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Bob Norman

Citizen . Joined on Sep 22, 2006


Connecticut Doctor Had Hidden Child Porn Stash

A homeowner in West Hartford,Connecticut got quite a shock while remodeling their basement. They found a hidden room with thousands of pictures of child pornography that had belonged to the houses former owner,a now deceased doctor.

No Warrant? No Problem in Boston

The Boston Police are starting a new program designed to help take guns off the streets. Officers can now search the bedrooms of youth without that nasty need for a warrant. Now all they need is Mommy's permission.

Pastor's Wife Wants the Church in Divorce

A pastor's wife in New York is making an unprecedented claim: As part of their divorce decree, she wants her fair share of the church she says her husband used as, "his personal piggy bank."

Suggested Treatments For Carpal Tunnel Differ

Modern online lifestyle has produced a plethora of cases of carpal tunnel syndrome. Doctors ideas for the solution run from steroids to surgery to lifestyle changes. While most of the ideas have merit,not all produce the same results.

University of Connecticut Offers Guaranteed Admission

The University of Connecticut will guarantee admission to students from all twelve of the states community colleges who maintain at least a B average and earn an associates degree.

Op-Ed: Online Divorce, a More Efficient Way to Dump Your Spouse

Broward County Florida has come up with a new idea to speed up the divorce process, online filing. Is this really a convenience we need as a society? Shouldn't we work harder to preserve the sanctity of wedlock?

Another Block Party, Come Celebrate DJ's Lost Weekend!

Last weekend the Digital Journal community was left scratching their heads and suffering withdrawal as our favorite site bit the dust. Tonight let's gather together and swap our tales of horror from our time in DJ detox.

Pentagon Spin Doctors Embellished Jessica Lynch Story

The image of the American military has been further tarnished with revelations that it lied about the stories of two of it's most famous members. The stories of bravery surrounding Jessica Lynch were mostly the creation of Army officials.

Cocaine Pulled From Store Shelves

The controversial energy drink is pulled from the shelves of Connecticut stores for a reason that's controversial in itself.

Man Who Tried Suicide By Burning Himself Alive May Be Charged With Arson

If you're so depressed that you try suicide by setting yourself on fire, will it really help the situation if you're charged with arson when you survive?

Limbo Get's The Boot From The Catholic Church

Babies who die without baptism can now go to heaven. Maybe.

What Turns Men On Might Get Women Off

A top ten list of male and female fantasies shows that we're not as different as we might like to think.

Op/Ed: Five Changes to Restore America

Much of the world hates us, our President has record low approval ratings and our children are killing each other. Here's five ideas that I feel could help the United States turn itself around.

Chimps More Evolved Than Humans

Have our ape ancestors come further than us in terms of evolution?

Don't Monkey With Shakespeare

Would 100 Monkeys with typewriters eventually produce the works of William Shakespeare? Well sorry to disappoint the monkey fans, but new studies says probably not. Yes, they're actually testing this stuff.

Once Upon A Time On Digital Journal

New users to the site must be confused when they find out the editor is a porcupine, the staff are monkeys, half the users are animals and there's a Werewolf in the middle of it all. Before the party tonight, your hairy host offers a primer to the madness

Tilt-A-Whirl Injures Two

Pieces of the ride came apart during operation, sending one man to the hospital.

Kids Are Buying Cocaine At Their Local Convenience Store

A high powered energy drink is causing a fuss as children buy Cocaine after school.

Fade To Black: Saving A Life That Doesn't Want To Be Saved

Suicide touched my life for the fourth time last night. I'd like to try and help keep it from touching yours.

Broken News: Tragic Attack Hospitalizes Easter Bunny!

Revenge seeking chickens leave Peter Cottontail in critical condition!
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