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Alex Harrison

Citizen based in Santiago, Chile, Chile. Joined on Feb 20, 2010


Dog walker discovers five-legged toad

Faye Sweeney was out walking with her three dogs at the Attenborough Nature Reserve in Nottinghamshire when she noticed a five-legged toad.

Euro jumps on Greece rescue plan

The Euro has jumped and stocks in Greece have risen due to reports that European leaders have finalized a rescue plan for it´s troubled economy.

Iran reveals ´Third Generation´ centrifuges

Iran´s president has revealed ´third generation´ centrifuges that can enrich uranium faster than possible with current technology.

Escaped snake owner in Germany faces $135,000 bill

The owner of a monocled cobra in Germany has been left with a bill of $135,000 after the snake escaped sparking an extensive hunt.

South Korean tanker hijacked by pirates

A massive South Korean-operated tanker with 24 crew members has been hijacked in the Indian Ocean by Somali pirates. South Korea has already sent a destroyer to intercept the tanker.

Icicles kill 5 Russians, injure 147

5 Russians have been killed and 147 injured this winter as falling icicles and blocks of ice have created misery throughout St Petersburg.

Dubai government to save Dubai World

Troubled Dubai World is to be saved by the Dubai government with a $9.5-billion bailout. The company has been in trouble since the recession and is now heavily in debt.

Injection to cure phobias could become a reality

Researchers have discovered that the part of the brain that is responsible for our phobias could be ´re-programed´ with an injection to stop us developing phobias such as fear of heights and spiders.

World's smartest man turns down $1 million prize

A Russian who is said to be the smartest man in the world has turned down a $1 million prize for solving one of the most difficult problems in mathematics.

Scientists make breakthrough with 'invisibility cloak'

Researchers have created a prototype "invisibility cloak." The cloak is the first of it's kind to work in three dimensions.

Millionaire gives fortune away to fulfill 'pact with God'

A multi-millionaire businessman has given almost his entire fortune away to charity to fulfill a promise he made to God in his youth when he was struggling to make a living.

Massive sandstorm engulfs Beijing

A huge sandstorm is currently gripping the city of Beijing and eastern China and is on course to hit South Korea as well.

Man changed sex to escape $75,000 debt

A man from Wolverhampton in the UK had a sex change operation in order to escape from debts of $75,000 that he had amounted.

Woman spends $50,000 treating sick parrot

Anne Lowery from Miami Florida spent over $50,000 treating her sick parrot, 42 year old Areba who was her companion of 30 years.

Spate of UFO sightings follow Chilean earthquake

Since the massive earthquake that stuck Chile on 27 February that has been an explosion of UFO sightings all over the country.

EU foreign policy chief visits Gaza

EU foreign policy chief Baroness Ashton has arrived in Gaza in the midst of renewed efforts by the US and UN to put the peace process back in motion.

Two bank robbers die in Tennessee gunfight

Two bank robbers have been shot dead in the state of Tennessee after a shoot-out with police. One of the robbers was reportedly dressed as a leprechaun on St Patrick's day.

Turkey could deport 100,000 Armenians

A deepening row has led Turkish prime minister to threaten to deport some 100,000 illegal Armenian immigrants from Turkey.

Eight militants killed in Pakistan drone attack

Eight militants have died after being hit in a drone attack in northwest Pakistan. A second attack just hours later killed five more.

410,000 cars recalled by Honda

Honda has recalled more than 410,000 cars due to brake problems. 340,000 odyssey and 68,000 element models made between 2007 and 2008 are affected in the recall.
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