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Nancy Houser

Digital Journalist based in Wilcox, NE, United States. Joined on Aug 19, 2009
Expertise in Charity & volunteer work, Religion, Kids, Pets, Social media,   see all» Women's health, Government, Books, Internet, Pharmaceuticals, Politics, Environment & green living, Science & space, Holistic health, Health



As an illustrator of 30 years, I did not take writing seriously until about ten years ago. I guess it is the same whether to paint with words or paint with colors.A picture is still formed.
It was at that time I began ghostwriting for Julie-Ann Amos in England, a job I enjoyed for three years. I learned a lot about writing, marketing and to research any and all fields. This led to writing for a blog called A Mars Odyssey for four years until it was sold. To this day, I have a serious attraction toward NASA and Mars, grabbing at whatever article I can find on the subjects.
After this, I started my own blog, WayCoolDogs. My partner and I run a dog shelter for elderly dogs and dogs who had trouble with behaviors due to abuse and neglect. We started it out of love, not too many smarts. When I look back, I am ashamed at how little I knew. But I knew there was a need to know more about dogs, not only by me but dog lovers everywhere.
Everyone who read our blog had questions about everything from worms to what type of water bowl should I buy. The bottom line was to teach about the care of dogs, not only our elderly shelters but those of our readers. It has been running for about five years now, and we have helped a lot of people, while teaching ourselves at the same time..
I write in lots of areas, in addition to the blog, as I love to research, which is why I started writing on Canada's Digital Journal and AKG Mag. I am considered a prolific writer as there are few topics I cannot write about. Each article provides me with more information about the world I live in, and to the many viewers who read my articles.
But I still illustrate!

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Nancy Houser posted Op-Ed: Oklahoma and Nebraska demand legal pot law in Colorado overturned
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