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Miriam Mannak

Citizen based in Cape Town, South Africa. Joined on Sep 12, 2009
Expertise in Small business, Sexual health, Unemployment, Politics, Health,   see all» Government, LGBT community & lifestyle, Education, Women's health, Environment & green living, Men's health, Travel, Ethnic cultures



Not 'ashking' for much, but dear volcano: can you stop now?

I might be living miles and miles away from the thick clouds of ash and dust and god knows what else, this Icelandic...
Apr 17, 2010 by Miriam Mannak - 2 comments

Dear editors, we freelance journos can't survive on credit lines only!

"Say, you are a plumber - one that runs a one-man show - and you are asked by client X to come over to fix the toilet....
Oct 23, 2009 by Miriam Mannak - 6 comments

Another one down, eleven to go

About a week after I wrote my blog on my childhood in Rwanda, newspapers reported that one of the driving forces behind...
Oct 7, 2009 by Miriam Mannak


I remember how I stepped on the back seat of our white Peugeot, and had a last look at the place that had been my home...
Oct 3, 2009 by Miriam Mannak - 6 comments

Spring vs writer's block

I have the urge to bash my head against a brick wall. Writer's block. I am on deadline - I have been so for the past...
Oct 2, 2009 by Miriam Mannak - 1 comment

Anne Frank

I have read her diary God knows how many times. The first time I was 13 years old, the same age as Anne when she...
Oct 1, 2009 by Miriam Mannak

Potential HIV vaccine works as well as a 31% effective condom

With the international science community jumping up and down after a potential HIV vaccine has proven to be 31%...
Sep 25, 2009 by Miriam Mannak