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Saunon Malek

Citizen based in Santa Ana, San Jose, Costa Rica. Joined on Jun 2, 2013
Expertise in Politics, Charity & volunteer work, Ethnic cultures, Government



U.S. and Chinese warships nearly collide

The USS Cowpens and a Chinese naval vessel barely missed a collision in the East China Sea, after evasive maneuvers were undertaken.

Angola reportedly bans Islam

According to several reports, the African nation of Angola has declared Islam illegal, and has ordered mosques throughout the country be closed and demolished.

US police detain two for talking to stranger on street

Philadelphia - Policemen in Philadelphia unlawfully detained two African American pedestrians for talking to a stranger on the street - namely, saying "hi".

Remembering a legendary astronaut — Scott Carpenter

Scott Carpenter, a prominent space pioneer and the second American to orbit Earth, passed away Thursday at the age of 88 after having suffered complications following a recent stroke.

U.S. to develop autonomous assassin drones

According to several reports released in the media, the U.S. government plans to develop drones in the near future that are capable of autonomously neutralizing targets - assassin bots, in other words.

Vladimir Putin nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Moscow - Russian President Vladimir Putin has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by the International Academy of Spiritual Unity of the Peoples of the World.

Op-Ed: Israeli capture of 'spy' attempt to spoil new Iran-US relations?

Jerusalem - On Sunday, the Israeli bureau of investigation, otherwise known as the Shin Bet, captured an alleged Iranian spy. However is the claim legitimate, or is it merely a political tactic serving a greater purpose?

Rouhani: I bring peace and friendship from Iranians to Americans

New York - During an interview with CNN's Christiane Amanpour, Iranian president Hassan Rouhani delivered an English message for the first time to the American people.

Reports: Israeli Forces fighting in Kenya mall

Nairobi - According to several reports released by different news outlets, Israeli forces have reportedly been assisting Kenyan police and military forces in the battle against Muslim militants in a Kenyan mall.

U.S. avoided near detonation of nuclear bombs

Goldsboro, North Carolina, January 23, 1961. A U.S. Air Force B-52 breaks-up in the sky, as two Mark 39 hydrogen bombs fall towards the earth, all by accident.

Facebook and Twitter unblocked in Iran

Tehran - Joy came to millions of Iranians around the country as they found Twitter and Facebook to be unblocked when they accessed their computers on Monday.

NY's new controversial cab — 'Taxi of Tomorrow'

New York - Meet New York's futuristic cab; the Taxi of Tomorrow. With new, dazzling features for its kind, the taxi has impressed many of the city's visitors, but has drawn speculation and discontent from other New Yorkers.

The exchange of letters between Obama and Hassan Rouhani

U.S. President Barack Obama and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani have been exchanging letters in the past weeks on matters such as that of Syria's chemical weapons, and Iran's nuclear program.

Op-Ed: 9/11 and the Syrian intervention — A mistake never to be repeated

A striking resemblance between the two controversial events may provide the answer to the long awaited question - should the U.S. intervene in Syria?

51 civilians executed by Syrian opposition

Aleppo - In another gruesome move on behalf of the Syrian opposition, militants have executed fifty-one civilians within the strategic town of Khan al-Assal.

Saudi school principal shoots students

Medina - A Saudi Arabian principal opened fire on two of his students on final examination day in the town of Tharb, near Medina.

Boston Marathon suspect Dzokhar Tsarnaev indicted

The surviving Boston Marathon bombing suspect, Dzokhar Tsarnaev, has been filed in a 30-count indictment, for the twin explosions which occurred on April 15th, according to federal prosecutors.

Saudi Arabia: Al-Qaeda linked terrorists should be armed

Saudi Arabia's foreign minister stated that the al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists in Syria must be armed, but weapon shipments to al-Assad's regime must be halted.

Iran welcomes direct flights with U.S.

Tehran - On Wednesday, Iran's Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi stated that his country would welcome direct flights between U.S. and Iranian cities.

Venezuela on Snowden: Asylum will be considered

On Tuesday, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro stated that the status of asylum for former CIA agent Edward Snowden would be put into consideration.
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