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Walt Crocker

Citizen based in Saint Louis, MO, United States. Joined on Jun 30, 2009


Op-Ed: Diabetes progress and promise dinner

November is National Diabetes Month. At the recent ADA Progress and Progress Dinner, volunteers were honored and the future of diabetes research was discussed by an expert panel.

Op-Ed: It's time to unite the entire St. Louis area

Ferguson - The recent violence in Ferguson is indicative of a greater problem in the whole St. Louis area. Lafayette Square, where I grew up, is one of the success stories. we can't stop there.

Using Urine to Diagnose Disease

Back before blood tests, MRI's, and x-rays, doctors examined different parts of the body by sight. They could look at tongue, urine, eyes, and feces and diagnose what was wrong with you.

Op-Ed: Diagnosis From the Internet — Is it Cancer?

The Internet has become a valuable tool for finding out information about your health. Doctors even use it. But you have to be cautious about the information you are getting and be sure to use a reliable site. And sometimes even then you can be fooled.

Op-Ed: Adderall — The New Drug of Choice on College Campuses

Before, marijuana was the drug of choice on college campuses, but now a drug used to treat attention deficient disorder in children , Adderall is the new college drug of choice.

Op-Ed: What Killed the American Dream?

Back in the fifties, the American dream was very much alive. Good job, two kids, and a house in the suburbs. Today, for many that dream is beyond their reach.

Op-Ed: Can you become addicted to sugar?

Some of us have more of a "sweet tooth" than others. If you just have to have that doughnut in the morning, you might be addicted to sugar.

Fecal Transplant Restores Intestinal Bacteria Balance

Fecal transplants, or fecal bacteriotherapy is used to restore the balance between good bacteria and bad bacteria in the colon.

Op-Ed: $95 Homeless Doll From Mattel Causes Controversy

A $95 homeless doll from Mattel Toy Corporation is supposed to teach children about homelessness, but instead has raised questions.

Op-Ed: Russ Carnahan Introduces Bill to Extend Tax Incentive

Russ Carnahan has introduced a bill in the Missouri legeslature to extend tax benefits to Missouri homeowners. Bill would benefit older houses.

Anxiously awaited Doses of the swine Flu Vaccine Arrive

The anxiously awaited first doses of the swine flu vaccine have arrived. Health care professionals will be the first to get the vaccine.

National Parks Face Extinction from Global Warming

If global warming continues at the present rate, some of our national parks may become extinct. Some of them are already experiencing changes.

Op-Ed: Admistration Ready to close Guantanamo Bay

Guantanamo Bay is where the terrorist suspects are being held, including some who supposedly plotted the 911 attacks. But where will we put them in the United States?

10 things you may not know about credit

The average American family owes some $4,088 in credit card debt. Here are ten things that you may not know that can keep you out of debt.

Op-Ed: Disney Buys Marvel Comics for $4 Billion

Disney is going to buy Marvel Comics for a staggering $4 Billion. Marvel is the largest publisher of comice books and has made some of its own movies lately.

Op-Ed: Anheuser Busch Executive's Bonuses Double First Half 2009

For the first half of 2009, the executives at Anheuser busch in St. Louis have doubled their bonuses while laying off workers and cutting costs.

Op-Ed: Man Carries Assault Rifle to Obama Town Hall Meeting

A number of people have begun carrying assault weapons and pistols to town hall meetings as a form of protest. Can this be safe?

Op-Ed: Legendary Skateboarder Dies from Insect Sting

Pioneering skateboader Andy Kessler died from an insect sting recently. At least 40 people die each year from insect stings in the United States each year.

Op-Ed: Woodstock Celebrates it 40th Anniversary

Woodstock was the end of an era. Some 500,000 people attended what was to be the biggest music festival to date. Today, after 40 years, the repercussions of Woodstock are still felt.

Comic Con Celebrates its 40th Anniversary in San Diego

Comic Con, a world of fantasy, fiction and animatioon, is celebrating its 40th anniversary in San Diego this year. More than 125,000 people are expected to attend this year.
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