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Arthur Weinreb

Editor-at-Large based in Toronto, ON, Canada. Joined on Jun 20, 2011
Expertise in Politics, Government



Mom arrested for allegedly 'whipping' sons who committed burglary

Baton Rouge - After a 30-year-old mom gave an interview with a local TV station in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the interview went viral got the attention of the Louisiana Attorney General who said he will review her case.

Video of bad parking leads to hit-and-run charge against teen

Vancouver - Charges were laid against an unlicensed teen driver after a video of his difficulty in putting his mother's SUV back into the garage was recorded and posted on YouTube.

Murder suspect previously had GPS tracker put on prosthetic leg

Washington - Both police officers and civilians reported seeing Quincy Green on the streets of Washington, D.C. including one who said he killed another man. But police said that according to his GPS ankle bracelet, he remained in his apartment.

B.C. man charged for creating revenge website to destroy ex-wife

Vancouver - A Canadian man is facing a charge of criminal harassment after he created a "revenge website" in an attempt to make his ex-wife as miserable as possible. Prosecutors initially refused to charge him, finding no threats had been made.

Hundreds protest pastor who praised Orlando mass killings

Sacramento - Hundreds of people peacefully protested outside the Verity Baptist Church in Sacramento, California a week after the church's pastor gave thanks for the "dead sodomites" who were shot to death in Orlando hours before.

Florida prosecutor suspended after anti-Orlando Facebook rants

Orlando - An assistant state attorney in Florida has been suspended after he posted nasty remarks about Orlando shortly after the mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub. This is not the first time he has been in trouble over social media posts.

Dramatic rescue of man in burning car caught on video

Cupertino - A man on his way to lunch dragged a man from a parked car emitting thick black smoke moments before the vehicle burst into flames. Police suspected the man in the car was drunk.

Man livestreaming on Facebook shot to death in Chicago

Chicago - A Chicago man was outside with his children and some friends, broadcasting live on Facebook. The video shows the 28-year-old being gunned down by an unknown assailant and the panic that ensued.

Ad on Craigslist refers to Orlando, warns San Diego is next

San Diego - An ad was posted on Craigslist mentioning the mass murders in Orlando and threatening that San Diego will be next. Police and the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force are searching for the person who posted the ad.

California pastor praises killing of '50 pedophiles' in Orlando

Sacramento - The Baptist preacher's main regret about the mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando was that more "sodomites" and "pedophiles" did not die in the mass shooting in the Orlando nightclub a few hours before.

Rescue of dog left in hot car captured on video

Grand Bend - When a man found a dog was left in a car on a sweltering day, he took a large rock and smashed a window. The dog seemed happy it was taken out of the car and the couple that left the dog in the car are being investigated by the SPCA.

Can you spot the drowning child in the crowded swimming pool?

Anyone who thinks being a lifeguard is easy should watch this video. In a crowded swimming pool, the unidentified lifeguard spots a toddler going under the water and dives in to save her.

Unconscious man on subway tracks rescued by good Samaritans

New York City - Three men are being hailed as heroes after they jumped on the tracks at a New York subway station to rescue an unconscious man who had become ill and fallen off the platform.

Telemundo reporter punched in head during live broadcast

Philadelphia - A reporter with Telemundo 62 was assaulted during a live broadcast in Philadelphia. While on air, a woman approached her, tried to get her attention and then punched, slapped her and dragged her to the ground.

Teen takes her own life after video of her naked put on Snapchat

Wesley Chapel - A 15-year-old girl took her own life hours after a video, taken without her knowledge, was uploaded to Snapchat. The video was taken by a supposed "friend."

A man attempts to abduct young teen in Florida store

Hernando - The attempted kidnapping of a 13-year-old girl was thwarted by the girl's mother. With the help of the store manager, a police officer was able to apprehend the suspect just after he ran out of the store.

Study: Hands-free phones no safer for drivers than hand-held ones

Brighton - A study by psychologists at the University of Sussex in England concluded that driving while talking on a hands-free phone is just as distracting and dangerous as using a hand-held phone.

U.S. bill requires phone companies to offer robocall blocking

New York City - Senator Chuck Schumer (D-New York) plans to introduce legislation in the Senate to require phone companies to provide technology to block robocalls sent to customers. The technology to block these calls already exists.

Social media blamed for sexual teacher/student relationships

Houston - Inappropriate relationships between teachers and students are on the rise in Texas and legislators and others believe social media is to blame or at least plays a part in this increase.

Texas: Sex with 17-year-old legal but sexting is a crime

Houston - A 51-year-old Texas tutor is accused of having consensual sex with a 17-year-old student. That is not a crime but authorities say sexually explicit pictures of the girl found on his phone constitutes child pornography.
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