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Citizen . Joined on Sep 21, 2006


A Look Back: AOL in 1995

Wow, this Vid has a few things I never knew about the beginnings of AOL even tho I was a user not long after 1995...Steve Case I do remember... My my how far we have come since then... hehe And thank the Powers that be I no longer use the service...
In the Media by KeithLDick - 1 comment

How to: X-ray an Egg

Of course this does "Not" look like a Real X-Ray but it does let you after time look into a Egg and see what is inside tho not "Totally Clearly"...
In the Media by KeithLDick - 2 comments

Power Pizza

Not that we don't have enough "Wacky" Accessories for our computers these days along comes a Pizza Box Carrying Case for your Precious Laptop...
In the Media by KeithLDick - 1 comment

$7,500 Of Loose Change Found Underneath Coasters At Cedar Point

Nice to see that a large corporation helps out the local homeless community by donating funds that were lost by customers, so I guess in reality it is the customers that are really making the donation...
In the Media by KeithLDick - 3 comments

Think Your "Parrot" doe's some Nifty Tricks?...

Yep this little guy has a whole bag full of tricks... And I thought I was "Cool" when I taught my Pet Cat how to Poop in the Toilet...
In the Media by KeithLDick - 3 comments

Thinking of taking one of those "Space Tourist Trips?"...

Well you might need one of these "Suits" for that trip that will more than likely cost you what most people do not make in 10-years unless they of course won the Lottery...
In the Media by KeithLDick - 1 comment

This Into That: Recycled DIY for Kids from Tiffany Tomato

Got Kids?, got a few clothes items that you were going to throw away but could still be used to make something else?... Maybe this is it for you, and why not get a few more years out of those items, if not for your kids maybe someone elses...
In the Media by KeithLDick - 2 comments

Teen returns $24,000 in untraceable bills

This was a very "Honest" thing for him to do, I wonder how many others would have returned the money?... Hmmm...
In the Media by KeithLDick - 5 comments

How to: Make Silly Putty

Looks like "Silly Putty" when he's done but I didn't see him bounce it or do any of the others things with it that Silly Putty is famous for... Makes me go Hmmm but maybe I'll try it just to see if it works (I'm missing the kid in me)... hehe
In the Media by KeithLDick

Golden spaniels like to play rough, rough

I have to wonder if these Traits do not also show up in Humans of different hair color, races and ethnic backgrounds... Food for thought isn't it?, could Nature have bread some of us to be Aggressive to others of the same species?...
In the Media by KeithLDick - 1 comment

Palestinians Fire Rocket Into Israel

Duck and Cover... What else can you say about this area of the World... It's not going to Stop until they them selfs stop it...
In the Media by KeithLDick

Double Trouble: Microsoft Confirms Another Word Zero-Day Flaw

Oops we did it again... I'm sure there's more to come and Microsoft is going to have it's hands full with this for years to come...
In the Media by KeithLDick - 2 comments

Baseball-playing Robot Refuses to Be Walked

Yep I wouldn't want him on my team either but the Technology is pretty impressive and I'd like to see how much better it gets in a few years...
In the Media by KeithLDick - 4 comments

Three children shot dead in Gaza

More sad news for the region... I can't say I see things getting better there in anyones lifetime...
In the Media by KeithLDick - 1 comment

Asimo Vs Stairs: Stairs win by TKO

Most everyone has seen Honda's Amazing Robot do his "Tricks". Now watch him take a few steps that maybe he should have thought about "Just a Bit More". I actually feel sorry for him since when he looked at the crowd he seemed so sure he could.
In the Media by KeithLDick - 4 comments

Ex-Rocker Peter Garrett Gets Climate Change Portfolio

Nice to see Peter Garrett along with other "Rockers" and "Actors" get into the Political Arenas to try their best and make the changes in the world that need to be made... I liked Midnight Oil's Songs and the messages in them...
In the Media by KeithLDick - 1 comment

Afghan Poppies to Get Herbicide Spray

I doubt this will have much of an effect on all the crops that have already been harvested but at least it's a start...
In the Media by KeithLDick - 1 comment

Disgruntled Dell customer finds crafty path to lawsuit settlement

Way to go "Pat" for thinking "outside of the box". Being ignored by a big corporation and being put on hold and then just "Shuffled" from one support person to another can get on ones nerves when it spans an hour or even many hours let alone "Months".
In the Media by KeithLDick

The Norwegian Puffin Dog

Actually it's a "Norwegian Lundehund" with some amazing abilities for a canine that most do not even have, including being "fox-sized" and having "six-toes"...
In the Media by KeithLDick - 3 comments

Record bought at flea market fetches $155,401

No way I'd even pay this much for an Album I recorded let alone anyone else's... It still amazes me what people with money will purchase and then sit around and just look at...
In the Media by KeithLDick
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