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Steve K

Citizen based in Toronto, ON, Canada. Joined on Mar 4, 2011
Expertise in Science & space, Religion, General business news & info



Cdn retired senior.
Licensed engineer [Corp of Engineers of Que] during 70s. Tech & mgt background c/w 2 promotions while employed with 5 major corporations; leaders in their respective industries.

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Steve K said:
In News: Racist search term points to White House in Google Maps
Steve K said:
... come across illustrations of snakes with legs in the Middle East dated from Chalcolithic to Early Bronze Age times.
In News: Ancient snakes had tiny hind legs, hunted in the dinosaur's world
Steve K said:
... will Russia show 'good sense' by cutting off gas supplies to the NATO-installed fascist puppet regime in Kiev?
In News: Ukraine rips up key cooperation deals with Russia
Steve K said:
... driving, the court said." How were these 2 unemployed men able to gain access to such expensive luxury vehicles?
In News: China jails 'Fast & Furious' Lamborghini, Ferrari drivers
Steve K said:
... Hezbollah fighters will succeed in preventing ISIS/ISIL penetration into Lebanon.
In News: On Syria-Lebanon border, Hezbollah in 'hardest' battle
Steve K said:
... tragic complex situation with no easy solutions!
In News: Asia, Europe migrants putting our humanity to the test: Red Cross
Steve K said:
... are suspicions it may include members of the Royal Family in the UK.
In News: Wide-reaching sexual abuse ring involves pols, celebs, police say
Steve K said:
... article I read recently: ISIS smuggling fighters into Europe ‘disguised as refugees’ ~ EU Times, 05-18-2015
In News: Italy hails arrest of Tunis terror suspect
Steve K said:
... of a greater State of Israel and allow global bankster cartel to reap greater profits from their oil companies.
In News: Retreating Iraqis in Ramadi leave U.S.-provided weapons for ISIS
Steve K said:
... intriguing and interesting read!
In News: Researchers develop light-emitting paper for flexible displays