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Stephen Morgan

Digital Journalist based in Cardiff, United Kingdom, United Kingdom. Joined on Jun 23, 2011
Expertise in Politics, Ethnic cultures, Government


NASA rover to probe Mars' mysterious pink cliffs

The search for life on Mars could be taken a step further when Curiosity's Rover next explores the planet's mysterious "pink cliffs."

Gay gene discovered in controversial new study

The discovery of a gay gene or number of gay genes is giving more weight to the idea that people are born gay, rather than it being a lifestyle choice.

Graco recalls 5 million strollers after baby finger amputations

Manufacturer of baby products, Graco, has recalled nearly 5 million strollers after reports of 11 full or partial finger tip amputations in toddlers.

Study shows junk food damages your brain

Trans fats found in junk food are renowned for creating obesity and heart disease, but now it has been proven that they damage the functioning of the brain as well.

Lost region of brain rediscovered

Scientists have found a region of the brain which has been forgotten about for almost a century. And it isn't just some little grey blob, it is a massive part of the brain situated at the back of the head.

Magic mushrooms transform brain into new hyperconnected state

Scientists have been surprised to find that magic mushrooms transform the entire organization of the brain and rearrange its whole communication system.

Government spy planes being used to collect cellphone data

In the last few days, an aerial spy network used by the Justice Dept and US Marshalls to collect cellphone information has been exposed.

Alien life may exist without conditions like Earth

A group of scientists are proposing that alien life forms may not need conditions similar to Earth to survive and that we should not exclude the possibility of other “exotic” types of life existing in the Universe.

G20 agrees to boost world economy by $2 trillion

Leaders at the Brisbane G20 summit have agreed to stimulate world economic growth over the next few years with a massive injection of $2 trillion.

ISIS and Al Qaeda strike up alliance in Syria

A report from Associated Press sources says that after a year or more of fighting each other, Al Qaeda's affiliate in Syria, the Jabhat al-Nusra Front and ISIS have reached an agreement to stop hostilities and work together.

Rosetta: Next step, hitching rides on comets across the cosmos?

No, its not a new sequel to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, its a serious possibility and the successful landing of the Philae probe could be a first step towards it. In fact, NASA has already funded research to look into its feasibility.

Mysterious radio signals coming from Rosetta comet

The European Space Agency (ESA) has released a tape of mysterious radio signals coming from the “Rosetta comet,” or more precisely, comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko on which its probe will land.

New York doctor declared free of Ebola leaves hospital today

New York City - A US doctor with Ebola has been cured two and a half weeks after being admitted to hospital in New York. Health authorities have announced he will be going home today.

Scientists succeed in using Internet for telepathic messages

The idea of telepathy, once considered the nonsense of mystics and parapsychologists, has now been confirmed by mainstream science in an experiment using the Internet.

Catalans vote overwhelmingly for independence from Spain

On Sunday, the Spanish region of Catalonia held its own vote on whether to separate from Spain. The massive vote in favour is seen as a victory for separatists and poses increased difficulties for the Madrid government.

Higgs particle may not have been discovered

It is possible that scientists at the famous CERN laboratory in Switzerland have made a mistake about the discovery of the Higgs boson or "God Particle."

Jihadists using tourist cruise ships to reach Syria

Interpol has announced that jihadists are using ever more imaginative ways to get to Syria. There is evidence that some of the militants are now posing as tourists and booking on cruise ships in the Mediterranean which dock on the Middle East coast.

Hundreds of thousands protest in Brussels

Brussels - In the face of government attacks on pensions, wages and public spending, a monster demonstration of trade unionists filled the streets of Belgium capital Brussels yesterday.

90 percent of Americans poorer now than in 1987

It may come as no surprise to many ordinary Americans that they are far worse off now than in the past. Just how so, has recently become evident from a new report, as well as recent comments from Janet Yellen, the Federal Reserve Board Chairwoman.

Internet tax stopped by mass protests in Hungary

In what are the largest anti-government demonstrations in years about ten thousand people streamed across bridges over the Danube in Budapest to protest against a proposed tax on the Internet.
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