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Jozefina Ndoci

Citizen based in Gold Coast, Australia, Australia. Joined on Dec 28, 2010


Leaving home behind, a Queensland flood story Special

Brisbane - "Hurry, hurry. Please come over my home is going to flood." These were the worried words of a poor woman who just watched the horrific sights of Toowoomba going under water, waiting for her home to be next.

Long way home - A Queensland flood story Special

Brisbane - In the city of Brisbane, Australia, it would usually take a carpet cleaning company owner, Bob 28, around five to 10 minutes to get to work. However, on Wednesday 11 January, it took almost an hour due to the roads all being blocked off.

Personal account of Australian flood terror Special

Brisbane - Queensland has gone from the State of Sunshine, to the State of Hell in just a matter of weeks, because of strong floods.

Teen abducted on New Year's Eve in Australia

Cohuna - A young 14-year-old girl has come forward and claimed that she was abducted by a bald man in Victoria, Australia on New Year's Eve.

Burglar calls 911 for help

What was meant to be a burglary and victims dialing 911 for help, turned out to be the actual burglar calling for help after being too drunk to leave the house.

Missing girl in Australia

Darwin - Stephane Ann, 14, has been missing since December 28, 2010. Her father Mick Davis-Cooke, 52, has made a strong heartfelt plea for her to contact him and his wife so they can know her whereabouts.

Police issue jaywalking ticket to 13-year-old girl in a coma

Las Vegas - A 13-year-old girl has been in a medically induced coma in a Las Vegas hospital after being hit by a car while she was jaywalking across a street. But still police went to Sunrise Hospital to give her a ticket.

Underwater game turns fatal in New Zealand

What was meant to be a game of who could remain underwater in the swimming pool for the longest time without breathing turned out to be the last time a young 16-year-old boy ever breathed.

Assistant principal shot dead by Omaha teen

Omaha - A 17-year-old boy shot and killed the assistant principal, Vicki Kaspar, as well as himself afterwards. He also wounded Principal Curtis Case and caused chaos and panic within the Omaha high school.

McDonald's terror in Melbourne, Australia

Keysborough - Young staff members at a McDonald's outlet in Keysborough, Australia are being counselled by police and other staff after being terrorised and robbed by two men carrying an axe and a machete.

Woman dies in a historic Swedish castle

Kalmar - A woman froze to death after being trapped in a castle after a special mass on New Years Eve, only to be found by a janitor.

Man charged with attempted murder, family burned

Florida - A man in Florida, Puerto Rico, was accused by police of burning his family with a blowtorch. The man's parents are in the worst condition.

26-year-old woman drunk driving with six children in the car

Melbourne - A 26-year-old Australian woman in Melbourne has been caught by police under the influence of alcohol and going through a red light, with six children in the car. Only some were wearing seat belts.

110-year-old man to wed an 82-year-old woman

In Malaysia, a 110-year-old man is going to wed an 82-year-old woman after he made public his intention to look for a sixth wife to keep him company.

Woman killed with crossbow

Darwin - A woman's estranged partner is wanted by officials after she was found murdered by a crossbow in Darwin, Australia. She was found dead in her home and the house was also on fire.

Two-year-old stabbed and killed

Sydney - Three people were found stabbed in a unit in Sydney, including the body of a two-year-old girl, who later died in hospital.

'Facebook Gangster' granted bail

Sydney - Known as the 'Facebook Gangster', Hakan Ayik is wanted in Australia for the involvement of importation of heroin worth $AUS50 million from Bangkok to Sydney.

First 2011 babies in Australia come into world

Melbourne - Eleven Melbourne families report babies have been born to begin 2011. They are being taken care of at the Royal Women's Hospital.

Two children die in car crash in Australia

Tennant Creek - Fun gone wrong for a few children driving an ute truck has ended fatally for two children in the Northern Territory of Australia.

David Beckham sues prostitute, asks for $25 million

A prostitute by the name of Irma Nici has caused major distress, emotional problems and hurt amongst the Beckham family household with her claims of having slept with David Beckham five times, the football star claims.
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