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Russ J. Alan

Citizen based in Atlanta, GA, United States. Joined on Dec 9, 2009


Op-Ed: Iowa Caucus — History Tells us who the Next President Will Be

It's all over folks. You can stick a fork in it. It's done. The analysis of Iowa Caucus history will tell us who the next president of these "fifty-seven States" will be.

Iowa Republican Caucus Winner Won't Be President, History Shows

Unless they're the incumbent President, or unless the incumbent President is serving his second term, winning the Iowa Caucuses usually means not winning the nomination, and always means losing the White House, history shows.

Op-Ed: 2037 — The democrats' new Social Security lock box

Social Security insolvency: It's not as bad as you've heard... it's worse... and democrats are working hard to find a way to blame the collapse on Republicans.

Op-Ed: The parties are over - The Republicans took Congress... now what?

While there will be celebrations, parties and much elation, it won't be time to sing "happy days are here again" and then go back to sleep; instead, it will be time to do the HARD work.

Op-Ed: My name is not Sweetie - I am your customer. Please call me Sir

There is a problem in American business that seems to have grown to epidemic proportions. It is a problem that has caused millions of patrons unnecessary pain, anger, aggravation and discomfort.

UAW workers to pay 10 years payroll deduction for Ford tax cut Special

Jefferson City - The Missouri State Senate passed a bill which will require United Auto Workers (UAW) employees to finance, through payroll deduction for up to ten years, a tax incentive for Ford Motor Company to keep open its Claycomo, Missouri manufacturing plant.

Op-Ed: Department of Justice lawsuit against the voters of Arizona

Who they really want to silence are the Conservative people of Arizona. Read the US Department of Justice twenty-five page complaint against the voters of Arizona.

Op-Ed: Defending Ann Coulter against the defense of Helen Thomas

Jamie Freeze, columnist on Conserative website who says she is a Conservative, while defending Helen Thomas' right of free speech, attacked Conservative columnist Ann Coulter.

Op-Ed: How Conservatives got away with Arizona immigration law

Half of the voters in the U.S. are for open southern borders, jobs and government programs for anyone who wishes to enter. How did Conservatives get away with such legislation?

Op-Ed: Taxing Caucasians and other 2010 Health Care Changes

The U.S. federal government plans to force parents to keep their computer game addicted, adult children on their health insurance plans -- up to age 26 -- and other fun stuff.

Tea Party Crashes Tea Party Crasher: Teacher Being Investigated

Jason Levin, a Beaverton, Oregon middle school teacher, has been placed on administrative leave and is being investigated for misconduct and breaking district and state rules in his effort to dismantle a political movement.

Op-Ed: Why American businesses are failing

If American businesses don't soon wake up and remember why they are in business, the downward spiral will soon result in the final crash of the American economy.

Joseph Andrew Stack's suicide note

He set fire to his house and crashed a small-engine aircraft into the IRS building in Austin, Texas. Officials now say he also left a suicide note.

Op-Ed: Birmingham, AL Proposed Location of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Trial

The problem has been, if not Guantanamo Bay or New York City, then who will allow the trial in their city? This journalist hereby nominates the City of Birmingham, Alabama to be host for this trial and all future terrorists' trials.

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