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Arthur Weinreb

Editor-at-Large based in Toronto, ON, Canada. Joined on Jun 20, 2011
Expertise in Government, Politics



Man kicked off Delta flight for using washroom prior to takeoff

Atlanta - When you gotta go, you gotta go. A Delta passenger was removed from a flight for going to the washroom while the plane was sitting on the tarmac prior to takeoff. Employees telling the man to get off the plane was filmed by fellow passengers.

Dead woman's Fitbit data leads to murder charge against husband

Ellington - While a Connecticut man’s explanation for the death of his wife at first seemed plausible, an analysis of data from her Fitbit contradicted his timeline, leading to the husband's arrest on murder and other charges.

Air pollution in Toronto subways same as in Beijing: study

Toronto - A study of air pollution in three Canadian subway systems showed the air quality in Toronto’s subway system is the worst. An author of the report compared the pollution in the subway system in Canada’s largest city to a day in Beijing.

Trump considering laptop ban on some European flights

The United States is considering a ban on large electronic devices in airplane cabins on flights originating from some European countries. This would be an extension of the ban on these devices on flights from some Middle East airports.

Lawyer tells jury women are 'especially good liars'

Memphis - A Tennessee lawyer is under fire after he told a jury during his client’s rape trial that women are “especially good” at lying because they are “the weaker sex.” The jury, composed mainly of women, acquitted the affluent businessman of rape.

Flight attendant accused of hitting passenger with baby stroller

San Francisco - An American Airlines flight attendant is accused of violently taking a stroller from a woman, striking her and almost hitting her baby. After confronted by a male passenger, the flight attended dared the man to hit him.

Over 100 men arrested in Ontario child prostitution sting

Aurora - Police in York Region, just north of Toronto, announced 104 men have been arrested for attempting to purchase the services of underage prostitutes. Police also managed to rescue young victims who were forced into the sex trade and arrest their pimps.

Despite murder conviction, Aaron Hernandez died an innocent man

Shirley - Due to a common law principle incorporated into Massachusetts state law, Aaron Hernandez will be considered an innocent man despite being convicted of murder in 2015. The law will have repercussions for the victim's family, the NFL and the Patriots.

As numbers rise, Canadian woman charged with human smuggling

A Saskatchewan woman is facing two human smuggling charges after it was alleged she smuggled nine West Africans into Canada so they could claim asylum. Since January, illegal border crossings into Canada from the U.S. have increased dramatically.

Some Americans willing to pay more, travel longer to avoid United

The results of a poll is not good news for United Airlines. Taken in the wake of Dr. David Dao being seen physically removed from a plane show a significant number of people would choose another airline even if the flight was more expensive and longer.

Couple travelling for their wedding kicked off United flight

Houston - In the latest fiasco involving United Airlines, a Utah couple who are getting married in Costa Rica were told to leave the plane after a dispute arose over their seats. United has a different version of what happened than the man and woman do.

Family vacation begins with Air Canada bumping 10-year-old boy

Charlottetown - A family vacation to Costa Rica was disrupted when Air Canada announced a couple’s 10-year-old son was being bumped from a flight from Charlottetown, PEI to Montreal. The fact a young child was being bumped did not seem to matter to the airline.

Outrage: Judge calls rapist he's sentencing 'a good man'

Provo - A Utah judge has angered a victim and others after he referred to the former Mormon bishop he was sentencing for rape and sexual abuse as “an extraordinarily good man.” This was not the first time Judge Thomas Low angered people during the trial.

Korean man sues American Airlines for discrimination in bumping

After a 69-year-old doctor forcibly removed from a United Airlines flight because the airlines needed his seat for a crew member, a Korean pastor has launched a lawsuit against American Airlines alleging discrimination in being bumped from a flight.

Health inspectors found 13 violations in Mar-a-Lago's kitchen

West Palm Beach - The kitchen at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort was cited for 13 health code violations just six days after the president's inauguration. Three of these violations were deemed “high priority” by inspectors.

Facebook accused of not removing illegal material in the U.K.

An investigation by The Times of London revealed illegal terroristic and child abuse content appeared on Facebook and moderators did not remove it after it was flagged. Evidence of the alleged illegal content has been turned over to the police.

United Airlines may have misled federal regulators in 2014

During discussions about proposed rule changes back in 2014, United Airlines argued one of these changes was not necessary because all ticketed passengers are guaranteed seats. Recent events have shown this is not always the case.

United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz makes a bad situation worse

Chicago - According to the CEO of United Airlines, the passenger who was forcibly removed from a Chicago to Louisville flight because of overbooking was “disruptive and belligerent.” Many are calling for a boycott of United and the firing of the CEO.

Dog attacks on mail carriers increasing with online shopping boom

The surge of dog attacks on U.S. mail carriers is believed to be the result of 24-hour online shopping and the dramatic increase of package deliveries. The number of these attacks is expected to increase in the future.

Boy, 11, hanged himself after 'horrific social media prank'

Marquette - The mother of Tysen Benz is speaking out after her 11-year-old son was taken off life support and passed away. She says her son hanged himself after a social media prank wherein his 13-year-old girlfriend pretended to kill herself.
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