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Ernest Dempsey

Citizen based in Oregon, United States. Joined on Feb 20, 2009
Expertise in Environment & green living, Books, Science & space, Pets, Health



Op-Ed: Pakistan — Polio vaccinator beaten for being insistent

Lahore - Is it socially or ethically appropriate for a vaccine administrator to argue with a parent who doesn't want to let their child get a vaccine?

Inside the production and direction of 'Flak House: The Musical' Special

New York City - The lives of World War II continue to inspire books, films, and theatre. “Flak House” is a new musical, now playing in New York, which portrays the live of young men fighting the war against the Nazis in the ‘40s.

Op-Ed: Salmon recovery – ecology, awareness, and accountability Special

Columbia City - Wild salmon in the Pacific Northwest has been on the decline due to continued destruction of their natural habitat. Are salmon hatcheries a solution or part of the problem of salmon decline? Biologist and researcher Jim Lichatowich talks about the issue.

Op-Ed: Peace activist holding interfaith events in Israel-Palestine area Special

Jerusalem - Author and peace activist Dr. Fran Romano feels the current leadership in Israel-Palestine region may be feeding on violence to maintain short-term power.

Casual marijuana use not free of risk, concludes new research Special

Boston - Researchers have found that even moderate use of marijuana can harm some brain areas with the risk especially higher in younger users.

Op-Ed: Justice for children killed by measles vaccine in Pakistan

Peshawar - Parents are refusing vaccination for measles in Pakistan after measles vaccine killed a number of children and caused many others to faint. Is there any hope for justice for those killed by the vaccine?

U.S. Navy vet asks for education benefits regrets working for IRS Special

A U.S. Navy vet says working for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) was his biggest mistake as he has been damaged for life by the institution.

Op-Ed: Atheists are terrorists, says new Saudi law

Riyad - Marking a new low in regard for human rights, Saudi Arabia has reportedly passed a law that will treat all atheists as terrorists.

Not fleas but humans spread ‘Back Death’ in Medieval London

London - New archaeological and forensic evidence suggests that the great plague epidemic of 14th-Century London was airborne and spread via coughing and sneezing of people, not by flea bites.

Hindus in Pakistan protest against burning of their temple

Hyderabad - Protests continued for the second day after a Hindu temple in Pakistan’s Sindh province was set on fire by unidentified men

Bus driver in Sweden forced 6-year-old girl to show teeth

Sundsvall - A six-year-old girl was made to show her teeth by the demand of a bus driver in Sweden as he wanted to make sure the child was eligible for a free ride.

New study finds higher death risk for the underweight

Toronto - With so many health risks associated with obesity, a new study finds a more serious risk for the underweight individuals – death.

Romanian man swallows metal fork to win a bet

Bacau - A young man in Romania swallowed a metal fork to win a bet while drunk. The act, meant to impress his friends, led the man to the hospital.

Chinese gang slaughtered tigers as ‘blood sport’

Zhanjiang - Wild tigers have been slaughtered to entertain local officials and businessmen and tiger parts then sold as trade in China.

Op-Ed: Low vaccination rates recorded in parts of Canada and Australia

Low vaccination rates among children have been reported from affluent and well-informed segments of population in Canada and Australia.

China Southern Airlines stops transport of live primates for labs

Animal rights advocates are celebrating the “victory” of seeing a stop to transport of live primates by China Southern Airlines.

Op-Ed: Authorities now bribing parents for polio vaccination in Pakistan

Peshawar - After using scare tactics at places, authorities in Pakistan are moving to bribe parents for vaccinating their children with the questionable oral polio vaccine (OPV).

Op-Ed: Talibanization of health: Forced polio vaccination in Pakistan

Karachi - The politics of vaccination has come to new, though not unexpected, turns in Pakistan as the government has started imposing the polio vaccine on civilians by intimidation.

Radio show to discuss Virginia dog abuse case on Sunday

Attorney Matt Albert will discuss on radio the alarming case of dog abuse in Wythe County, Virginia, which is arousing growing concern from the public due to inaction on behalf of the authorities.

Study finds lions are nearly extinct in West Africa

Lions in West Africa are approaching extinction and may soon entirely disappear from the natural scene in the region if conservation efforts are not improved.
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