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Tucker Cummings

Citizen based in Dover, NH, United States. Joined on Jan 22, 2012
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Police 'like' Facebook status to lure man wanted for assault

Freeland - In an increasingly digital world, law enforcement officials are turning to social networks to help solve crimes. So perhaps it's not so surprising that one Pennsylvania police investigation used Facebook to try and track down a suspect.

25 percent of sharks, rays, at risk of extinction

Sharks have been around for about 450 million years. But the future of one of planet Earth's most successful species is at risk. New evidence suggests that 25 percent of sharks and rays are at risk of extinction.

New study: Chinese pollution making landfall on the West Coast

China's air quality problem may have repercussions outside of Asia. A new study suggests that Chinese pollution is affecting America's West Coast.

Windows 7 'back by popular demand' thanks to HP

HP is hoping to rope in consumers with the enticement of Windows 7. For a limited time, HP is selling new computers that run Windows 7 instead of Windows 8… and offering big savings to consumers.

95% of ATMS use outdated Windows XP: Is a crisis looming?

Microsoft has announced that the company will not provide support for the long-lived Windows XP operating system after April 8. Considering the fact that XP is still so widely used, are businesses and ATMs at risk of a security crisis?

NBC's next live musical event will be 'Peter Pan,' cast TBA

After the ratings success of "The Sound of Music," the execs at NBC have decided that the network's next live musical event will be "Peter Pan."

Ian McKellen told 'not to go to Russia' due to anti-gay law

Respected British actor and gay icon Ian McKellen is making headlines this month because of his role in the latest "Hobbit" film. But this talented actor is in the news for another reason. The UK's Foreign Office has told McKellen not to visit Russia.

New caffeine powder gives coffee haters a new way to get buzzed

When most people want a caffeine boost, they reach for a cup of coffee or tea. But now, a new caffeine powder called CaffeinAll is giving people a new way to add caffeine to any food or drink they choose.

Miley Cyrus allegedly smokes weed at MTV event in Amsterdam

Amsterdam - Pop icon Miley Cyrus, who raised eyebrows earlier this year after a raunchy performance at the American MTV Video Music Awards, has done something else to draw the ire of parent groups. Cyrus allegedly smoked marijuana at an MTV event in Amsterdam.

Uber makes special Christmas offer: We'll bring the tree to you

The makers of the trendy smartphone app Uber are spreading holiday cheer. While the app is usually used to hire a car for transporting a person, the Uber team rolled out a limited time offer that brought Christmas trees right to the customer's door.

NH voters make a big showing at the polls Special

Dover - All across America, voters are casting their ballots in the Presidential election. In the city of Dover, New Hampshire, the lines at the polls were quite long, even during the normally quiet mid-morning period.

Could a common sunscreen additive actually cause skin cancer?

You wouldn't think that a product designed to prevent UV damage would actually increase your risk of skin cancer. And yet, researchers are saying that common sunblock ingredient zinc oxide may increase a person's risk of developing skin cancer.

In Thailand, creepy bees suck on human tears

Consider yourself warned: if you start crying on the streets of Thailand, you might just find a swarm of bees landing on your face.

Despite Europe's financial crisis, online banking still strong

Much of Europe is still mired in a financial crisis, but that hasn't slowed down traffic on banking websites. According to a recent report, nearly 40% of Europeans accessed banking websites during December.

Australia's trees may die in 35 years, 100% more CO2 to blame

The warnings of Dr. Seuss' iconic character the Lorax may have come too late: reports out of Australia suggest that the country's native trees may not be able to survive climate change.

Would you let a doctor live-tweet you during open heart surgery?

Houston - In a first for the medical field, a Houston hospital organized the very first live-Tweet event to document an open heart surgery.

CDC: 2/3 of all cancer could be prevented by diet, not smoking

According to a new study from the CDC, 2/3 of all cancers in the United States could be preventable, simply by avoiding nicotine and maintaining an active lifestyle.

After 7 years on the run, Australia's most wanted killer captured

On the run since 2005, the man known as Australia's most wanted is now in police custody after spending seven years hiding in dense forests and inhospitable bush country.

Tawilati: The Middle East's 1st online restaurant booking service

Offering up restaurant listings, menus, maps, deals and hassle-free online restaurant reservations, the new service Tawilati is making a splash as the Middle East's very first online restaurant booking destination.

Nearly one-third of the bread bought in UK is thrown away

British households throw away tons of food every year, but the item that most often ends up in the trash is bread. This staple is thrown away so often that 32 percent of all the bread bought by UK families ends up being discarded.
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