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Michael Werbowski

Citizen based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates. Joined on Oct 17, 2009


Op-Ed: So where's the 'occupy Vatican' movement?

Rome - The Vatican corruption scandals should be checked with popular protest by the faithful, in order to spur the Catholic church to clean up its act. Maybe it's time for the 99 percent to do "God's work"?

Op-Ed: Canada's doppelgänger citizens

Ottawa - Canadians with dual passports and allegiances enrich this country, but shouldn't take certain rights and privileges for granted.

Op-Ed: Is Canada the world's human dumping ground?

Toronto - Is the Canadian much touted notion of tolerance, a myth or an idealized vision of a much darker and unpalatable reality? An article which looks into an issue which has been under the radar screen for far too long.

Op-Ed: Canada, wake up on immigration issue!

Ottawa - It's time for the government to address immigration reform seriously, and stop the dithering and tinkering before it's too late.

Istanbul's Haydarpaşa railway station imperiled (Interview) Special

Istanbul - After an "accidental" fire, the Haydarpaşa railway station in Istanbul is slowly being restored to its former glory. Yet its future remains clouded by uncertainty.

Op-Ed: What do Julian Assange and Mikhail Khodorkovsky have in common?

What do two men, who are jailed apart half way around the world share in common? A look at two "dissidents" whose cases, have put democracy and human rights on trial in both the East and West.

Op-Ed: 'Dissident Assange' and the fall of the secrecy wall

The Wikileaks disclosure scandal has set off an unpredictable chain of events, which recalls the days of the fall of the Berlin Wall and communism's demise.

Op-Ed: Sweden: The pornographic, democratic, monarchy

Stockholm - A look at the country seeking with great zeal to prosecute and extradite Wikileaks' director, Julian Assange. Is it an Inquisition?

Op-Ed: An open letter to conservative thinker Prof. Thomas Flanagan

A letter to an intellectual, academic, and top Conservative party ideologue concerning, statements which have grave consequences for journalists around the world.

Op-Ed: Wikileaks, NGOs and the future of press freedom

NGOs which should be in overdrive denouncing the attacks on journalists such as Julian Assange and his organisation "Wikileaks", are strangely silent regarding this salient case.

Op-Ed: Flanagan's 'fatwa' on Wikileaks founder deserves prosecution

Calgary - Remarks by Prof. Tom Flanagan (University of Calgary) calling for the "assassination" of Wikileaks's Julian Assange, are reprehensible, way beyond the pale, but also possibly illegal. The authorities must look into the matter promptly.

Op-Ed: What if Wikileaks and its founder were Canadian?

Ottawa - How would Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, fair under the government of Stephen Harper? Probably not very well, so let's look at the possibilities.

A splendid, magical, evening at Montreal's Austrian Ball Special

Montreal - The 52nd Austrian Ball in Montreal took place in the ballroom of a major hotel in the Canadian city. The glamorous and glittering evening, brings the traditional splendor and elegance of the Austrian Ball to Canada once a year.

Historic Haydarpaşa railway station in Istanbul damaged by fire Special

Istanbul - An Istanbul landmark, the Haydarpaşa railway station was the site of a major fire which severely damaged the magnificent structure. The railway station is a mecca for tourists and travellers alike.

Op-Ed: Quebec's ruling elite mired in corruption, sinking fast

Montreal - Montreal these days resembles the backdrop to, or a set, worthy of an epic gangster movie. Meanwhile, members of Quebec's political elite are frantically fending off accusations of fraternizing with underworld connections, as their poll numbers drop.

Op-Ed: An open letter to Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff: Bill C-300

Ottawa - An open letter to a Canadian politician who was not present at a key vote in Parliament this week, which might have started to rein in Canada's extraction industries (mining, oil, gas) abroad: Bill C-300.

The world according to Liberal party leader Michael Ignatieff Special

Montreal - Canadian Liberal opposition leader in a major address in Montreal this week, outlined his party's foreign policy agenda, while impugning Harper's Conservatives for diminishing Canada's stature on the world stage with their reactionary policies.

Montreal City Chronicles (Part 7)

Montreal - Montreal is in "constructive chaos" mode. Here's an instalment giving you, an overview of some major construction projects in the city's downtown core. Is this a sign of on-going urban decay or "speculative gentrification" and revitalisation?

Op-Ed: Montreal City Chronicles (Part 6)

Montreal - Another segment chronicling life in a city which appears to be in tremendous flux, amidst an unprecedented phase of uncertainty related to a "condo-boom" and haphazard urban planning. Is this irreversible urban decline or is it a renaissance and renewal?

Op-Ed: An open letter to the 'Savage Nation'

An open letter to American radio-show host Michael Savage, whose views no matter how controversial they may be or are to some of us, should be heard and read widely.
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