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Daniel Boyington

Citizen based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Joined on Aug 18, 2010
Expertise in Entertainment, Internet, General business news & info, Government, Pets,   see all» Celebrities, Technology, Movies, Sports, Social media



Breaking Bad final episode this Sunday on AMC 9 p.m. ET

Albuquerque - The last episode of Breaking Bad airs this Sunday at 9 p.m and ends the series with a bang. Will Mr. White turn himself in, or kill himself?

UFC 165 hits Toronto, Pres Dana White — 'Jones best of the year' Special

Toronto - UFC 165 President Dana White in a post-fight news conference interview called the winner of the main card Jon Bones Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson, "ONE OF THE BEST FIGHTS OF THE YEAR."

Op-Ed: Dr Kermit Gosnell abortionist - jury starts deliberations today

Philadelphia - Dr. Kermit Gosnell, 72, is facing the death penalty for performing late-term abortions and allegedly killing newborns, as he 'snips' the spinal cords to make sure they are terminated (killed.)

Smartphones getting stolen in NYC, now Toronto Special

Toronto - In New York City, now Toronto, and no doubt around the world smartphones are being stolen in subways, on the street and everywhere.

Op-Ed: Toronto cops Name-tags — Not visible as push-in at senior's home

Toronto - Several years ago the City of Toronto made it mandatory that on duty police must wear their personal name-tags on their uniforms at all times. If that is the case, why are they attached to the uniforms with velcro.

Op-Ed: US Dollar devalued on Toronto's transit system Special

Toronto - An extremely small sign at the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) collector booth in downtown Toronto startled me yesterday when I saw the sign that there will now be a 10% surcharge if you are paying in US Funds for your transit ride.

Op-Ed: Teens pooling money, buying marijuana as a group, is it illegal?

A new method of buying marijuana has been revealed, where a group of about 10 teens pool their money and then buy the product from one known 'dealer' in their area. Is it legal and what could the ramifications be if they are caught?

CNN's Anderson Cooper: 'The fact is, I'm gay, always have been'

It was reported today by The Daily Beast — Anderson Cooper, host and journalist for CNN said: "The fact is, I'm gay, always have been, always will be, and I couldn’t be any more happy, comfortable with myself, and proud."

Jerry Sandusky, 68, guilty, 'They will never believe you' he said

Bellefonte - PA - 'They' believe you now, and high profile Penn State coach and leader Jerry Sandusky, 68, has been found guilty of sexually abusing young boys and could be sentenced up to 442 years. Convicted of 45 of 48 charges against young boys in his care.

Op-Ed: Toronto bag fee banned, and so are plastic bags forever

Toronto - Many were not expecting this, yes they wanted to stop the five cent charge for plastic bags, but not ban them forever. But the city decided otherwise, and maybe they didn't know what impact it would have on the public.

AHL: Norfolk Admirals win Calder Cup Championship over Marlies

Toronto - The Calder Cup AHL's Championship was won by Norfolk Admirals from Virginia as they beat Toronto Marlies 6-1 at Ricoh Coliseum to sweep the series 4-0.

AHL: Fluke goal in Toronto Marlies loss, a mistake by referees

Toronto - The AHL issued a statement today admitting the fluke goal in Toronto Marlies loss to Norfolk Admirals was a 'mistake' but nothing can be done now. Norfolk won the game 1-0 in the first over-time, leading the series 3-0.

AHL: Fluke goal. Toronto Marlies lose to Norfolk,VA in OT 1-0

Toronto - In a fluke shot from centre ice Norfolk's Mike Kostka shoots the puck into the Marlies corner and it goes off a stanchion and directly into the net. Norfolk Admirals are now winning best of seven series, 3-0 in AHL Calder Cup Finals.

Op-Ed: NYC plans to ban soda, drink sizes simply increase sales, period

New York - The whole plan to ban any drinks over 16 ounces is a good idea, but it's just a ruse to stop retailers from increasing sales. NYC's health department has suggested to eliminate sugary drinks to combat overweight citizens.

Toronto pro hockey player jailed in USA for smuggling drugs NY

Rochester - Disgraced professional hockey player from Toronto, sentenced to two years in Federal prison for smuggling marijuana into New York State from Canada. Sean McMorrow, 30, of Toronto was caught bringing weed across the Rainbow Bridge in his hockey bag.

Shawinigan wins Memorial Cup beating London Knights in OT 2-1

Shawinigan - The Shawinigan Cataractes beat the London Knights 2-1 in OT to capture the Mastercard Memorial Cup as they hosted the tournament in hometown Shawinigan, Quebec Sunday night.

AHL: Toronto Marlies win to advance to Calder Cup finals

Toronto - Toronto Marlies beat Oklahoma City Barons 3-1 to advance to the Calder Cup finals next week. Marlies won the series 4-1 as the Western Conference winners of the American Hockey League (AHL) and go up against Norfolk Admirals next Friday.

Op-Ed: In the NHL there are very few wearing helmets with ear covers

Toronto - With the big clampdown from the NHL on head injuries, why are there so few players that wear proper ear protection and visors on their helmets? I would bet almost 80% of NHL players wear visors, what's the others excuse/reasons?

Zimmerman bond hearing: $150,000 bail granted with monitoring

Sanford - Judge Kenneth Lester Jr has granted $150,000 bond to George Zimmerman charged with 2nd degree murder in the killing of Trayvon Martin. He will be required to wear GPS monitoring, and may be allowed to reside outside the State of Florida.

Op-Ed: Discount cellphones getting popular, but buyer beware Special

Toronto - We all love our cell phones and we need them, but are we getting taken for a ride on all the so-called "plans?" You just can't trust any of them anymore although the discount providers have made it better, but have they? $3 fee if you pay cash.
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