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Stephen Morgan

Editor-at-Large based in Cardiff, United Kingdom, United Kingdom. Joined on Jun 23, 2011
Expertise in Politics, Technology, Ethnic cultures, Science & space, Health



Dark matter is a fluid — Its particles aren't particles at all

The mystery of dark matter just got more mysterious. The latest research into the effects on dark matter of galaxy collisions, suggests that it may not be made up of particles, but is, instead, a fluid-like substance.

Universe on edge of collapse, at least on cosmological time scale

Astronomers believe the universe is on the edge of "imminent" detruction, at least when viewed on a cosmological time scale.

Scientists reduce calories in rice by half with simple method

Scientists in Sri Lanka have found an easy way to reduce calories in rice by half. The breakthrough could help in the fight against rising obesity rates by cutting the amount of carbohydrates absorbed into the body.

Woolly mammoth rebirth much nearer; cells now alive in laboratory

A major advance has been made in efforts to bring the woolly mammoth back to life. For the first time in over 3,000 years, mammoth DNA is alive in a laboratory and the aim of cloning the ancient animal is now much closer to becoming a reality.

Rare sighting of unbelievably cute Chinese Ili pika

An extremely rare sighting of the incredibly cute, Chinese Ili pika, will hopefully bring world attention to the plight of this very elusive but also endangered species.

Booze or Marijuana — What's best for the kids? A doctor replies

Booze or pot? What would you prefer your kids to take? Neither, you might say. But, faced with the reality that drugs and alcohol are a part of many kid's lives, what should you choose, if you had to? A doctor gives his opinion.

DNA study: Why the Welsh might be the first true Brits

The English aren't English and the real Britons are the Welsh, says a fascinating new study into the DNA of different ethnic groups in Britain.

Large Hadron Collider to search for parallel universes

The particle-smashing Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Cern, Switzerland, will restart next week and one of its major projects will be to search for tiny black holes, which could be gateways to parallel universes and new dimensions.

Women on contraceptive pills 3x likelier to get Crohn's disease

A startling new study shows that women who take the "Pill" are three times more likely to get Crohn's disease than others. And those who take the "morning-after" pill may be even more at risk..

Stonehenge slabs were stilts for an overhead religious temple

A new theory about the role played by Stonehenge in ancient times says that its huge slabs could have been used as stilts for holding up a large, circular, wooden temple designed for religious ceremonies.

New drug greatly increases life span, reduces aging

A newly discovered drug has been found to extend lifespan and reverse the aging process by killing cells which cause us to grow older and provoke age-related diseases.

Experts say beards breed disease

Some medical experts are describing beards as "bacterial sponges." They say facial hair can spread infections and disease. Others disagree and say they're no more dangerous than clean shaven. So what's the truth?

Jupiter's moon Ganymede has salt water ocean

It seems that the chances of finding life in our solar system are improving almost daily with this week's discovery of a gigantic salt water ocean inside Jupiter's moon, Ganymede.

Sun flare disrupts radio — New geomagnetic storm predicted

The strongest solar explosion this year took down radio communications on Wednesday. Further disruption is expected today and tomorrow when another geomagnetic storm hits.

Alien life on Saturn's moon, Enceladus, much more likely

New data from NASA's Cassini mission to explore Saturn and its moons has scientists excited. The agency's space probe has just found conditions on the planet's moon, Enceladus, which makes the discovery of alien life there far more probable.

Gamma rays from dwarf galaxy may provide proof of dark matter

A promising new discovery by physicists at Carnegie Mellon and Brown and Cambridge Universities in the US could provide a step towards finally identifying the elusive substance called dark matter.

Milky Way could be 50% larger than thought

Scientists have modified earlier estimations of the size of the Milky Way and now say it is a whopping 50 percent bigger than we thought.

What you need to know about this breakthrough treatment of arthritis

British scientists have hailed the results of a new, experimental stem cell treatment for osteoarthritis as "astonishing."

Two emotions which massively increase risk of heart attack

A study by Australian scientists has shown that anger and anxiety increase the likelihood of having a heart attack by a startling amount.

Taiwanese fishermen may have found new human species

Fishermen in Taiwan may have found a new species of human beings after discovering a huge jawbone in their nets. Scientists are unable to match the fossil to any other humans known at the time.
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