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Manzer Munir

Citizen based in X, United States. Joined on Jun 20, 2010
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I was born in Pakistan, raised in Saudi Arabia in a uniquely American and international expatriate culture, where I was educated since primary school in the local American embassy school for US and foreign children. I grew up and came of age in America as I started and finished high school and college in the States. Despite having a blog dedicated to peace in Pakistan, I am a proud American and believe that there is no better country in the world than the USA and no better documents than the US constitution and the Bill of Rights.
I believe I have a unique outlook and perspective on life having lived in three vastly different countries. The United States however, my adopted and much loved homeland, with her ideals of liberty and prosperity form the basis of my being that allow me to be both American and Pakistani. I am also at once a secular constitutionalist and a Sufi Muslim, a Democrat and at times, a Republican, an idealist, yet also someone who is pragmatic. I believe that these characteristics and their varied accompanying perspectives come through in my writings.
I am a blogger with an active blog that primarily concentrates on Pakistan and news of South Asia at However, I also write articles about many different subjects such as Pakistani Brit boxer Amir Khan here or Mark Sanchez of the NY Jets over here. My personal favorite articles are where I discuss Gandhi and King or the injustice to Aasia Bibi.
I describe myself as a proud Pakistani American with Progressive Muslim and Sufi Islamic ideals which respect all religions and different points of views. I absolutely abhor violence in much the same way Gandhi did as he is as much an inspiration to me as was the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. I recognize that as a Pakistani my forefathers were Indian Hindus for a millennia before the Arabs brought Islam 13 or 14 centuries ago. And so to ridicule Hinduism or Buddhism now, as sadly many fellow Muslims do, because they are not monotheistic like Christianity, Islam or Judaism, is closed minded and really un-Islamic if you ask me. In my opinion, one must respect ALL religions and belief systems.
I also respect agnostic or atheist views, even if I may not agree with them, I do however respect them. I firmly believe in open debate, questioning and discourse on any subject, no matter how controversial.
In my view, Islam is ready for a reformation much the same way Christianity did to shed itself of certain old laws and "norms" that are indeed holding back many Muslim societies such as in the fields of women's rights and religious and democratic freedoms.
To that end, I try to report as much as educate my readership. I hope reading my articles gives one an insight into some views and stories that are both Pakistani and American, as well as Muslim yet secular, much the same way that I am.
I started to combat the perception that there are not enough American Muslims or Pakistani Americans who speak up against Islamic extremism. I believe that the Taliban and all Islamic extremists who use terror and violence are the enemies of man and cannot be trusted and nor should there be any negotiations with them.
The spark for this new voice and website started with the tragic and callous attacks in Mumbai India in November 2008 by Pakistani trained terrorists. As a Pakistani American, I want more than anything to see a truce and a peace treaty between both Pakistan and India and an end to all violence in the region. Peace is always in the interests of everybody involved. That is my personal quote and a belief that fits into any conflict, especially one between these two nuclear armed neighbors. There is never a good war just as there is not any bad peace. Peace is the only way.
To show your support for someone who supports peace, please go to the group website on Facebook and join us as have many non Pakistanis who support Pakistanis who support Peace.
Warmest Regards,
Manzer Munir

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