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Stephen Morgan

Editor-at-Large based in Brussels, Belgium. Joined on Jun 23, 2011
Expertise in Ethnic cultures, Technology, Science & space, Health, Politics,   see all» Government



NASA picks top team to hunt for aliens

NASA has just got serious about finding alien life. The space agency has picked a top team of scientists to hunt for extraterrestrials – and you may be able to participate.

Unknown dark force may be interacting with dark matter

Scientists have discovered what seems to be self-interacting dark matter through a previously unknown source, labelled the "dark force."

Strange gigantic supervoid or Cold Spot found in universe

A mysterious "hole in space" called a "supervoid" has baffled scientists since it was first found in 2004. Now a new theory is trying to explain its highly unusual features.

Medical study warns about diseases transmitted by pets

Pets are affectionate friends, which many of us love a great deal. However, that love could be blinding us to the real dangers of contracting diseases from our household companions.

How Europeans became white-skinned

The mystery of why dark-skinned peoples, who migrated north from Africa, became white-skinned Europeans may have been solved.

East Asia traded with New World 1,000 years before Columbus

Artifacts found in Alaska confirm that East Asians from China, Korea and Yakutia traded with North Americans a thousand years before Columbus arrived.

Stone Age man was a cannibal say archeologists

Stone Age diets have become all the rage recently, but they seem to have left out one key ingredient from the food list — human flesh.

New vibrating condom for women makes them climax every time

Come again? — you might ask. A female condom which makes women orgasm every time. Yes, I'm not faking it (at least, not anymore). A Michigan company claims to have produced a lady's vibrating condom, which guarantees women will climax each time.

Op-Ed: 'Cloning the woolly mammoth' — A documentary

A recent documentary by Motherboard looks into the murky world of mammoth cloning. Focusing on the efforts of a company in South Korea, it poses the question of whether this is truly the advancement of science or just big business?

Mystery deepens over light spots on surface of dwarf planet Ceres

The mystery of the two strange light spots on the surface of the dwarf planet Ceres has deepened. New infrared images from the Dawn space craft are giving contradictory information, which has left scientists baffled.

Elephant love – Mother and baby reunited in display of affection

An incredibly moving video of a mother and baby elephant reunited in a beautiful display of love, joy and affection has surfaced on the web. Watch as they caress and flap their ears in excitement, after having been parted from one another for 3 years.

Health food fanatics may suffer from new type of eating disorder

You, or someone you know, could be suffering from an eating disorder called orthorexia nervosa. The condition arises when someone becomes obsessed with eating healthy food or zealously following a particular health regime.

'Blood rain' falls on Britain

"Blood rain" is forecast to fall on Britain Friday night, as sand from the Sahara sweeps north from Africa to blanket parts of the island.

Scientific study reveals which diet programs work and don't work

A scientific study has revealed that most commercial diet programs can't provide one scrap of evidence that they work. After extensive analysis, the researchers have concluded that only two diet programs can be considered to be really effective.

Mars covered in hidden water-ice glaciers

As evidence continues to mount that life once existed on Mars, scientists have found vast underground glaciers covering much of the planet, which are hidden under a thick layer of surface dust.

Amazing photo of bobcat catching shark in Florida

An amazing image of a bobcat coming out the sea with a shark in its teeth has been captured on an iPhone. The picture has gone viral in a big way. Many have dismissed it as some sort of hoax, but animal experts say it may well be authentic.

NASA chief says we'll discover alien life in 10 to 20 years

A top NASA scientist has announced that we are on the verge of finding alien life. The view from the space agency experts is that it is not a question of if, but when we will discover it and that could be quite soon.

Universe's evolution recreated by mindblowing computer simulation

Described as a "time machine," scientists have recreated the history of the universe from near its birth to the present day, using a stunning computer simulation.

Lunar lava tunnels could be locations for underground moon cities

Scientists believe that gigantic underground lava tubes exist on the moon, which may provide safer localities for the construction of moon cities and exploration bases, than the surface does.

70% of people taking antidepressants aren't suffering depression

A new study shows that 69% of people taking antidepressants don't fit the criteria for clinical depression or major depressive disorder (MDD). Research suggests that, instead, they're suffering normal sadness and hardships, which are just part of life.
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