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Ryan Hite

Citizen based in Boulder, CO, United States. Joined on May 8, 2014
Expertise in Real estate & construction, Social media, Religion, Teen culture, General business news & info,   see all» Technology, Politics, Environment & green living



Trolls bring down 'Reaganbook' 24 hours after launch

Conservative social media site "Reaganbook" was launched for a soft opening this week and was shut down 24 hours later after a myriad of trolls destroyed the entire premise of the site.

Driver's good behavior may cause traffic jams

San Francisco - An author on traffic flow studies recently stated that drivers good behavior and best intentions may cause traffic jams to be worse, among other factors.

Blogger fired from online school over a blog called 'homophonia'

Salt Lake City - A blogger was fired from an online language learning school for those not native to the English language over a somewhat politically charged blog about homophones called 'homophonia'

The man who claims 'heir to half of Manhattan' is now an intern

New York - A young man who claimed in a drunk video to be the 'heir to half of Manhattan' is now working as a lowly intern in a Brooklyn office and has hired an attorney to sue the person who shot the video and posted it.

Op-Ed: The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is more about religion than ever

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict has always been about religion, but the recent clashes between the two sides seems to have everyone on edge and has divided religions more than ever as it relates to their side in the conflict.

Medbox inc. founder talks about marijuana legalization Special

Los Angeles - An interview with the founder of Medbox, Vincent Mehdizadeh, reveals issues involving safety in the rapidly increasing market of marijuana and what he is doing to help governments around the world to regulate it.

Amazon launches 3D printing marketplace

Amazon launched the 3D printing store today as a part of a growing industry of customized printing that will soon see home use.

Toyota engineer warns of the dangers of autonomous cars

A Toyota engineer, among many other people and organizations, are considering the bad effects that driverless cars may have on society.

Mark Cuban wants us to sell shares of tax-dodging U.S. companies

Billionaire investor and Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is echoing words from the U.S. president about companies moving overseas for tax cuts and is advocating selling shares to those companies.

Members of Congress banned from Wikipedia for 10 days

Washington D.c. - Wikipedia has banned members of Congress and house staffers from posting anonymous edits for 10 days following a slew of wrongful edits.

Obama blasts companies moving overseas for taxation purposes

Dublin - In his toughest comments yet on the subject, Barack Obama accused big US corporations of trying to manipulate “the system” by “magically becoming Irish” through tax inversion deals.

Denver robbery suspect helps police catch him

Denver - A Denver area bank robber is arrested after giving the authorities a lot of clues as to who he was and the case was quickly solved.

Verizon sends $3,000 bill to a company that does not use them

Verizon charged a thousand-dollar bill to a company that does not even use Verizon. It is not the first time, but it has resulted in a headache for a small business against a large phone company.

China plans to build a large super collider

China has plans to build two huge super colliders in the country, including one that many have said would be the only accelerator of its kind to ever be built.

John Dingell adds a little humor to his Twitter feed

John Dingell, who is the longest serving member of the US House of Representatives, seems to take a humorous approach to his recent tweets resulting in a surge of traffic around his social media presence.

Op-Ed: Pope Francis going after the mafia could be dangerous

Pope Francis is spending a lot of time going after the powerful Italian mafia, which has a long history with the Catholic Church, but could that cost him more than a few members or dollars?

Anonymous pledges more cyber attacks on Israel

The notorious hacker group known as anonymous made their way to hundreds of Israeli websites in retaliation to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Gaza.

Parents reminded of heatstroke vehicle dangers on anniversary

Reginald McKinnon, a father who left his child in a hot car five years ago, makes a public reminder to always remember the dangers of leaving children in hot cars.

Man posed as cop to rape immigrants, authorities say

San Francisco - A man is in a San Francisco jail this week for reportedly dressing up as a police officer in Hispanic neighborhoods and sexually assaulting illegal immigrants.

Op-Ed: Obama extends protections for gay workers, with mixed results

President Barack Obama signed an executive order on Monday that protects gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender employees from discrimination by companies that do federal government work, fulfilling a promise to a crucial Democratic bloc.
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