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Citizen based in Palm Bay, FL, United States. Joined on Dec 21, 2007



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sumdume said:
... to the polls. Apathy does that. The people simply didn't care enough to try and change things in their own town.
In News: Baltimore: Tensions boil, thousands protest Freddie Gray's death
sumdume said:
... of the number of adults. Why didn't the people who are so outraged even try to use their power to force a change?
In News: Baltimore: Tensions boil, thousands protest Freddie Gray's death
sumdume said:
... the advertisers more because there is more traffic. I cannot think of another reason they would allow it to continue.
In News: Insight into how a mother mouse hears her pup calling
sumdume said:
... related to other novel chemicals that are ingested such as artificial sweeteners and so many other man-made creations.
In News: Testing for glyphosate residues being recommended by EPA
sumdume said:
... avoided this issue if they had voted. In 2011 only 23% of registered voters cared enough about the issue to vote.
In News: Violence mars Baltimore protest over police custody death
sumdume said:
... are they feeding fire retardant to cattle? Is that a Canadian issue?
In News: Science helps solve stomach ulcers in cattle
sumdume said:
... change or loss of suitable habitat. Humans may not have a large impact with only sticks and stones for weapons.
In News: Woolly Bully: Scientists can now de-extinct the woolly mammoth
sumdume said:
... should the leaders of sovereign nations need approval from the UN to protect their citizens?
In News: EU leaders seek UN clearance for operation against migrant smugglers
sumdume said:
... Then why do you continue to post misleading allegations void of tangible credible info.
In News: Wal-Mart suddenly closes 5 stores, lays off thousands of workers