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Chris Hogg

Digital Journal Staff based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Joined on Aug 8, 2006
Expertise in General business news & info, Small business, Social media, Technology


TopFinds: Four Seasons' new flagship, autumn leaves in pictures

BBC's film crew was arrested for sneaking into Area 51.The Four Seasons launches a new flagship hotel in Toronto. And Janet Jackson is engaged. These are the top stories on Digital Journal.

TopFinds: China's political orgy, Japan's dolphin crisis

A group of Chinese politicians were caught with their pants down in an orgy scandal. Egyptians may have discovered two new pyramids. And the Cove movie sparks global action for Japan's dolphins. These are the top stories making headlines around the world.

Why every entrepreneur should do '48 Hours in Silicon Valley' Special

San Francisco - If you’ve ever worked in a startup, you know what it’s like to attack one of the most exciting and uncertain beasts you’ll ever encounter.

Content is king but transactions are everything

Toronto - The transition to digital has been challenging for many publishers because with opportunity has come an equal amount of pain. An upcoming Toronto presentation will look at the future of mobile and creating new revenue streams.

Video: Boeing 727 intentionally crashed in Mexican desert

A Boeing 727 crash in the Sonoran Desert in Mexico was staged in order to study the impact of plane crashes on the human body, and to test the impact on an aircraft's frame.

Super Bowl ads going viral online

Standing around the water cooler on any given Monday, advertising is not usually the first conversation to be brought up. The one exception: The Monday after the Super Bowl. While not all of them have been released, these ads are making their way online.

Videos of rocking Halloween house go viral

You may have seen them being shared by Facebook friends. Perhaps you saw them being tweeted. Or maybe you stumbled upon them through an email. If you've seen these Halloween house videos, you're among millions who have reveled in a viral craze.

Op-Ed: Microsoft video offers stunning vision for future of mobile

With smartphones becoming as commonplace as wrist watches, it's only a matter of time before they also start to take control of other gadgets in our lives. In this video, Microsoft offers a stunning view of what is possible.

52% of kids under 8 using iPods, iPads and mobile devices

Need a babysitter? There's an app for that. A study published this week says a huge percentage of children under the age of eight are consuming media on iPods, iPads and other devices at growing rates.

Steve Jobs: Fox News is a 'destructive force' in society

Walter Isaacson's biography of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was released this week and details are emerging about what Jobs thought about his industry and others. The media was a particular area of interest for Jobs, but not always in a good way.

Bernie Madoff's wife says couple attempted suicide in 2008

Bernard Madoff, the man now famous for orchestrating the largest Ponzi scheme in history, tried to commit suicide in 2008. His wife says she downed a bunch of pills with him in an attempt to take their lives.

TopFinds: Occupy Wall Street expands, cyclist accident video goes viral

Occupy Wall Street protests continue, spread across North America. A video of a cyclist being hit by an antelope goes viral. Catholics challenge Obama on religious freedoms. These are the top stories from around the world.

Facebook announces Timeline, Apps, new features at f8 conference

At Facebook's annual f8 conference, one of the most anticipated events in the world of social media, the company introduced new products such as a new Timeline page and the ability to embed various apps such as Spotify and Netflix.

Canadian NDP Leader Jack Layton dies after battle with cancer

Toronto - Canadian New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton, 61, died Monday morning after battling with cancer. The news comes after Layton won his biggest political achievement of becoming the official Opposition in Canadian Parliament.

Google to acquire Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion

Google has announced plans to buy Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion in cash. The deal gives Google a stronger foothold in the mobile industry, putting it directly in the handset business, and positions Google to better compete with companies like Apple.

TopFinds: UK riots get global attention, Canadian pot growers head south

London struggles to deal with rioting. Canadian marijuana growers take advantage of the American housing slump. Beach volleyball babes put advertisements on their bikini-clad bottoms. These are the top stories making headlines on Digital Journal.

UK considers banning suspected rioters‎ from social media

London - Critics and hacker groups are lashing out at the UK government and at BlackBerry maker RIM after British Prime Minister David Cameron suggested the UK could block social media services and get user data from mobile phones to shut down further riots.

Facebook launches dedicated 'Messenger' app for iPhone & Android Special

Facebook has announced a stand-alone mobile app called Messenger. The new app allows users to send messages to friends or groups of people, positioning the company to compete more directly with traditional email and group-messaging services.

Twitter launches resource guide for journalists and newsrooms

Twitter today introduced a new portal for journalists called Twitter for Newsrooms. The new resource guide offers best-practice advice and tips on how reporters can use the social media outlet in their day-to-day job.

Microsoft confirms $8.5-billion acquisition of Skype

In a press release issued this morning, Microsoft confirmed rumours it will buy Skype for $8.5 billion in cash. The acquisition is the largest in Microsoft's history.
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