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Arthur Weinreb

Editor-at-Large based in Toronto, ON, Canada. Joined on Jun 20, 2011
Expertise in Government, Politics



Belgians are looking for books instead of Pokémon monsters

A Belgian educator has created an online game that encourages people to look for real books instead of Pokémon characters. And the game is catching on.

Italians in quake zone urged to disable Wi-Fi passwords

In the wake of the recent earthquake in central Italy, the Italian Red Cross and other agencies are asking people in the region to disable their Wi-Fi passwords to facilitate communication. But security experts warn there are dangers in doing this.

Gunfight at Georgia gas station captured on surveillance video

Atlanta - A shootout between two men, one of whom had an AK-47 style weapon, was caught by a service station's surveillance camera. A passenger in one of the cars was caught in the crossfire and suffered a gunshot wound.

Quebec coroner recommends making texting while driving a crime

After conducting an inquest into the death of a 28-year-old man, a Quebec coroner has recommended use of a cellphone while driving be made a crime similar to drunk driving.

RCMP: Social media comments after shooting death may be illegal

Biggar - Saskatchewan RCMP have issued a warning that some social media posts may be illegal after a 22-year-aboriginal man was shot to death while in a car that drove onto a farmer's property.

Attempted abduction of toddler from store caught on tape

Braintree - An attempted abduction of a one-year-old child from a Braintree, Massachusetts store was captured by the store's surveillance cameras. The alleged abductor escaped but was later found and arrested.

Houston police: Thieves used laptops to reprogram and steal cars

Houston - According to the Houston Police Department, two men were taken into custody after it was alleged they used a laptop to reprogram and steal cars that were later driven to Mexico and sold.

Watch Winnipeg bus driver fight with aggressive passenger

Winnipeg - After a passenger allegedly spat in the face of a Winnipeg bus driver and left the bus, the driver followed him and a brief fight developed. Another passenger on the bus captured what happened on a cellphone.

Australian police cracking down on social media drug dealing

It is not new or unique, but the South Australian Police announced they have arrested four men alleged to have used social media to openly sell drugs. And police say a crackdown on this activity will continue.

Kickstarter has created 300,000 jobs, generated billions: study

Philadelphia - A recent study shows the platform Kickstarter has created tens of thousand of jobs and injected over $5 billion into the economy since its inception in 2009.

Legislators: Sex offenders could use Pokémon Go to lure victims

Albany - Two New York state senators expressed concern that Pokémon creatures have been found near the homes of serious sex offenders. They want restrictions placed upon sex offenders' use of the app and the creatures removed from around their homes.

Apollo astronauts at greater risk of heart disease than others

Tallahassee - A recently released study shows astronauts who left Earth's orbit are four or five times more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease than astronauts who never left orbit or never flew.

Watch deputy shoot and kill 17-year-old who pointed gun at him

Metairie - The Sheriff of Jefferson Parrish, Louisiana called a deputy "one of the luckiest men in America" after a 17-year-old fired a gun at him. The loaded gun malfunctioned and the deputy shot and killed the teen.

China cracks down on websites reporting independent news

The Chinese government has ordered Internet sites to stop reporting original news stories and only publish news provided by government-controlled news agencies.

Two British men jailed for pointing laser at police helicopter

Leicester - The two men were jailed after they were convicted of pointing a laser pen at a police helicopter that was searching for a missing person. The search had to be called off.

Surveillance video shows man bypassing security, getting on plane

Dallas - A Texas man had just found out his girlfriend was leaving him and flying to Guatemala. So he drove to the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport to talk her out of it. He managed to get on the plane without a ticket and without going through security.

Paramedics accused of taking selfies with unconscious patients

It is alleged two paramedics in Okaloosa County, Florida had a contest to see which one could take the most selfies with patients who were unconscious or otherwise incapacitated.

Uproar after picture shows Prince George feeding dog ice cream

Animal rights groups, the RSPCA, veterinarians and others on social media weighed in after a picture was released showing three-year-old Prince George offering ice cream to the family dog.

Video of fatal shooting of black man by Houston police released

Houston - The graphic video was released to show Alva Braziel was holding a gun when he was shot and killed by police. But the fact the officers' bodycams were not activated until after the shooting leaves critics unsatisfied.

U.K. woman, 86, fights would-be mugger with...bacon?

Manchester - The attempted robbery of an octogenarian in a grocery store was reported by the Greater Manchester Police. But video evidence reveals the incident that was related by police was a tad exaggerated.
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