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Arthur Weinreb

Editor-at-Large based in Toronto, ON, Canada. Joined on Jun 20, 2011
Expertise in Politics, Government



Former letter carrier stole over $440,000 in tax refund cheques

Camden - A 47-year-old former New Jersey postal worker was part of a sophisticated conspiracy to defraud the U.S. government of money.

Video shows cop repeatedly punching handcuffed woman

Jacksonville - Although the incident occurred Wednesday, a rookie police officer has already been fired and charged. The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office (JSO) released the video taken within the jail that shows the alleged assault.

Satanists not pleased after Boehner compared Cruz to Lucifer

While people who dislike Ted Cruz found John Boehner's comments, comparing the presidential candidate to Lucifer entertaining, members of the Satanic Temple were not amused. They were upset.

Alberta couple guilty after son died from meningitis

Lethbridge - The parents were convicted of failing to provide the necessities of life for their 19-month-old son Ezekiel who died in March 2012. The toddler became ill and was treated with natural remedies and medical help was sought only after he stopped breathing.

TSA confiscates 73 guns from carry-on bags in one week

It's a new record. In just one week the US Transportation Security Administration confiscated 73 guns passengers had in carry-on luggage. Of the 73, 68 were loaded and 27 had a round in the chamber.

Connecticut man arrested after Twitter threat to bomb Trump rally

Waterbury - A 20-year-old man was arrested and charged with two offences after suggestions were made on Twitter he might bomb a Donald Trump rally held in Waterbury, Connecticut.

Teacher's aide seen fighting boy on video fired, formally charged

Milwaukee - The 39-year-old teacher's aide at Bay View High School in Milwaukee who had an altercation with a 14-year-old boy that was caught on video has now been formally charged and his job with Milwaukee Public Schools has been terminated.

Doctor seen fighting Uber driver in viral video fired

Miami - The fourth-year neurology resident who gained notoriety in January when a video of her physical fight with an Uber driver went viral is now in the process of being fired from the hospital she was doing her residency in.

Video shows teacher's aide assaulting 14-year-old student

Milwaukee - A Milwaukee teacher's aide was arrested and a student was taken to hospital after the aide allegedly violently assaulted the student in a biology class at Bay View High School.

Bronx man convicted of murder over 40-cent debt

Bronx - The killing stemmed from the purchase of a "loosie" cigarette back in 2013. Lamont James claimed he had paid 40 cents to his neighbour Ibusio Sealey although the payment was late. The two argued about it until James shot Sealey five times in August.

Judge suspended for allegedly being drunk, calling cops 'pigs'

Miami - This is not the first time Miami-Dade County Judge Jacqueline Schwartz has been suspended. She was suspended for 30 days after a 2014 after an encounter with a convenience store employee over a campaign poster of her opponent.

Kids in back seat text 911 saying dad driving drunk

Kearney - This was not the first time the siblings, 12 and 14, were driven by their father when he had been drinking. But this drive was so scary, they texted 911 and talked their dad into stopping at a restaurant to give police time to get there.

Watch woman jump tiger barrier at Toronto Zoo to retrieve hat

Toronto - Although there was a thin wire fence separating the woman and the tiger, onlookers were horrified at the woman's actions that clearly agitated the tiger.

Man caught on dashcam video charged with dangerous driving

Bowden - A 20-year-old Calgary man has been charged with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle after he allegedly passed in between two cars on an Alberta highway. The driving was caught on another motorist's dashcam and uploaded to Facebook.

Ohio woman, 18, indicted for live-streaming rape

Columbus - An 18-year-old woman was indicted on multiple charges after a Grand Jury found she had live-streamed the rape of a 17-year-old girl by a 29-year-old man.

'Internet Black Widow' arrested for breaching terms of release

Halifax - Melissa Shepard, 80, known as Canada's "Internet Black Widow," was arrested by Halifax police for accessing the Internet, contrary to a condition of her release from custody less than a month ago.

Stolen goods worth $200,000 recovered from elderly B.C. couple

Vancouver - Not only was the amount of goods allegedly stolen large, but the people alleged to have run a major fencing operation are an elderly Vancouver couple, aged 74 and 69.

Watch man who broke into Five Guys cook himself burgers

Washington - A man who broke into a Washington D.C. Five Guys restaurant cooked what appeared to be a couple of cheeseburgers and stole a bottle of water. Nothing else was taken.

Texas teacher caught on video slapping student several times

Beaumont - A 63-year-old female teacher in Beaumont, Texas was charged with assault and suspended after a video shows her slapping a student five times before she mocked him.

Toddler had baby octopus in throat, mother's boyfriend charged

Wichita - A two-year-old Wichita, Kansas boy was found choking from a baby octopus in his throat. He also had bruises on his face and the toddler's mother's boyfriend was arrested and charged.
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