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Kesavan Unnikrishnan

Digital Journalist based in Kerala, India, India. Joined on May 15, 2008



Qatar mulls family-only mall days, banning bachelor labourers

Qatar’s municipal council is planning to introduce family-only days at major shopping malls prohibiting blue-collar migrant workers from entering malls on the weekends.

Europe’s biomass boom is destroying America's forests

European Union’s stringent renewable energy requirements are forcing coal-based power plants to use biomass fuel. Swaths of woodlands in Southeastern United States are being cut down to fuel the biomass boom across the Atlantic.

Executions see dramatic rise in Pakistan

Pakistan has overtaken Saudi Arabia in the number of executions as more than 300 people have been put to death in 2015 alone, with another 8,000 prisoners on death row.

Indonesia plans prison guarded by crocodiles for drug convicts

Indonesia is planning to build a prison island guarded by meat-hungry crocodiles for drug convicts. The reason for using the deadly reptiles as prison guards is that crocodiles cannot be bribed like human guards.

Second freak storm heads for Yemen

A new severe cyclonic storm, unprecedented in recorded history, is heading for the Arabian Peninsula three days after Cyclone Chapala dumped several years' worth of rain in Southern Yemen.

Snapchat’s new terms let it store and reuse user photos

Snapchat, best known for its disappearing multimedia messages that are known as snaps, changed its terms and conditions to own all of the pictures and videos sent on the service.

Scientist kills rare bird that's been lost for more than 50 years

A New York Museum research team discovered a "ghost" bird that hadn't been seen in half a century in the remote highlands of Solomon Islands’ Guadalcanal. Then they killed the bird to collect as a specimen for additional study.

Ohio judge ends oversight in chemo fight of Amish girl

An Ohio judge ended court efforts to force chemotherapy on an Amish girl and formally freed her from court-ordered guardianship.The girl along with her parents had fled the country to Mexico to seek alternative treatment.

Canadian firm opens pilot project to pull carbon from air

A Canadian startup has started a pilot project to take CO2 out of the atmosphere in the form of pellets. The company plans to scale it to a global scale enabling countries to suck more CO2 from the atmosphere than they dump in.

FBI data shows record number of September gun sales

FBI’s National Instant Background Check System shows gun sales hit a record high for the fifth month in a row with 1,795,102 prospective gun owners processed in September.

Poaching threatens Mali's rare desert elephants

Ninety of Mali’s 300 desert elephants have been killed during the past year as ivory poachers exploit a security vacuum created by an Islamic insurgency in the deserts near the city of Timbuktu.

Greenpeace offers to buy coal-based plants to shut them down

Greenpeace is exploring funding options to buy four coal-fired power plants and their corresponding mines in Eastern Germany to shut them down.

Russia's Orthodox church backs 'holy war' against ISIS

Russia's Orthodox Church voiced support for Putin's decision to carry out air strikes in Syria against ISIS, calling it a "holy battle" for protecting the Christians in the region.

Paris goes car-less for a day on Sunday

The streets of central Paris have gone car-free for the first time on Sunday in a symbolic bid to cut pollution ahead of the climate change summit in November.

Vigilante lynchings go viral in Peru

Suspects forced to stand on anthills, made to eat raw chili peppers and stripped naked and whipped in public — mass Facebook vigilante movements are going viral in Peru, prompting civilians to punish alleged criminals for petty crimes.

South Korean forest bulldozed to create ski run for Olympics

South Korea, host of the 2018 Winter Games, has been accused of bulldozing a 500-year-old virgin forest to make room for an Olympic ski slope.

Paper industry spends millions in campaign to bring customer back

Paper and Packaging Board, the paper industry’s trade group, is spending $170 million in ads to get customers back to use paper again after per capita paper use slumps by 46 percent over the past 15 years.

4,000 California inmates are fighting wildfires

Nearly 4,000 prisoners are currently battling wildfires across California making up about 40 percent of the nearly 10,000 firefighters deployed across the state. Participants make $2 per day in the program and $2 an hour when they’re on a fire line.

Australians plant 1.2 million trees on National Tree Day

More than 1.2 million trees were planted across Australia on Sunday during National Tree Day. This year's tally brings the total number to over 22 million trees planted by more than 3.5 million participants since the campaign began in 1996.

Australian reality show participants come under IS fire in Syria

An Australian TV series smuggled a group of participants across the Syrian border to IS territory. The group came under heavy artillery fire as filmmakers took them within half a mile of the front line.
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