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Nancy Houser

Digital Journalist based in Wilcox, NE, United States. Joined on Aug 19, 2009
Expertise in Holistic health, Women's health, Kids, Internet, Science & space,   see all» Pets, Pharmaceuticals, Politics, Social media, Religion, Books, Environment & green living, Government, Charity & volunteer work, Health



150 ECOWAS's medical personnel groomed for African Ebola crisis

One-hundred-fifty medical personnel from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) have been medically trained for an upcoming Ebola crisis response team. With no cure today, the higher the chance that the Ebola virus will soon mutate.

Nocturnal tinklers fined $175 if found peeing on Dutch Palace

Amsterdam - "To pee or not to pee at night, that is the question." At least, it is for local nocturnal tinklers who have made a habit of peeing inside the darkened arches of the Dutch Royal Palace's outer wall.

Child given bagged crystal meth for Halloween candy

Hercules - An eight-year-old child who lives in Hercules, California, was given .10 gram of bagged methamphetamine, or crystal meth, as Halloween candy while trick-or-treating last Friday night.

Malala donates World Children's Prize to UNRWA for Gaza schools

Stockholm - Malala Yousafzai has donated her $50,000 award from the World Children's Prize to rebuild 83 war-torn schools in Gaza that were destroyed. She received the prize on Wednesday, October 29, 2014, making the announcement in Stockholm, Sweden.

Why was Ron Klain appointed as the new U.S. Ebola czar?

Washington D.c. - Ron Klain was President Obama's choice as the U.S. Ebola czar, a Democrat operative. Why? What made this man so unique that Obama feels he can get things done? One thing for sure, the choice makes President Obama look good, says those who know Ron Klain.

FedEX 'dumb-luck delivery error' provides a $100,000 drug bust

Three suspects are in Harris County Jail after their cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin incorrectly went to a nearby resident, erroneously delivered by a smiling FedEX worker. FedEX was then charged by the Grand Jury for delivering illegal drugs.

Texas Sheriff's Deputy in hospital due to possible Ebola

Frisco - A Texas deputy has been admitted to a Texas hospital due to possible Ebola symptoms. The patient has not had any exposure to Thomas Duncan, the Ebola patient who died on October 8, 2014 at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital.

Unapproved online Ebola medication sales tagged by FDA

According to the FDA, three companies have been issued warnings in the past month for selling treatments, solutions or therapies for Ebola. However, there are no FDA-approved drugs or vaccines to treat or prevent Ebola; only in the experimental stages.

2nd health care worker diagnosed with Ebola after two plane trips

Dallas - A second health care worker has tested positive for Ebola after coming in contact with Thomas Eric Duncan at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital. Amber Vinson boarded a 132-passenger airline before and after running a low-grade temperature.

Nebraska medicine — Ebola treatments at their best

Omaha - “Nebraska Medicine - Ebola treatments at their best” refers not only to the Ebola virus but also refers to Nebraska Medicine as having the largest and most cutting-edge biocontainment unit of the nation.

Closing of borders due to Ebola threatens chocolate availability

The spreading of the Ebola virus in countries with the worst outbreaks are near three countries that produce close to 60 percent of the world’s cocoa production — Ivory Coast, Ghana and Nigeria.

Large magnitude earthquake predicted in Pacific Northwest

Chris Goldfinger, professor of geology and geophysics at Oregon State University, says, "sooner or later a [large magnitude] earthquake will occur in the Pacific Northwest." And on Sept. 10, a major solar flare headed toward earth, to hit on Sept. 13.

75-year-old retiree sculpts 150-ft 'There Be Dragons' from hedge

Retiree 75-year-old gardener John Brooker has undertaken a work of love...spending two to three days a week for two to three weeks out of the month trimming his hedge. Not any old green hedge, but an outstanding 150-ft green dragon hedge.

A five star 'Hollywood-style' funeral for 81-year-old Joan Rivers

New York - Today was the funeral of Joan Rivers, a red-carpet fashion laureate, comic icon, and outspoken superstar. She was buried in the same "Hollywood-style" manner she planned, based on the life she had lived.

Homemade pirate ship built into back yard by Suffolk man

Well known by locals of Suffolk, England, is a bountiful pirate ship that fits into half the garden area of Tim Jones. Taking six months to complete, the ship has a 25ft mast to go along with its 25 ft by 15 ft dimensions.

Three-legged dog adopted by woman with amputated leg

Neepawa - Tracey Bergen of Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada, lost her leg when she was only 11 years old due to a vascular vein issue. Last December, she had another surgery to remove the knee. She is learning to walk all over again, with the help of a dog.

Mount Sinai doctors attempt to bring Rivers out of induced coma

New York - Top headlines have Joan Rivers wildly oscillating from being on a life support machine, to the family suing the hospital, and then having the doctors slowly bringing her out of a medically-induced coma — all headlines ranging nine hours apart.

3D family adventure park built in Canada with magical cement

Chilliwack - One hour outside of downtown Vancouver, Canada, is the magical and animated Cultus Lake Adventure Park, a place where "ordinary never counts," especially when it is designed by award-winning Dan Sawatzky's Imagination Corporation, also of Chilliwack!

Update: Joan Rivers in serious condition, placed in induced coma

Manhattan - According to Melissa Rivers, daughter of Joan Rivers, her mother has been placed in a medically induced coma after she quit breathing during a routine outpatient surgery on her vocal cords early Thursday morning.

Brazilian Feds arrest destroyers of Brazilian Amazon rainforest

With the Brazilian rainforest under attack, Brazil's Federal Police have dismantled the largest destroyer ($220m (£134m)) of their beautiful Amazon Rainforest. Fourteen arrest warrants, 22 search warrants, and four suspects are in process.
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