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Kathleen Blanchard

Citizen based in Anderson, SC, United States, United States. Joined on Feb 20, 2011
Expertise in Women's health, Holistic health, Exercise & fitness, Health, Men's health



Arthritis drug halts Alzheimer's progression in small trial

Finding ways to treat Alzheimer’s disease has become a focus of researchers. A new investigation that included 41 people suggests a drug used to treat rheumatoid arthritis might stop Alzheimer’s disease from progressing.

Florida girls set turtle on fire then stomp it to death

In what appears to be a senseless act of cruelty two Florida girls are being investigated for lighting a turtle on fire then stomping it to death after throwing it several times into the street.

Heart attack care slower for women and men with feminine traits

Findings published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal this week reveal men get quicker care for heart attack than women. The reasons aren't entirely clear, but may have to do with lack of assertiveness in describing heart attack symptoms.

Could a 'chocolate pill' curb heart disease and stroke?

Just about everyone, especially chocolate lovers, has read that cocoa has health benefits for the heart. Now researchers plan to find out if a chocolate pill that contains cocoa flavonoids could help prevent heart disease and stroke.

Breathtaking dolphin stampede, whales captured by drone video

Captain Dave Anderson of Captain Dave’s Dolphin and Whale Safari used a drone mounted camera to videotape migrating whales and stampeding dolphins in Maui, Hawaii. The footage is breathtaking.

Canadian researchers: Use infant sleep machines with caution

A Canadian study published in the journal Pediatrics suggests white noise machines used to help infants sleep could lead to hearing loss later on. Infant sleep machines should be used with caution the researchers warn.

Swiss photographer melds science with art

Swiss artist and photographer Fabian Oefner is making psychedelic art from science. In his intriguing TED talk this week he describes how he is accomplishing his mission to meld the two and why doing so fascinates him. The results are stunning.

How anxiety and stress can make things smell bad

Scientists have some new insight into how stress can literally make the world smell bad. Researchers have had little to no insight into why certain odors evoke emotions from humans such as pleasure or disgust - until now.

Pesticide banned for decades is harming California condors

Scientists have unraveled a mystery about why rare condors in the coastal redwood forests of central California are having problems reproducing. The culprit appears to be the long-ago banned pesticide DDT that lingers in our environment.

Researchers turn adult stem cells to embryonic cells in mice

For the first time Spanish researchers have done something that was thought to be impossible. They have turned adult stem cells back into an embryo state, but in mice.

Sam's cat and the mirror: Watch the newest viral cartoon video

Watch as "Simon's cat" sees himself in a mirror. The cartoon should delight anyone who has observed kitty behaviors. Not all cats behave this neurotically, thankfully.

Study: Sadists are more common than we might suspect

There are sadists among us and they’re part of our everyday life, finds a new study. Recently published research suggests we can find them trolling on social media and maybe even in our own close circle of otherwise well-adjusted friends.

Estrogen, not just testosterone, keeps men sexy and fit

Testosterone levels drop when men age, causing problems like low libido and increased body fat. Now a study suggests low estrogen could cause sexual dysfunction in men as well as middle-age weight gain.

HIV vaccine developed that could clear AIDS from the body

Researchers at Oregon Health & Science University have been testing an HIV vaccine on primates for the past 10 years. The scientists have had success treating monkeys with SIV, the primate equivalent of HIV. The next step is an AIDS vaccine for humans.

Why everyone should worry about decline of honeybees

Researchers have been concerned about why honeybees are dying. To date no one knows why there are fewer colonies. Scientists say unless we find out what’s happening we might all have fewer fruits and vegetables that we know are so important for health.

Could a massaging vest ease everyday stress?

Stress relief just might be attainable with an innovative massaging vest developed by a group of Cornell students. Would you wear the vest if you thought it could improve your health?

Scots who dance, read or attend the theater are healthier

In Scotland, if you dance, read or engage in cultural activities or recreational sports, including walking, you’re more likely to be healthier and more satisfied with life than those who do not participate.

More patients live through cancer surgery, but more complications

More people are surviving cancer surgery, a large study has found. But despite the fact that fewer patients are dying, complication rates from major cancer surgery have increased.

What is spray-on caffeine?

If you have a hard time moving without your favorite caffeinated morning beverage, you might be interested in spray-on caffeine. Two young entrepreneurs have a patent pending for caffeine that you can spray on your skin called Sprayable Energy.

Have researchers solved the mystery of 'ball lightning'?

Researchers may have created a rare phenomenon in the lab known as ball lightning. Scientists still don’t understand exactly what that is, but it has seen in nature and floating around in aircraft.
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