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Carol Forsloff

Digital Journalist based in Natchitoches, Louisiana, United States. Joined on Nov 20, 2008
Expertise in Government, Unemployment, Politics, Environment & green living, Education,   see all» Women's health, Jobs, Health, Music, Entertainment, Careers & workplace, Religion



Review: Police surveillance breaches privacy, abuses power

People may not like the spy games when the light is turned on them, but many value surveillance to catch criminals, even as others speak about how it is abused.

Op-Ed: How Giuliani's statements about Obama make us less safe

Rudolph Giulani, of 9/11 fame, offered us a profile in courage on that fateful day when the World Trade Towers was bombed, even as today his behaviors make us less safe in an insecure world.

Op-Ed: Hippies, Tea Party, Progressives create divided politics

Several years ago a New York Times article compared the Tea Party with the New Left and the hippies, but are there really parallels for the politics today?

How to make the most of visiting Hawaii Special

Visiting Hawaii or planning to tour the islands one day? Then you need to know the dos and don'ts of this very special place.

Naps seen as critical for sleep deprived

New research suggests a 30-minute nap can help stave off the effects of a poor night's sleep. This is good-health, potentially life-saving, news for many people who have trouble getting enough sleep at night.

Pat Boone compares Obama to Dr. Strangelove

In a column for WorldNet Daily crooner and conservative critic Pat Boone wrote that President Obama's plan to close Guantanamo Bay will release murderers into the United States, creating a “mass invasion of illegals” that will lead to 9/11 attacks.

Brian Williams to temporarily leave NBC

Brian Williams, the famous NBC news anchor, is the subject himself of today's news, accused of falsifying information in news reports. In the rush to be noticed, it sometimes happens that reporters become the news rather than just reporting it.

Autism Speaks, urging parents vaccinate children against measles

Autism Speaks is considered the voice of autism in the U.S. and with clarity has said children should be vaccinated against measles.

'Doing harm' accusations hurled at anti-vaccine proponents

"As physicians we are supposed to do no harm. These doctors are creating harm. They are promoting the spread of infectious diseases, which we should have wiped out by now."

Are social media-driven sites a failing fad? Special

Some computer gurus tell us that social media participation is declining from “participation plateau,” caused by too many demands on time, yet as some sites see numbers reduced, there is more to social media activity than what those numbers show.

Op-Ed: Vaccination controversy creates furor in wake of measles outbreak

Is it ethically appropriate for a doctor to declare vaccines should not be given, even as there is a measles outbreak in the United States? Is it right for a doctor to refuse children as patients whose parents disallow vaccinations?

Op-Ed: Robin Rendell's Christmas song captures holiday's heart and soul Special

Experts tell us music can bring people together to connect with others wonderfully. “The Day Christmas Came Again” does this as it translates the musical eloquence of its author to capture the best of holiday traditions.

Death sentence given to grandmother in Bali for drug smuggling Special

Many activists are pleading for Indonesia to forego the execution of a grandmother for drug smuggling, even as other nations impose punishments for the manufacture, distribution and use of drugs considered illicit and others legal.

Medical marijuana distributors are in crossfire of war on drugs Special

Portland - Medical marijuana is supposed to be legal and available to patients, according to laws of 20 states, however distributors are caught in the conflict between the Federal regulations and state laws in the war on drugs.

Wine Country Oregon offers alternative to Napa Valley Special

When most people think about wine in the United States, they associate it with Napa Valley in California. But Oregon is making its own waves in wine at the many wine tasting stores and restaurants in the McMinnville – Carlton, Oregon region.

Op-Ed: Posturing or reporting: Reporter attitude shapes public views

Recently many people have become outraged about Edward Snowden and the George Zimmerman trial, but how much of the public’s reaction to news has to do with reporting and how much with reporter posturing?

Op-Ed: Music records history, as it does with Edward Snowden

Music often forms the foundation for society’s perception of events, recording history sometimes as it happens. It has often been used to protest, inform, educate and stimulate emotions, even with controversial figures like Edward Snowden.

Snowden affair opens up debates on journalist vs blogger rights

The Edward Snowden affair opens up new debates on the rights of a free press. Does the First Amendment declare the media can say or write anything they want to? Can just anyone pass along government secrets claiming press protection?

Hanford Nuclear Plant leak poses threat to NW region

The Department of Energy reports a leak at the Hanford Plant, where radioactive waste has been stored in tanks long since too old to safely contain that waste in an area some scientists have referred to as "the most toxic waste dump in the world."

Central, North Louisiana ready for Hurricane Isaac's impact Special

Many people outside of Louisiana focus on New Orleans when it comes to weather conditions. But the State of Louisiana is often on a statewide alert when storms like Hurricane Isaac approach.
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