaries of the Wind River Reservation. The EPA also approved a tribal application for "State Status" for the reservation, which includes the towns.
Digital Journal Report by Nancy Houser - 7 comments

Sam Berns passes from progeria, a rare and fatal aging disease

Foxboro - Sam Berns died Friday of complications of progeria, a fatal and rare disease he was born with. What does this have to do with the Patriots' win over the Colts the very next day? He was to be the honorary captain of the Patriots on Saturday.
In the Media by Nancy Houser

Cryptic crop circle found in Salinas Valley, California

Salinas - An intricate crop circle has been discovered in Salinas, California, last Sunday morning of December 29, 2013. Early walkers saw two bursts of light, first thought to be a message from outer space, but now believed to be man-made, not alien, in origin.
In the Media by Nancy Houser - 2 comments
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