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Cameron Christner

Citizen based in Los Angeles, CA, United States. Joined on Oct 29, 2013
Expertise in Teen culture, Religion, Music, Government, Education,   see all» Internet, Movies, Politics



China blocks The Guardian

The Guardian newspaper's website has been blocked in China without warning or any clear indication as to why. However, some claim they can access the website without any problems.

Rapper Dan Bull takes us through 5,000 years of human achievement

Dan Bull, with all the grace of a hardcore poet, releases another awing installation of his Epic Rap series with his new song, "Civilization."

'Golden age' of antibiotics 'set to end'

What most people assumed were permanent advances in medicine may become anything but, as pathogens gradually build immunity to antibiotics.

Shocking discovery: Lightning can shape mountains!

Lightning has long been hailed as one of the most impressive displays of nature's power. But no one would have imagined that it was responsible for the shape of mountains!

Toyota plans to launch zero-emission 'car of the future'

Toyota executives have announced plans to launch a fuel-cell powered car in 2015. With zero emissions and low cost, the cars are expected to be commonplace sooner than expected.

Newfound star system 'can reveal secrets of gravity'

Scientists have discovered a triple star system that is expected to refute Einstein's theories on gravity, as well as give new insight into gravity's true nature.

Iraq army, Sunni tribes join forces against al Qaeda militants

In an alliance defying recent cultural tensions, Sunni and Shi'ite forces joined together in opposition to al-Qaeda insurgents, fighting over control of the Iraqi city of Ramadi.

Mom sues hospital for forcibly ejecting her dying son

A North Carolina mother is accusing hospital security guards of forcibly ejecting her son, despite the fact that he was dying.

Iranian scientists develop lifeguard drone

Human lifeguards may become a thing of the past, as scientists have developed and successfuly tested a drone capable of saving drowning victims at sea.

Op-Ed: Batman prophesized NSA spying

Remember that scene in the second Christian Bale Batman movie, β€œThe Dark Knight,” when the vigilante reveals to Lucius Fox a machine capable of accessing every cell phone throughout Gotham city? Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Op-Ed: The answer to mass shootings: There is none

The media and society in general have for years now been searching for a reason. A reason for the violence, which appears to be unpredictable. That's because it is.

No tailgating at Super Bowl

Super Bowl CEO Al Kelly announced Monday that the long-held tradition of tailgating would not be allowed at this year's game in New Jersey.

L.A. County deputies arrested for prisoner abuse

Eighteen L.A. sheriffs deputies face charges of prisoner abuse, conspiracy, and obstruction of justice in an ongoing FBI jail abuse investigation.

New exoplanet disproves theories on star and planet formation

Once again revealing to the human race just how much we don't know, the newly discovered exoplanet HD 106906b has been found to defy long-held beliefs on how planets and stars are formed.

Op-Ed: Enough debate β€” Is NSA spying constitutional or not?

Anyone who has followed the Snowden revelations or has even the most basic knowledge of the Constitution will find the answer to this question a resounding no.

Russian PM hints no amnesty for political prisoners

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev dampened amnesty chances for Pussy Riot members, Khodorkovsky, and others widely viewed as political prisoners.

Op-Ed: Banning fun β€” Tyranny on the rise in schools

A Long Island middle school has taken away virtually all playground equipment, banning "anything that might hurt someone."

Op-Ed: The people's teeth: why guns are a necessary evil

Here is a concise commentary on the core beliefs of gun rights advocates. Hopefully this will clear up some of the misconceptions, and replace them with logical and reasonable truths, all of which point to guns being a necessary evil.

Review: 'The Walking Dead' shocks and awes with intense mid-season finale

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! The amazingly successful zombie drama "The Walking Dead" lives up to its high standards with a spectacular mid-season finale.

Seattle police install NSA-worthy spying apparatus

Despite the recent Snowden revelations and the massive response thereof, the Seattle Police Department, in accordance with and funded by the Department of Homeland Security, has seen fit to pepper the city with devices capable of NSA-level spying.
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