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Manzer Munir

Citizen based in X, United States. Joined on Jun 20, 2010
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Op-Ed: Kansas City Chiefs playoff misery continues

After the Chief's historic loss Saturday to the Colts in the NFL playoffs, I realized I get to call them the Kansas City Chefs for one more year! It seems there is no end to a Chief fan's frustrations over the years.

Op-Ed: The Massacre of Shias in Shia founder Jinnah's Pakistan

Karachi - Another day brings news of a yet a new massacre on the Shia community in Pakistan. By last count, scores are injured, and at least 47 people have been killed in a bomb attack in the Shia enclave in Karachi Pakistan by the name of Abbas Town.

Op-Ed: NFL's Kansas City Chiefs Should Sign Both Alex & Geno Smith

Kansas City - The Kansas City Chiefs should trade for Alex Smith, draft Geno as their #1 and still have possible 3rd stringer Matt Cassel for a QB heavy team with great starter between Smith and Smith.

Op-Ed: A statue to honor hate and terror

In Selma, Alabama, a new monument to the first leader of the Ku Klux Klan is under construction on public land. Selma, Alabama is the site of many struggles during the Civil Rights movement made famous by Rosa Parks and Martin Luthur King Jr III.

Op-Ed: Free Rimsha Masih & end the blasphemy law witch hunts in Pakistan

Pakistan’s latest victim of the notorious blasphemy laws, is an 11 year old girl suffering from Downs Syndrome. Rimshah Masih was taken from her mother by an angry mob intent on killing her.

Pakistan wins its first Oscar

Los Angeles - Pakistan won its first Oscar Sunday night when director Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy's film, Saving Face, won at the 84th Academy Awards at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles, California.

Op-Ed: Gandhi and King — Two Martyrs Who Will Never Die

Today is MLK Day in the United States where it is a federal holiday commemorating the life and legacy of the Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr, an icon who would have been 83 years old on January 15.

Op-Ed: Jacksonville Jaguars- Allah’s NFL Team?

Jacksonville - The last few days have not been easy ones for me. I have had to watch as my adopted homeland, the United States, is accused by Pakistan, the nation of my forefathers, for being responsible for the deaths of 24 Pakistani soldiers by “friendly” fire.

Op-Ed: This is not Prophet Muhammad’s Islam

Kabul - The steady stream of negative news about the twisted way Islam is being practiced around the world seems to never end. In my view, it is not how the Prophet would have wanted his followers to behave.

Op-Ed: With Gaddafi Dead, The Arab Spring Has Finally Sprung

Tripoli - In the end, it does not matter whether Muammar Gaddafi was executed due to an order by members of the Libyan Transitional National Council leadership or whether he was killed at the hands of a vigilante mob in the run up to his capture and death.

Op-Ed: Amir Khan, A Son of Pakistan

Las Vegas - Amir Khan is a British boxer. Let’s first get that straight. He represented Britain in the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece where he was the only British boxer in the contingent.

Op-Ed: Anthony Weiner — Sex, Lies, and the Pakistan Connection

Washington - On Monday night’s Daily Show with Jon Stewart, the host, a former roommate of the congressman, confessed that Weinergate and the entire episode involving pictures of his friend Rep. Anthony Weiner of NY, was “killing” him.

Op-Ed: With Friends Like Pakistan

Abbottabad - Many people in Pakistan these days are wondering why their nation often finds itself on the wrong side of recent history.

Op-Ed: Third World thugs & dictators, a history of self-serving interests

Cairo - What is it about power and its hold on a person? Not just the common man, but the most noblest and patriotic of men have let its allure defy the loyalty to their county’s best interests.

Op-Ed: New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez has arrived

Pittsburgh - I have to admit, I have already become a fan of the young quarterback but if he wins today against the Steelers, I will have to go and buy me a #6 Mark Sanchez NY Jets NFL jersey.

Op-Ed: Thou Shalt not Mock or It May Cost You Your Life

Islamabad - In the wake of the murder of Salmaan Taseer, the Governor of Punjab a couple weeks back, I did a great deal of contemplation about the situation in Pakistan and the current state of affairs of Pakistan and indeed in much of the Muslim world.

Op-Ed: The Illiteracy of Hate

The Taliban are not just simply a bunch of illiterate thugs and bullies for they too often prove to be even worse than animals and barbarians.

Richard Holbrooke: The Death of a Peacemaker

President George H.W. Bush once described him as the “most persistent advocate I’ve ever run into.” President Obama’s special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan, Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, died earlier today after complications from heart surger

Aasia Bibi and Impurities in the Land of the Pure

The case of Aasia Noreen aka Aasia Bibi illustrates how far Pakistan has to go to secure freedoms for its religious minorities.

Meet Nikki Haley, the Next Indian American Governor of a US State

Columbia - Nikki Haley is not destined to be the first Indian American governor of a US state. No that honor already belongs to Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana.
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