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William M. Schmalfeldt

Citizen based in Elkridge, MD, United States. Joined on Sep 23, 2013
Expertise in Health, Politics, Government



Op-Ed: Silence over Shuler's arrest, beating, heaps shame on media

Columbiana - The so-called "liberal" media should hang its head in shame over its silence in response to the beating, arrest, and jailing without bond of liberal blogger Roger Shuler.

Op-Ed: Blogger's arrest, beating, followed other 'legal' intimidation

Columbiana - Roger Shuler, attorney, blogger, owner of the Legal Schnauzer blog, was apparently victimized on other occasions by Alabama authorities because of his writing about what he alleges is systematic corruption in that state.

Op-Ed: Alabama attorney jailed after writing stories about ex-Gov.'s son

Columbiana - Alabama attorney Roger Shuler, proprietor and chief writer for the Legal Schnauzer blog, is currently cooling his heels in a Shelby County, Alabama, jail cell after being arrested Thursday night.

Op-Ed: Sen. Durbin alleges GOP House leader insulted Obama

Washington - On his Facebook page over the weekend, Illinois Democratic Senator Dick Durbin alleges that a senior Republican in the House of Representatives insulted President Obama directly to his face.

Op-Ed: Is the GOP following the path of the Whig Party?

Washington - The breakup of the Republican Party in the United States has its roots in American History. In fact, it was just this sort of factionalism in a strong political party that led to the birth of what came to be known as "The Grand Old Party."

Op-Ed: Cheney ordered docs to turn off heart device because of terrorism

Washington - While he was still vice president in 2007, Dick Cheney ordered his doctors to turn off the wireless component of the defibrillator attachment to his failing heart. According to an interview, he feared terrorists would use it to kill him.

Op-Ed: Florida man sets fire to cross, self

Palm Bay - The condition of a Palm Bay, Fla., man remains unknown Thursday afternoon after he set a cross on fire in his own yard while putting up Halloween decorations. He also managed to cause a gas can to explode, setting himself aflame.

Op-Ed: Boehner pulls vote from floor for lack of conservative support

Washington - Ding, Dong, the Bill is Dead! USA TODAY has confirmed that Speaker of the House John Boehner has not only delayed a vote scheduled for Tuesday night, he has pulled the measure off the floor completely for lack of conservative support.

Op-Ed: Tea Party — Party of Deadbeats

Washington - Try an experiment. Go without paying your credit card bill next month. And then, if you have a car payment, ignore it. And that mortgage? Fuhgeddaboudit!

Op-Ed: Boehner Burns Senate's Suggestion

Washington - House Speaker John Boehner rebuffed a proposed Senate deal that would have extended the debt ceiling until early February, funded the government through early January and establishes budget conference negotiations by mid-December.

Op-Ed: Ted Cruz continues to deny reality

Washington - Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who has seen his popularity plummet since becoming the focal point in the "defunding Obamacare, no raise in the debt limit" debacle, seems unfazed by protesters, poll numbers or reality.

Obama rejects Boehner's stop-gap debt plan

Washington - The New York Times has just reported that President Barack Obama has said "thanks, but no thanks" to Speaker John Boehner's offer of a temporary increase in the debt limit without opening the government.

Op-Ed: Mike Ditka's biggest regret — Not beating Obama in 2004

Dickinson - One might be excused for thinking that his biggest regret was not letting Walter Peyton score a touchdown in Super Bowl XX and instead giving the ball to Walter "The Refrigerator" Perry. But one would be incorrect.

Op-Ed: PPP Poll — Folks prefer dog poo, hemorrhoids, over Congress

Washington - Numbers are fun. They can be very revealing. They can tell us things about ourselves and how we see the world. And depending on how the questions in a poll are worded, they can give us a good idea of how we're doing as a nation in the good old USA.

VA Chief: Shutdown threatens Nov. benefit payments

Washington - Just in time for Veterans' Day on Nov. 11, the Republicans in the House of Representatives are prepared to deliver a little extra surprise to the men and women who served this nation in uniform and suffered injuries related to that service.

U.S. Senate may introduce debt ceiling measure today

Washington - According to the Associated Press, the Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate could introduce a measure to pass a clean resolution to raise the nation's debt ceiling as early as Tuesday.

Bill Moyers calls shutdown 'Secession by another means'

Washington - In an online column and video, political commentator Bill Moyers put words to thoughts that many folks have been thinking since the Republican Party shut down the government on October 1.

Op-Ed: Watergate reporter slams media's 50/50 reporting on shutdown

New York - Carl Bernstein, half of the Washington Post reporting team that brought down the presidency of Richard Nixon with its reporting on the Watergate Scandal, says the current media practice of "false equivalency" is a disservice to the voters.

Op-Ed: Senate Dems set to call Boehner's bluff

Washington - On Sunday, "Speaker of the House" John Boehner told ABC News "This Week" that there just were not enough votes in the House to pass a clean bill to raise the nation's debt limit. The Senate is apparently going to call his bluff.

Op-Ed: Wingnut truck drivers have had a bellyfull of all this freedom

Washington - According to the website Think Progress, right wing truck drivers say they are going to organize to jam the beltway around Washington until they see the arrest of elected officials who have “violated their oath of office.”
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