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Carol Forsloff

Digital Journalist based in Natchitoches, Louisiana, United States. Joined on Nov 20, 2008
Expertise in Music, Government, Education, Politics, Environment & green living,   see all» Women's health, Entertainment, Jobs, Religion, Unemployment, Careers & workplace, Health



Op-Ed: Robin Rendell's Christmas song captures holiday's heart and soul Special

Experts tell us music can bring people together to connect with others wonderfully. “The Day Christmas Came Again” does this as it translates the musical eloquence of its author to capture the best of holiday traditions.

Death sentence given to grandmother in Bali for drug smuggling Special

Many activists are pleading for Indonesia to forego the execution of a grandmother for drug smuggling, even as other nations impose punishments for the manufacture, distribution and use of drugs considered illicit and others legal.

Medical marijuana distributors are in crossfire of war on drugs Special

Portland - Medical marijuana is supposed to be legal and available to patients, according to laws of 20 states, however distributors are caught in the conflict between the Federal regulations and state laws in the war on drugs.

Wine Country Oregon offers alternative to Napa Valley Special

When most people think about wine in the United States, they associate it with Napa Valley in California. But Oregon is making its own waves in wine at the many wine tasting stores and restaurants in the McMinnville – Carlton, Oregon region.

Op-Ed: Posturing or reporting: Reporter attitude shapes public views

Recently many people have become outraged about Edward Snowden and the George Zimmerman trial, but how much of the public’s reaction to news has to do with reporting and how much with reporter posturing?

Op-Ed: Music records history, as it does with Edward Snowden

Music often forms the foundation for society’s perception of events, recording history sometimes as it happens. It has often been used to protest, inform, educate and stimulate emotions, even with controversial figures like Edward Snowden.

Snowden affair opens up debates on journalist vs blogger rights

The Edward Snowden affair opens up new debates on the rights of a free press. Does the First Amendment declare the media can say or write anything they want to? Can just anyone pass along government secrets claiming press protection?

Hanford Nuclear Plant leak poses threat to NW region

The Department of Energy reports a leak at the Hanford Plant, where radioactive waste has been stored in tanks long since too old to safely contain that waste in an area some scientists have referred to as "the most toxic waste dump in the world."

Central, North Louisiana ready for Hurricane Isaac's impact Special

Many people outside of Louisiana focus on New Orleans when it comes to weather conditions. But the State of Louisiana is often on a statewide alert when storms like Hurricane Isaac approach.

Expert responds to Cindy's new drama in Anthony murder trial Special

Cindy Anthony took the stand again in her daughter Casey’s defense to maintain it was she who had searched for the word “chloroform” on the Internet. An expert tells us this more evidence of the deceit that is part of the Anthony family dynamics.

Portland’s struggle for equality, environment, and human rights Special

Portland - While Portland may be ahead of the game in many of the social issues, there is still work to do, according to the proponents of change in the areas of equality, environment and human rights.

Wall of heroes speaks of Portland leadership in women’s rights Special

Portland’s progressive experience has been highlighted nationally; but its reputation came with struggles of its own, many of them inspired by newcomers and youth and no better outlined than at Portland State University and its wall of women heroes.

Profiler offers forensic evidence of Anthony family motives Special

Forensic experts, lawyers, media and the public are fascinated with the Casey Anthony trial for many reasons, one of which has to do with the motivations behind the death of the child, Caylee, that an expert behavioral profiler examines.

Successful black father's solution to black unemployment, jails Special

Can you imagine being an innocent man jailed 20 years on death row or a young father in jail for drugs? An African American businessman offers sound advice on prison issues and unemployment of fathers in the black community.

The secret to longevity shared by 87-year-old Portland ‘star’ Special

Portland - Life expectancy is decreasing in the United States with the average life span approximately 78 years , according to recent reports. But there are folks who defy the odds, living joyously beyond that age.

Cleanest and dirtiest cities in America: Portland and New Orleans Special

Portland - Time Magazine has recently released a list of the ten dirtiest cities in America, which hearkens to what citizens value in various regions of the country and what the culture decides takes critical importance in how money is spent as well.

Stirring the ‘pot’ creates problems in Portland Special

Portland - A group of folks sat on a concrete ledge near a popular Portland downtown gathering place on the Willamette as a policeman hovered over them for several minutes, then moved along, leaving onlookers wondering what was stirring the pot in Portland.

Regional differences in American values part of political debate Special

Politicians talk about American values and what Americans want, as they did during the recent Republican debate, but two areas in the United States reveal how American values vary regionally, something politicians overlook.

Rose Festival shows off unique style of Portland town Special

Portland - Portland put on its rosy face to celebrate its annual festival of roses and fun-filled days that herald the opening of summer and to the world the town’s unique, progressive style, reflected in its floral-decorated floats and folks of many hues.

Donald Trump will not pursue the Presidency

After several months of "testing the waters" Donald Trump has decided not to run for the Presidency in 2012, ending speculation the controversial businessman's participation in next year's election.
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