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Jenna Cyprus

Citizen based in Renton, WA, United States. Joined on Feb 24, 2013
Expertise in Travel, Entertainment, Education, Social media, General business news & info,   see all» Celebrities, Technology, Environment & green living, Internet, Family & parenting, Video games



Talmer Bank & Michigan Chronicle support Detroit students

As Detroit continues to improve and prosper since emerging from its bankruptcy, one of its critical challenges is to grow and encourage young leaders to remain in the city and find success in their efforts.

GoPro Hero 5 release date reportedly pushed back to early 2016

Fans of the GoPro Hero are going to have to wait a little longer for the release of the new GoPro Hero 5. This after there was considerable speculation that the newest version would be available in October — just in time for holiday shopping.

Twitter cracking down on trolls and plagiarizers with new updates

One of Twitter’s biggest selling points—the fact that it’s a publicly available platform for millions of users—has also been one of its biggest downsides.

How open office plans are bad for productivity

If you’re in the market for office space, you might be thinking hard about what kind of layout will serve your employees and your company best. Depending on how you hope to lay out your future office, you’ll need to come up with a basic floor plan.

Gas prices are dropping but will we see $2?

The U.S. is already baffled by low fuel prices this year and experts are expecting those prices to continue to drop. Some are even expecting the prices to get as low as $2 this winter.

Security showdown: Is Apple or Android more secure?

In the wake of a significant viral attack on Android phones, security concerns are being raised with increasing frequency, with consumers asking whether Apple or Android phones are more secure.

Man caves and She Sheds: 2015’s hottest luxury design trends

We’ve all heard about man caves. For years men have claimed a portions of their homes — basements, garages, spare bedrooms — to do whatever men like to do.

Pinterest captures DIY enthusiasts, develops into culture in 2015

Whether it’s home renovation projects or your child’s education, the American public is obsessed with doing-it-yourself. But where did this obsession come from and what sort of positive and negative effects is this mentality having in 2015?

New version of Google Glass being distributed

Google Glass may not be dead in the water after all. Apparently, Google is “quietly distributing” a newer version of the wearable eyepiece that was pulled from market after failing to gain traction.

Op-Ed: Does Gmail’s unsend feature really work?

Gmail has been playing around with an email recall feature in its Lab program for several years. Now, as of last month, Google users more broadly have access to this new tool. But is the unsend feature all it’s cracked up to be?

Op-Ed: Google’s latest updates mean improved business dealings

Google is many things. It’s a know-all hub of information and services for the consumer and an intricate web of big data and useful tools for businesses.

Op-Ed: Twitter’s Project Lightning may revolutionize how news is broken

Twitter has long been an innovator in the world of social media, though they’ve fallen behind in recent years. First revolutionizing the scene with a concise updating format and introducing the now-ubiquitous hashtag...

Incredible contact lens technology revealed

The arrival of the first-ever FDA approved contact lenses in 1971 had both the health and technology fields in a flutter.

A new social media study illustrates why users check in

There are many types of social media users out there. Some of us rarely get on, checking in a few times a week to stay updated with the times.

2015 MacBook set to hit stores May 25

Apple announced their latest version of the MacBook in late February, released it for sale online in late April, and it’s now set to hit stores later this month, May 25 to be exact.

Apple Watch release met with excitement and challenges

The Apple Watch has now been on the market for a few weeks and those lucky enough to get their hands on the first batch are taking one for the team, so to speak.

How has Google’s mobile-friendly update influenced the internet?

We’re now a few weeks into what many in the SEO industry are calling Mobilegeddon – or Google’s newest algorithmic update that places a heavy emphasis on mobile-friendliness – and the effects for many companies and websites have been quite dramati

Things to know before you make that final move to Miami

Before you pack your bags and hurry on over to Miami, you should sit down and learn a bit about what it's really like living there.

Student loan debts mean home buying challenges for millennials

The millennial generation is a dynamic group that’s afforded lots of new luxuries, but is also faced with many challenges earlier generations didn’t have.

Zuckerberg further verifies the validity of virtual reality

Like it or not, virtual reality is closer than you think. The technology is already here, it’s just a matter of encouraging widespread adoption and finding ways to adapt it to meet lifestyle demands.
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