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Stephen Morgan

Digital Journalist based in Cardiff, United Kingdom, United Kingdom. Joined on Jun 23, 2011
Expertise in Politics, Health, Ethnic cultures, Science & space, Technology



Strong cannabis users 5 times more likely to develop psychosis

A British study has found that people who consume the new stronger forms of cannabis are 5 times more likely to develop psychotic disorders than non-users are.

Dark matter may be inside Sun driving its processes

Scientists believe that dark matter may be present deep inside the sun's interior and could be responsible for processes in the solar body, which astronomers have so far been unable to explain.

New ‘miracle’ stem cell therapy reverses multiple sclerosis

A new stem cell therapy, being described as nothing short of "miraculous," will bring hope and comfort to sufferers of multiple sclerosis and their close ones.

Life may exist on Titan, but not like anything we know

A team of scientists from Cornell University believe that oxygen-free, methane-based life forms could exist on Titan. Such life forms would be unlike anything we know on Earth and live in conditions, which nothing in our biosphere could endure.

Octopus seen leaping out of water to catch crab - Video

A flying octopus? Well almost! This amazing video from Australia shows an octopus leaping out of the water to catch a crab for its dinner.

Surgeon says first head transplant could be only 2 years away

Italian surgeon Sergio Canavero predicts that he will be ready to carry out the first head transplant in just two years from now. He says the various medical techniques already exist and he only has to bring them together to succeed.

Graphene found to neutralize cancer cells

A team of researchers at the University of Manchester, UK, has successfully targeted and neutralized cancer stem cells with the use of graphene. Scientists now believe this could be used to combat a wide range of cancers.

New study shows daily Truvada pill cuts HIV transmission by 86%

A UK study of gay men has found that taking a pill called Truvada cuts the risk of HIV infection by 86 percent. The researchers now hope it will play a major role in stopping the spread of the disease.

Turkish men in miniskirts take to streets for women's rights

Turkish men are protesting against a recent attempted rape and murder of a young women by donning miniskirts and taking to the Web and marching through the streets.

1,000-year-old mummy found inside Buddha statue

Doctors in the Netherlands were amazed to discover the contents of a mummified monk inside a Buddhist statue. This is the first time that such a thing has been found and it is thought to date back to the 11th or 12th century BC.

Stephen Hawking says stop aggression, we need caring to survive

Stephen Hawking has warned that aggression could destroy the human race. He said that we must strive to replace it by empathy, if we are going to avoid self-annihilation.

Could dark matter cause our extinction?

Dark matter could be the cause of mass extinctions, according to scientists who have analyzed the movement of the Earth through the region called the galactic disc.

Siberian big cats making a comeback

Siberian leopards and tigers are on the resurgence. The big cats were facing extinction only a few years ago and the efforts of dedicated conservationists has helped reverse that trend.

Scientists cannot explain strange plumes on Mars

Massive plumes soaring from the surface of Mars have left scientists mystified. As yet nobody can answer what they are or what is causing them and they are putting in question our whole understanding of the Martian atmosphere.

Drones to search Amazonian forests for ancient civilizations

Scientists plan to use drones to scour the Amazonian forests for evidence of ancient civilizations. New discoveries suggest that sophisticated cultures similar to those in other parts of the Americas once occupied the area.

NASA aims to send submarine to explore seas on Titan

In one of the most awe-inspiring and audacious plans ever conceived by NASA, the space agency has unveiled a project to send a submarine to Saturn's moon, Titan, to explore its mysterious seas.

Hubble telescope captures extraterrestrial smiley

Forget about nasty bug-eyed monsters, the universe is sending us a smiley instead. NASA's Hubble telescope has captured an image of two galaxies which have created a huge smiling face beaming down on us from the distant reaches of space.

The Big Bang never happened? Why the universe has no beginning

A new study suggests that the Big Bang wasn't the start of the universe. It postulates that, in fact, it has no beginning and no end.

New York subway infested by deadly bacteria and mystery DNA

New York - Researchers have found that the New York City subway system infested with dangerous microorganisms and bacteria, some potentially deadly to human beings.

Legendary metal of Atlantis found in Sicilian shipwreck

The legendary metal of Atlantis, orichalcum, has been found in a 2,600-year-old shipwreck off the coast of Sicily. Discovered near the shore in shallow water, it appears that the boat sank in a storm before it could dock at the ancient port of Gela.
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