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Bill Schmalfeldt

Citizen based in Elkridge, MD, United States. Joined on Jan 24, 2012



Op-Ed: Does Mitt Romney think a Black on White race war is imminent?

Why in God's name is Mitt Romney's Social Media Director, Bill Murphy, "retweeting" racist claptrap about the "inevitable black on white race war?" And how can Romney keep him on his staff?

Op-Ed: Did Mitt Romney profit from Chinese slave labor?

We do not have the full context of this tape as of yet. It is definitely Mitt Romney talking. It was definitely secretly taped during a fund raiser. And he is definitely talking about a Chinese plant he and Bain Capital were considering for purchase.

Op-Ed: Mitt Romney — Birther in Chief?

Why did he do that? He was coasting into his convention. His silence was winning the day on the Akins story, he was holding on in his fight to never reveal his taxes, then he went... There.

Op-Ed: Romney's latest tax secrecy excuse — 'We don't discuss tithing'

Mitt Romney told Parade magazine in an interview to be released Sunday that there's a very good reason to not make his personal income tax statements public. This is the real, honest to goodness reason, too. Not like the others. And here it is.

ABC News finds tax issues in Romney's Cayman Island dealings

ABC News reports this evening that the massive document drop on the Gawker website earlier today reveals that Bain Capital made use of arcane techniques in several of its Cayman Islands-based funds to avoid U.S. taxes.

Op-Ed: Media! Grow a spine! Tell Romney YOU ask the questions!

Denver - Everybody is huffing and puffing about Mitt Romney telling some local TV journalists that they could not ask him questions about Todd Akins or "legitimate rape." We expect weasels to act like weasels. But I'm ashamed for my profession.

Op-Ed: Why Mitt Romney can never and will never release his tax returns

Why are Mitt and Ann Romney so adamant that "you people" have seen all the tax returns you are going to see from them? Is it a result of Mitt's years as a Mormon bishop, a guy who tells YOU what to do and not the other way around?

Op-Ed: Texas judge wants to raise taxes to prepare for civil war

Lubbock - Texas Judge Tom Head is seeking a small tax hike so he can prepare his law enforcement officers for what he sees as a potential civil war that will arise should President Obama win re-election in November.

Op-Ed: Conservative Christian groups? Shut up. You're not helping!

We know they think they're helping. We know they think they are the majority in America instead of a teeny, tiny minority. We know they think they speak with the authority of God. But they're really not helping. So they should shut their yaps!

Op-Ed: NRO wants Romney to flaunt his wealth, because we love rich folks

We're reminded of Homer Simpson sitting in the audience at a Krusty the Klown comeback, staring blankly as the rest of the audience laughs and applauds. "I don't get it," Homer says. the kids try to explain it to him.

Op-Ed: Todd Akin — He's a lot like Jesus according to conservative group

How can one look at the trials and tribulations of Rep. Todd Akin (R-Dumbassistan, Missouri) and not see a reflection of the sufferings of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ?

Op-Ed: GOP spends day pouring gasoline on their house fire

Some of the Republican's party's top spokespeople spent this Tuesday morning pouring gasoline on the house fire started by Missouri Senate Candidate Todd Akin yesterday.

Op-Ed: RNC Chairman says GOP Platform not 'Romney's platform'

Reince Preibus, chairman of the Republican National Committee, explained today that the typically understood definition of the "party platform" as being what their candidates stand on while seeking office, no longer applies.

Op-Ed: Mitt's own advisers say Medicare claims untrue

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have been going around the country telling seniors that they don't have to worry about the changes they will bring to Medicare and Medicaid, because these changes won't affect anyone older than 55.

Op-Ed: Romney, Ryan support personhood, from conception to birth

GOP presidential and vice presidential nominees in waiting Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan want you to believe -- now -- that they would support a woman's right to end a pregnancy caused by rape or incest.

Op-Ed: All the rat-shaped holes in the water around the good ship Akin

It is with a very bad taste in our mouth that we mention our grudging admiration for the Family Research Council. They are the only rats staying on board, going down with the SS Akin, saluting as his bow slips under the surly seas.

Op-Ed: Akin claims he 'misspoke' during 'legitimate rape' comments

Rep. Todd Akin, the Republican candidate for Senate in Missouri, now claims he was talking "off the cuff" and "misspoke" when he said women have some sort of inner mechanism that shuts down their ability to get pregnant after a "legitimate rape".

Op-Ed: 'Bocephus' opens his mouth, spews Iowa crowd with racist filth

Des Moines - As a writer, we've never really felt the need to apologize for all White people on behalf of an idiot. We've always felt that people are responsible for their own stupidity and that as a race, nobody should be held responsible for the actions of one.

Op-Ed: Obama offers Romney a deal he shouldn't but does refuse

Well, nobody can say the President didn't at least make a polite offer. "Release five additional years of your tax returns, and we promise not to ask for any more."

Op-Ed: Zazzle's baffling reply to query re: item removed at Rove's order

Our blogger alter ego, the Liberal Grouch, received an answer from the online "make your own t-shirt store" yesterday regarding why they removed a design of his and claimed it was the intellectual property of Karl Rove.
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