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Stephanie Medeiros

Citizen based in Rochester, MI, United States. Joined on May 18, 2010
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HootSuite's Game of Thrones parody, 'Game of Social Thrones'

HootSuite decided to hop on the parody wagon yet again and created their own version of the popular 'Game of Thrones' opening intro using major social media websites.

Popular Reddit user, scientists creating children's book

In collaboration with a team of scientists, an ecologist popular on Reddit is raising funds to create a children's book aimed at teaching evolution in a fun and interesting way.

Renewable artificial flavors and scents created by scientists

A majority of artificial flavorings, scents, and even paint are created through a process that involving oil and gas, but scientists are in the works of making renewable fake flavorings and scents.

'Game of Thrones' will be getting its first official mixtape

In collaboration with artists such as Common, Wale, Big Boi, and Daddy Yankee, HBO strives to bolster the ratings for the upcoming season 4 premiere of Game of Thrones with a hip-hop and reggaeton mixtape.

3D printer partnership could mean 300 times faster printing

A new partnership between the U.S. Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Cincinnati Incorporated could mean 3D printing 500 times faster for larger projects about 10 times in size.

Digital children's series 'Milli' teaches curiosity, positivity

In collaboration with a British author and German illustrator, production company Honig Studios wants to create a brand new experience for young children and how they read storybooks on tablet devices.

Lend your smartphone's processing power to scientific research

Vienna - While you're sleeping, you can now donate your smartphone's processing power to science through an app called PowerSleep, created in collaboration with Samsung and the University of Vienna.

A look back on Facebook 'look back' videos

In honor of the social network turning ten years old last week, Facebook allowed its users to create "look back" videos of their most popular posts throughout the years. The numbers coming in for those look back videos is staggering.

'Hello Ruby' aims to teach programming to young girls

Linda Liukas fell in love with programming at the age of 13. Years later, she would become a co-founder of Rails Girls, a non-profit that promotes programming for young girls. Now, she's releasing a story book to do the same.

Bitcoin ban imposed on financial businesses in China

The central bank of China decided to ban Bitcoin pricing, selling, buying, and product insurance for financial companies, citing that Bitcoin is an unstable virtual money despite continued investor interest.

3D-printed glove makes your hand a mobile phone

Now the saying "talk to the hand" has a lot more meaning with the Glove One, a glove anyone can wear to turn their hand into a mobile phone.

Galaxy S III revealed by Samsung at London conference

Samsung talked about their newest release, the Galaxy S III, in London today. The newest upgrade in the Galaxy S line is highly anticipated worldwide.

Vietnam bloggers charged with 'anti-government' articles

Three Vietnamese bloggers have been charged in a case of using their blogs to spread "anti-government propaganda." The claims have alleged evidence of over 400 posted articles.

New database will 'brick' stolen phones, help stop mobile theft

In 2011 alone, cellphone theft accounted for 40 percent of all robberies in the United States. However, a new initiative will soon try to help lower mobile theft by opting users to "brick" their own phones.

USPS cutting 35,000 jobs, 223 centers closing by May

The struggling USPS will be letting go roughly 35,000 staffer jobs at 223 centers as they continue to reconstruct their business strategy.

Hobby photographer goes viral with firefly photos

Making the rounds across the blogosphere and larger news outlets are these photos by a Japanese hobby photographer, which show long exposure fireflies that almost look unreal.

Websites can block Pinterest pinning, protect content

Pinterest is gaining steam as a go-to social network for its easy to use functionality and visually pleasing layout. However, websites are starting to make rules regarding Pinterest pinning.

North Korea's 'The Jongettes' makes splash online

A group of all female musicians affectionately called "The Jongettes" played during Kim Jong il's birthday and also wrote a song showing their loyalty to Kim's son Kim Jong Un.

Start-up Uniiverse is an online marketplace for offline services

Uniiverse doesn't want to be called a social network, but are making waves with their social start-up that replaces status updates with idea and service swapping.

Blog lets readers interact with characters from book

Upon the release of one author's book, a blog will be used which will have the characters from the book write about their lives and interact with readers.
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