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Alex Iszatt

Citizen based in Riga, Latvia, United Kingdom. Joined on Jul 21, 2010


iPad vs. the rest

The new BlackBerry Playbook has been announced recently, but will it rival the iPad or is there no competition? Will popularity win the tablet war?

Are smartphones bringing us into the future? Special

The 1950's scientists envisioned so much for our future: teleportation, space rockets as cars and houses that can be controlled by one device. Not everything but finally smartphones have helped us get a third of the way there.

Op-Ed: Has Facebook determined its own future?

Facebook Places is all over the news, but is the global phenomenon innovative and forward thinking or is it just borrowing and adapting ideas from others?

Marlow’s historic bridge nearly back to former glory Special

Marlow - Marlow, an historic market town in the UK, is famously twinned with Budapest and they share one thing in common - the bridge design. Thanks to a petition, the bridge is nearly back to it's former glory.

Op-Ed: The decline of organic food encourages rise of grow your own

With the cost of fresh, organic food rising, the consumer is trying to find an alternative and many are turning to old fashioned grow-you-own vegetables.

Op-Ed: Top 5 websites using HTML5

As soon as browsers catch-up there will be no doubt that the new HTML5 will be the must-use code. Before it does, what are the new features and what are the top five sites that are using it now?

Squirrel meat on sale in Budgens supermarkets

Budgens, a popular UK supermarket, will start selling squirrel meat nationwide. One London store has already started stocking it and animal rights groups have called it "wildlife massacre."

The UK Times paywall the future for newspapers? Special

Account Director of Creative Jar, James Harding offers his opinion about the Times paywall and the future of pay-per-page publishing.

More scandal hits the streets of UK's Marlow Special

Marlow - Marlow in the UK was rocked once again by another scandal, this time over the theft of signs, posters and an eight-foot banner all mentioning upcoming Mystic fairs.

Op-Ed: Can Apple ever get their hardware problems sorted?

The iPhone 4's antenna problems is not the first of Apple's problems. In fact, hardware issues have been bubbling under the surface since its launch in 2007.

Developer nominates his Apple iPad App of the week Special

The Apple iPad is not going anywhere. Apple will be launching the iPad in nine more countries this week, so to assist the newbies, we asked a developer what their iPad app of the week was.

Who knew a plastic hedge could cause so much stress?

Marlow - The quiet, quaint town of Marlow in Buckinghamshire has been angered to its very core because of plastic hedges. Could it be a PR stunt as a brand new eatery is opening?

Op-Ed: Big Society vision assists the Final Third.

With the UK’s PM announcing his vision for the Big Society is the government aware of the Final Third and how will it plan to guarantee everyone has 2Mpbs speeds by 2012

Developers can make or break the Windows Phone 7

The Microsoft Windows Phone 7 has been launched with some positive reviews; but what will make it stand out from the rest? Its applications, of course.

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