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Citizen based in United States. Joined on Apr 4, 2007


Deadly Toothpaste

Nicaragua is just the latest in areas to seize contaminated Chinese toothpaste.

Freebirthing-The Option To Birth Alone

Freebirthing- no drugs, no medical help, and not even a midwife. Growing interest develops in freebirthing.

Heather Mills More Than Meets the Eye

Heather Mills is not just another pretty face. While her stint on 'Dancing with the Stars' is over Heather Mills is not. Mills continuously turns tragic events from her life into causes to gain awareness and help others.

Sunset Tan- Sizzling Television

Sunset Tan promises to bring us into the exciting world of tanning salons. Daily. Is this really what are television viewing has come to?

A World Without Fruit?

One-third of our diet comes from pollinated food by honeybees. Could the decline of the bee have us all living on bread and water?

The Imus Outcome

Two weeks suspension from the airwaves was the penalty handed down to Don Imus this week for his racist on-air comments.

Don Imus to Appear on Al Sharpton's Radio Show

After inappropriate remarks were made by Don Imus last week he will appear on Sharpton's show.

The Perfect Run

The story of one great run.

Scoop-Movie Review

Review of the film Scoop by Woody Allen, starring Scarlett Johanssen and Hugh Jackman.

Book Review- Anna Maxted's - A Tale of Two Sisters

Two sisters living very different lives must learn to heal themselves and their relationship.

Another adoption for Jolie

Now Chad? Where will we find Jolie next?

A little bloodbath with your coffee

Vivid dreams have always been a part of my life. Last night was no different.

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