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Daniel R. Cobb

Citizen based in Seattle, WA, United States, United States. Joined on Jan 19, 2010



Op-Ed: Are you ready to choose the last generation?

All parents love their children. And every grandparent falls in love with their grandkids. Which generation are you willing to kill?

Op-Ed: Obama’s bold carbon plan is in fact, a work of fiction

President Obama’s plan to reduce CO2 power plant emissions by 32 percent, in fact, only cuts emissions by 16 percent, and cuts total emissions by 7 percent.

Op-Ed: Citizens United was bad and if the RNC prevails, it'll get worse

Comedians Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart have used humor to highlight the American travesty called Citizens United. But many believe that the Supreme Court’s decision was a disaster for this democracy. And now the Republicans want to make it much worse

Op-Ed: America — The real Lord of War

No other nation offers a remote threat to America’s global military dominance, yet the nation spends nearly as much as the rest of the world combined on defense. The U.S. is in an arms race, but against whom?

Op-Ed: The American GOP: Spoon-feeding the rich, bankrupting the nation

The GOP has executed the largest transfer of wealth in U.S. history. Due to unfair tax schemes and an obsession for selling out to corporations while hobbling the middle class, the U.S. has record numbers of billionaires and people living in poverty.

Research group: The world can free itself from oil in 25 years

In a recent report, the respected Institute for Policy Research and Development (IPRD) concluded that the world can avoid the growing energy crisis and runaway climate change and transition fully to renewable energy in 25 years, if only we have the will.

Op-Ed: Failure to prosecute George W. Bush is America's disgrace

A large body of information shows that the Bush Administration misrepresented most of the 'evidence' used to justify invading Iraq. Documents obtained under the FOIA reveal that neo-conservatives and Bush were planning the invasion years before 9-11.

Op-Ed: What Poland's old communists and Gov. Scott Walker have in common

Do unions not have a place in a democratic society? The old Soviet Regime did not tolerate independent trade unions that could challenge the edicts of the government. Will unions one day be banished from the U.S.?

Op-Ed: 'Curveball' lied and Colin Powell is mystified

This story is almost too disheartening, too disturbing to examine. Colin Powell is apparently surprised that he was lied to about the existence of WMDs in Iraq. But when the informant's name was "Curveball", wasn't that a clue?

U.S. EPA enters the battle raging over massive Pebble Mine

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced February 7, 2011 that it will review the consequences of the proposed massive Pebble Mine project on the Bristol Bay watershed in Alaska.

New U.S. mine safety rules may bring light to a long, dark tunnel

For the 19 years ending in late 2001, there were no major coal mining disasters in the U.S., yet from late 2001 to 2010, 70 miners were killed in six separate disasters. Now, new U.S. mining rules may make mines safer. But what caused so many disasters?

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