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David Delmar

Citizen based in Somerville, MA, United States. Joined on Jul 14, 2013
Expertise in Movies, Entertainment, Politics, Books, Education,   see all» Government, Religion, Video games


Op-Ed: Clay Aiken, politician to be

During the 11th grade I was "selected" (really my parents paid for the right) to participate in a "leadership conference" in Washington D.C.

Op-Ed: Kerry's mistake forces Obama administration to consider diplomacy

As has been pointed out repeatedly, recent events seem fatalistic in their orientation toward demonstrating the hypocrisy of the Obama administration.

Op-Ed: When criminals are the police

What happens when the world's criminal elite double as its police force? Recent events have provided a good opportunity to observe.

Op-Ed: Obama and Syria — When credibility goes bankrupt

The drumbeat of war is deafening once again. These days, if the US is not fighting simultaneous wars the White House seems to reel from ennui. This time, the target is Syria.

Op-Ed: More Obama hypocrisy on the Snowden affair

Throughout his five years in office, President Obama’s garrulous rhetoric has typically lacked substance. Not much has changed.

Op-Ed: The archaic stupidity of monarchial reverence

So, a new monarch has been born. Reluctantly, I know this; and only because the tv screens at my gym won’t shut up about it.

Op-Ed: Don't let knee-jerk hysteria kill sensible laws

Yesterday, I posted a synopsis of my general thoughts on the public’s outrage over the George Zimmerman trial and verdict. Today, my focus is on a more specific but related issue: Florida’s "controversial" “stand your ground law”.

Op-Ed: Following Zimmerman verdict, outrage misguided

In a post yesterday, I referred to widespread social outrage over the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial as “misguided consternation.” Today I thought I would write a more detailed explanation of my thoughts on the topic.

Op-Ed: Outrage over Zimmerman trial drowns more meaningful discussion

While social media is saturated with misguided consternation over the verdict in the Zimmerman trial, a more sinister trial with more important implications is proceeding under an umbrella of media silence.

Op-Ed: All-Star Game And Home Field Advantage —A Perspective On Cynicism

Major League Baseball's annual All-Star Game is above all else a fan spectacle. Every year Americans democratically elect two dream teams to play a relaxed game of baseball. It was not until recently that the official result made any difference.

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