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Marvin Clark

Digital Journalist based in Scottsdale, AZ, United States. Joined on Aug 10, 2008


Op-Ed: QE III: Pushing On A String

Initially, the stock market interprets inflation as a positive, as price increases on goods sold fall to the bottom line. Subsequently, rising costs wipes out all benefits of inflation to companies.

Op-Ed: Investing through the summer fog of 2012

The knowledge that short-term markets are driven first by news headlines and central bank policies rather than primarily macro and macroeconomic data forces a perverse reaction onto the market in this unfamiliar climate we find our capital in.

Op-Ed: SPY gains of the XXX Olympiad

The market can ignore reality (bad news) for weeks, sometimes months, at a time. This summer’s rally may take out the year’s highs but will be the last opportunity for money managers to enhance long returns in 2012.

Op-Ed: Are We Witnessing The End Days Of Supply Side Economics?

Embracing a new economic theory, after it gains a foothold in the public consciousness, only occurs when a sustained undesired economic result from the previously employed thesis metastasize into a full crisis for the political class.

Op-Ed: JP Morgan’s $2 Billion Misfortune

Is it possible that the bankruptcy of MF Global last October 31, 2011, the seventh largest bankruptcy in U.S. history, is this financial crisis cycle’s Bear Stearns – if a full blown crisis does occur?

Op-Ed: Apple Airline — The Only Way To Fly?

I think Mr. Jobs would strongly consider purchasing American Airlines from creditors through the bankruptcy court and reinvent commercial aviation travel.

Op-Ed: Gold and Silver Are Profitable Safe Havens

History has shown that people who are in power, or want to be in power, or who are afraid of losing power; will do irrational things at the wrong time and shock routine events to spin out of control.

Op-Ed: New Year, New Bank Failures

In 2010, we witnessed 157 banks closed by the FDIC. They were either taken over by stronger hands or liquidated and depositors were given back their deposits.

Op-Ed: The U.S. business outlook for 2011

Only a neurosurgeon’s scalpel could be so precise. In my view, we can only wait to see which of the Fed’s missions will fail.

Op-Ed: Intermission on the Stage of World Finance

Our developed and emerging nations economic partners stood up to the minimum demands of the United States. It will not be the last time this outcome occurs.

Op-Ed: 10 Reasons to Buy Gold at $1,300.00 an Ounce

The U.S. economic recovery, which is now forecasted to struggle until 2015, will compel currency debasement by the Feds and compel countries and investors to reexamine their dollar holdings.

Op-Ed: The Baby Boomer’s Case for Gold

Paper assets in 2000, and real estate in 2006, crossed over from being an ally to an enemy to wealth accumulation for the average investor, and will continue to do so, for years to come.

Op-Ed: Will the Price of Gold Reach $5,000?

...the US government’s credit rating must appear on someone’s credit watch list, inside of two years, if not, altogether downgraded to less than AAA. This is a plus for gold.

Op-Ed: The Market Is Just Not Into Main Street Anymore

Any hope of salvaging this fraying union ended in 2008. We were unsuccessful in getting American finance off the narcotic of toxic assets; kicking this addiction to fast money, infinite fees and profits, and nympholeptic bonuses.

Op-Ed: A brief weekly review of US economy

Last week was a continuation of an exuberant market during earnings season and a flailing economy complete with bad housing data and seven additional FDIC bank closings.

Op-Ed: The Economy's second quarter TKO

If this quarter had been a boxing match they would have stopped it. This was not an investor's market and the last week in the quarter told the story.

Op-Ed: Macro Trends - America’s New Chapter

The stock market has rallied since March 2009 on cheap money and undervaluation; the former is unsustainable and the latter no longer the case.

Op-Ed: Goldman Sachs: The $64,000 Question

It is a puzzlement why they chose instead to fight this civil complaint. Goldman Sachs has the financial and political wherewithal to make this disappear.

Op-Ed: Discerning Trends and Fluctuations From Direction and Volatility

Question: Why did the market tank at the close Wednesday, after the release of the G.19 report, when it was already known February was a poor month for consumer credit? Between 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm Wednesday, this was the most significant news to come out?

Op-Ed: A week of inexplicable events in U.S. markets

The stock market and investing is currently unreal; it's devolved, or if you prefer, "transformed itself" into a momentum investing affair in an unraveling world.
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