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Is There Such a Thing as Junk Food Being Good For Your Health?

It's the time when people are not eating enough vegetables and fighting obesity. The problem these days is that vegetables do not seem as attractive as that bag of chips. And if the bag of chips is sprinkled with veggies and fruits, even better!

Virtual Surgery Soon to Make the Cut

Nowadays it is not uncommon to have video games that are stimulating the experience of combat or space travel for example. Is it possible that this virtual world will become one of the leading ways of constructing a surgery? Some say "Sure thing."

Fasting Leads to Clues to Combat Heart Disease

Cardiovascular disease is the cause of 30 percent of all global deaths and today scientists are finding that people who take a break from food for at least once a month are less likely to be diagnosed with clogged arteries.

The Future of Computers: Melding Human Brains and Technology

Could it be possible that the technology of the future is a combination of technology we know today and living organic tissue? According to Dr. Charles Higgins, a scientist who connected a moth's brain to a robot, in 10-15 years this will be nothing new.

Santa Claus found in Orion Nebula

Right in time for Christmas festivities, the world has been treated with another spectacular space discovery shaped almost like our Santa Claus. ESA's XMM-Newton X-ray observatory has discovered a huge cloud of high-temperature gas in Orion nebula.

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