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Sami Zaatari

Citizen based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Joined on Nov 18, 2012
Expertise in Government, Politics, Sports, Religion, Video games



Floyd Mayweather versus Manny Pacquiao is official

The fight that boxing fans have been waiting for is finally coming to fruition, with Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao set to square off against each other on May 2.

Islamic State video shows beheading of Japanese hostage

Reports are emerging that one of the Japanese hostages being held by the Islamic State has been beheaded in a video released by the militant group.

Gun battles between pro and anti-Assad forces break out in Beirut

Beirut - Clashes between pro and anti-Assad gunmen in the Lebanese capital of Beirut has left at least 13 people wounded according to police.

Malaysia Airlines mystery deepens with new information

Adding to the continued uncertainty and mystery behind what happened to the missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the plane may have been flying for several hours after its last known flying position.

Al-Qaeda breaks ties with Syrian affiliate ISIS

Al-Qaeda's main command has officially cut its ties with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the group made the announcement in a statement posted online.

Al-Qaeda affiliate kills rival Syrian rebel leaders

Two rebel leaders in Syria have been killed after attacks carried out by the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), in a continuation of the rebel infighting in the north of the country.

Al-Qaeda branch vows to 'crush' Syrian rebels

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has vowed to "crush" Syrian rebel groups that have been involved in recent clashes with the Al-Qaeda affiliated group in the country.

Iraqi army planning major offensive to retake city from Al-Qaeda

An Iraqi official has said that the country's army is planning for a "major attack" to dislodge Al-Qaeda militants from the city of Falluja.

Car bombing in Beirut leaves 4 dead

A car bomb in Beirut left four people dead, and at least nine wounded. The bombing was the city's second to occur in less than a week.

Bombing kills former Lebanese finance minister

Beirut - Lebanon's former Finance Minister Mohamed Shattah was killed when a large car bomb exploded near his convoy. Along with the former finance minister, five others were also killed.

US military plane comes under fire in South Sudan

An American military aircraft was fired on by suspected rebels in the South Sudan, leaving four service members wounded, with one of them in critical condition.

Ugandan politicians approve of life sentences for homosexuality

Ugandan MPs have approved a bill that would punish homosexual acts by handing down life sentences. The bill had previously also included the death penalty, but that part of the provision was removed.

Former President Morsi to be charged with terrorism offences

Former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has been charged with terror offences, as well as other offences including espionage against the state.

6 American soldiers killed in Afghan air crash

At least 6 American soldiers were killed in an air crash that occurred in southern Afghanistan. NATO's command has said that the crash was not the result of enemy fire.

Japanese diplomat suffers stabbing in Yemen

The Japanese consul to Yemen was stabbed after a group of armed men attempted to kidnap him as he drove through the Yemeni capital of Sanaa.

Uncle to North Korean leader executed over corruption

The uncle of North Korea's leader has been executed after being found guilty of corruption. Chang Song-thaek was publicly stripped of his duties this week during a party session.

Airstrike in Yemen kills 15 civillians

An airstrike targeted a convoy of guests to a wedding after mistaking the group for Al-Qaeda. The strike left 15 dead, with another 5 wounded.

US halts non-lethal aid for Syrian rebels

The US alongside the UK have both suspended deliveries of non-lethal aid to the Free Syrian Army after the group's bases were overrun by Islamic rebels.

Israeli PM Netanyahu cancels Mandela funeral trip

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will not be attending a memorial service for Nelson Mandela, cancelling his planned attendance.

Head of Muslim Brotherhood appears in court

The head of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohammad Badie appeared in court today for the first time since his arrest, with the court moving his trial date to February 11th.
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