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Arthur Weinreb

Editor-at-Large based in Toronto, ON, Canada. Joined on Jun 20, 2011
Expertise in Government, Politics



North Carolina law: Consent can't be withdrawn after sex begins

Under North Carolina law, where a woman initially consents to sex, is penetrated but later withdraws that consent, there is no rape. A North Carolina legislator has introduced a bill to change that, making no really mean no.

'Pizzagate' shooter sentenced to four years in prison

Washington - The man who fired shots in Washington’s Comet Ping Pong restaurant while investigating fake news that the establishment was a front for a child trafficking ring connected to prominent Democrats was sentenced to four years in prison.

Supreme Court rules sex offenders have right to use social media

Washington - The Supreme Court of the United States struck down a North Carolina law that prohibited registered sex offenders from using any social media site children can access, regardless of intent. The court found the law violated the First Amendment.

Health Canada warns of critical shortage of recalled drug

A recall due to possible contamination has resulted in a severe shortage of injectable sodium bicarbonate. Less than a week's supply of the drug used to treat critically ill patients remains in Alberta and other options are being examined.

Man struck on head by flying beverage cart sues American Airlines

White Plains - A passenger launched a lawsuit against American Airlines for injuries suffered after his head was struck by an unsecured beverage cart. Rather than make an emergency landing to treat his injuries, the flight continued to its destination.

Nurse not guilty of manslaughter after shutting off life support

Barrie - An Ontario nurse was acquitted of manslaughter and criminal negligence causing death after she took a woman off life support without the consent of a doctor. The woman’s husband testified he was pressured into consenting to have the life support removed

Sandy Hook 'truther' jailed for threats to victim's father

Fort Lauderdale - A 57-year-old Sandy Hook truther was sentenced to five months in jail after pleading guilty to threatening the father of one of the children killed in the Sandy Hook school massacre in 2012. The judge labelled her as “cruel and insensitive.”

Mom angry after dashcam showed cops mocking disabled daughter

Toronto - A Toronto woman was shocked when she viewed the dashcam video of her traffic stop. The video shows two police officers sitting in their cruiser making fun of her 29-year-old daughter who was a passenger in the car. The woman’s daughter has Down syndrome

Man calmly mows lawn while large tornado lurks behind him

Three Hills - A picture of an Alberta man calming mowing his lawn while a large tornado looms behind him has gone viral. Videos also show people driving normally down a highway towards a twister not too far away.

First American opiate intervention court opens in Buffalo, N.Y.

Buffalo - In the first of its kind in the United States, a special court has been set up in Buffalo, New York to provide treatment to opiate addicts before they are dealt with by the criminal justice system. The hope is to save lives and reduce future offences.

Sportswriter slammed for racist tweet about Indy 500 winner

Denver Post sportswriter Terry Frei has come under fire for a “racist” tweet he sent after the Indy 500. After criticism, he dug in deeper but later apologized and tried to justify his upset over the fact a Japanese driver won the race.

Three-week-old baby left alone for five minutes killed by dog

Grand Rapids - A three-week-old girl is dead after she was bitten by one of her family’s three pit bulls. The baby was only left unattended for about five minutes and her death serves as a reminder not to leave babies and small children alone with dogs.

Salman Abedi used student loans to finance terror attack: report

In an exclusive, the U.K. Telegraph reported the Manchester suicide bomber, Salman Abedi, 22, financed the attack at the Manchester Arena with student loans he received even after he dropped out of university.

California man jailed 120 days for raping 16-year-old sister

Crescent City - A California judge formally sentenced a 20 year-old man to probation for drugging and then raping his 16-year-old sister. Although he will spend 120 days in jail, the prosecutor who had asked for a six-year-sentence called the sentence “egregious.”

Watch woman jump on hood of her SUV, prevent carjacking

Milwaukee - A Milwaukee woman was at a gas station when a man tried to steal her car. She was having none of it and jumped on the hood of the vehicle. After unsuccessful attempts to shake her off, the man got out and fled. The incident was captured on security video.

Lawyer accused of attempting to bribe and intimidate rape victim

Baltimore - A Maryland defense attorney was arrested after it was alleged he offered a rape victim $3,000 not to testify against his client and told her she might be deported if she showed up in court. An interpreter working for the lawyer was also charged.

Britain angered at U.S. over leaks of Manchester attack info

BBC is reporting the Manchester police have stopped sharing information with the U.S. after details of the terrorist attack, not released to the public, appeared in the American media. Theresa May plans to confront Donald Trump about the leaks today.

Tech companies pleased with SCOTUS ruling against 'patent trolls'

Washington - In a unanimous decision, the Supreme Court of the United States handed down a ruling that will make it more difficult for so-called “patent trolls” to launch patent infringement lawsuits in jurisdictions that are extremely favourable to plaintiffs.

Journalist jokes about Ariana Grande, Manchester terror attack

Boston - After the horrific attack in Manchester yesterday, a Boston-based freelance journalist earned the wrath of social media after he tweeted listening to Ariana Grande almost killed him too. That particular tweet has since been deleted.

CNN accuses Sheriff David Clarke of plagiarising master's thesis

Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. denied a CNN report that said parts of his 2013 master’s thesis was plagiarised. Clarke, who recently announce he is receiving a position in the Trump administration, called the reporter a "sleaze bag."
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