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Kesavan Unnikrishnan

Digital Journalist based in Bangalore, India. Joined on May 15, 2008



4,000 California inmates are fighting wildfires

Nearly 4,000 prisoners are currently battling wildfires across California making up about 40 percent of the nearly 10,000 firefighters deployed across the state. Participants make $2 per day in the program and $2 an hour when they’re on a fire line.

Australians plant 1.2 million trees on National Tree Day

More than 1.2 million trees were planted across Australia on Sunday during National Tree Day. This year's tally brings the total number to over 22 million trees planted by more than 3.5 million participants since the campaign began in 1996.

Australian reality show participants come under IS fire in Syria

An Australian TV series smuggled a group of participants across the Syrian border to IS territory. The group came under heavy artillery fire as filmmakers took them within half a mile of the front line.

ISIS 'Water War' draining marshes in Southern Iraq

ISIS has cut off water supplies to the Mesopotamia Marshlands after capturing dams along the Euphrates River destroying wildlife and the livelihoods of the local people.

10 lions killed as flash floods hit India's Gir national park

Flash floods following heavy monsoon rains have killed 10 lions and 20 more remain missing in India's Gir National Park, the only natural habitat for lions outside Africa.

Biotech firm creates fake rhino horn to reduce poaching

A San Francisco biotech startup has managed to 3D print fake rhino horns that carry the same genetic fingerprint as the actual horn. It plans to flood Chinese market with these cheap horns to curb poaching.

Japan must do more to justify whaling plans: IWC

International Whaling Commission has demanded more information to review Japan's proposal to kill 3,996 whales in Southern Ocean for " scientific research."

Malaysian minister blames naked foreign tourists for earthquake

A group of western tourists who stripped naked at the peak of Mount Kinabalu last month will be prohibited from leaving Malaysia, as their act of "disrespecting the mountain" could have caused the devastating earthquake that killed at least 13 people.

Montana man saves moose; park authorities blow it up

A Montana camper saved a newborn moose and reported it to the park authorities so they could save the vulnerable creature’s life. But the authorities shot the newborn and blew it up with dynamite.

Woman, 102, gets her PhD, after being denied by Nazi regime

A 102-year-old German woman will become the oldest person to receive a PhD, which will be awarded to her by the Hamburg University on June 9, almost eight decades after the Nazis blocked it because her mother was Jewish.

ISIS fighters complain of favoritism in picking suicide bombers

A report from a pro-Islamic State preacher from Russia’s Republic of Dagestan claims that ISIS is letting influential Saudis to manipulate suicide bomber waiting lists to favor them over militants from other regions.

Google Fiber forwards piracy fine notices straight to subscribers

Google Fiber is reportedly forwarding copyright infringement notices to subscribers offering settlements ranging from $20 to $300.

University short skirt ban sparks leg selfie protest in Algeria

Hundreds of Leg selfies are flooding social media in Algeria after a student was banned from her exam for wearing a skirt which came above her knees.

NYPD commissioner wants 450 more cops to fight ISIS in the city

New York City police chief Bill Bratton has requested authorization to hire 450 more police officers in order to combat terrorism from the Islamic State.

Saudi woman gets revenge on husband with $100,000 traffic fines

A Saudi Arabian woman angered by her husband’s decision to take a second wife has exacted her revenge by raking up $100,000 in deliberate fines on his wedding night.

Farmers eat rats, trade tails for rice in Philippines

Farmers in Philippines hit by El Niño triggered drought are trading rat tails for rice as part of a government program and eating their meat.

ISIS forces women to undergo virginity surgery 20 times

A United Nations official has revealed that ISIS militants forced a sex slave to undergo surgery to restore her virginity every time she was married to 20 fighters.

ISIS fighters hit by deadly flesh-eating disease

Hundreds of Islamic State fighters in the Syrian city of Raqqa, the capital of the self-proclaimed ISIS caliphate, have been infected by Leishmaniasis which can become fatal if not treated with a simple course of medicine.

Mattel's Wi-Fi Barbie can tell stories, jokes to kids

Barbie maker Mattel has partnered with San Francisco start-up ToyTalk to develop Hello Barbie, that can engage in two-way conversation with children.

Prague zoo to set up special unit to treat obese people

The zoo in the Czech capital Prague is set to build a special health center with XXL equipment to treat extremely overweight patients.
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