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the V-10 Dodge Tomahawk

the V-10,Dodge Tomahawk is one of the meanest things on two wheels....... well 4 wheels

Women better liars than men?

women talk just as dirty as men plus they lie better than us.....

Snoop not impressed with fame

the big bad snoop dogg is not impressed with fame at all

Britney needs a date BAd....

the pop diva is determined to enjoy her newly single status and live it up...

Parents Smack Their Children'

parents smacking kids less than you it good to bring a smack down on your kids once in a while?

'Kids Inherit Taste For Meat From Parents'

kids eat meat because of thir parents forced them to.....

Kids' Food Has 'More Salt Than The Sea'

our kids are eating so much salt it would make us sick

Orgies in Saudi Arabia: Western culture blamed

Young Saudis are often forced into marriage by their elders and they hide to have orgies

celebrity sex quotes of all times

some of the things your stars feel about sex

the real "Snakes on a Plane"

more than 130 reptiles, including poisonous cobras was prevented for boarding a plane

attempt to smoke biggest joint canceled

a group ready to break the world record for the biggest joint had to cancel

Drunken bus driver asked to keep driving

an Australian school bus driver was asked to keep driveing

Midwest sees return of old disease

the whooping cough has returned in the mid west states and it might get worst.

'Flying while Muslim' these days is hard

taking a plane and being muslim is getting hard these days

American Music Awards winners and losers

tha america music awards and the winners are....!!!!...

Bride was 'trapped' in marriage

she was forced to marry her cousin when she was 14 years old.

Naked lawyer charges refiled

former Hamilton city prosecutor accused of naked after-hours strolls in public buildings

Colerain High School teacher goes to prison on sex charge

a teacher sentenced for sex with minor

95-Year-Old Preps for Finals

Nola Ochs will be the Guinness Book of World Records' oldest college graduate.

Python Kills Dog in Singapore

Bella the terrier from the crushing grip of a 10-foot python after cops tryed but failed
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