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Eric S. Wyatt

Citizen based in Bradenton, FL, United States, United States. Joined on Jul 24, 2007


More details emerge after Texas mayor kills daughter, self

Coppell - In the weeks following the death of Coppell, Texas mayor, Jayne Peters and her daughter, Corinne, new details have been confirmed, shedding some light on the incident.

Funeral for Texas mayor and daughter set, questions remain

Coppell - As questions remain about this apparent murder-suicide, a joint funeral for both mother and daughter is planned for today, Friday, July 16th.

Great Barrier Reef study yields new information, ancient species

Sydney - Scientists studying the Great Barrier Reef are using remote controlled, underwater cameras to document the various fish and sea life in and around the reef.

Dallas suburban mayor kills daughter, then self

Coppell - Mayor Jayne Peters, of Coppell, Texas, was found dead in her home, the apparent victim of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Police also found the body of her teen daughter, Corrine. Files for Bankruptcy

Tampa - An online hotel reservation company has filed for bankruptcy protection and suspended booking activities, resulting in uncertain reservations for customers in the United States and Ireland.

Florida daycare assault raises questions about inspections

Bradenton - A 13-year old boy has been charged with the assault of a 22-month old girl. The case is raising questions about Florida's inspection procedures.

Social Networking Sites Pose 'Mental Risk' for Teens

Social Networking sites like Facebook and MySpace may be harmful to teens, according to Dr Himanshu Tyagi, a leading psychiatrist. Launches Site With Unique Content

Google and YouTube veterans are offering a new internet experience, launched this week by Howcast Media. features entertaining "how-to" videos and a director's portal for budding filmmakers.

Which Clinton Are You Voting For, Anyway?

The phenomenon of having a former First Lady of the United States running for the office of President has led to many unusual campaign scenes. A recent report about media coverage of this election cycle emphasizes the "different" nature of this campaign.

Writer's Strike: End May Be Just the Beginning

As rumors swirl about the possible end to the ongoing writer's strike in Hollywood, a sober possibility has been offered for the writer's future: less work, less respect, and more hostility.

No More Tears: Genetically Altered Onions

One of the drawbacks of using onions in food preparation has always been the tear-inducing quality of the vegetable for some people. Scientists in New Zealand and Japan may have found a way to change that.

No More Sandwiches: Starbucks to Trim Menu

Coffee giant Starbucks is trimming its menu in an attempt to re-position itself as the "leading roaster of specialty coffee in the world." The first items to go? Egg sandwiches.

'Accidental Breakthrough' May Benefit Alzheimer's Patients

An attempt to support an obese man in controlling his appetite may have led to a therapy to help improve the condition of patients who suffer from Alzheimer's disease, trauma-induced memory lapse, dementia, or other disorienting losses of brain function.

Free, Legal Downloads? Not So Fast...

On the eve of a "music revolution" which would allow music fans to download and play thousands of songs both free and legally, new complications have arisen which cause doubt about the viability of QTRAX.

Liver Transplant Recipient Sees Change in Blood Type

Doctors are claiming a first in documented medical science: A female recipient of a liver transplant has assumed the blood type and immune system characteristics of the donor, eclipsing her original medical state.

'Life Saving' Travel Device Now Available in North America

The device - the FlareSafe, by FlareBrands Limited - is designed to provide three levels of safety to travelers. It is now available in the United States and Canada, after several years of European availability.

Lost Beatles Recordings to be Released

On January 10, 2008, Fuego Entertainment announced an historic aquisition for fans of the Beatles: 15 never-before-released live tracks recorded in 1962 when the young soon-to-be stars played at a small club in Hamburg, Germany.

Former 'Duke Rape Case' Prosecutor Mike Nifong Files For Bankruptcy

The disgraced and disbarred former prosecutor who made a name for himself during the now-famous rape case in which members of Duke's Lacrosse Team were charged with rape has filed for Chapter Seven protection.

New Hampshire Primary Recount Begins

The recount of ballots from last week's New Hampshire Primary began today, as requested by Democrat Dennis Kucinich and Republican Albert Howard. The bi-partisan call for a recount came after candidates noticed various discrepancies in the final tally.

Make Fido A Star

Hallmark Cards Inc. is launching the "Your Pets" competition. "Your Pets" is an opportunity for animal lovers and amature greeting-card designers to submit ideas for a very special birthday greeting.
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