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Dinh Nguyen

Citizen based in Yeosu City, Korea, Republic of. Joined on Oct 3, 2010
Expertise in Board games, Education, Beauty & makeup, Travel, Ethnic cultures,   see all» Divorce, Video games, Religion



North Face social ad: Retracting floor forces customers to climb

In their latest social experiment advertising stunt, the Korean branch of The North Face Store pushed unsuspecting customers to take a leap of courage.

Korean ferry disaster death toll and survivor list revised again

South Korean authorities have revised the data on the missing and rescued people from the SEWOL maritime tragedy again. This is the seventh time in three weeks since the ferry capsized off the coast of Jindo island, South Korea.

After the death tolls: South Korea continues to cope with SEWOL Special

Imagine yourself standing off the coast of an island and watching a ferry sink as workers do everything they can to rescue survivors. Your son, daughter, brother, sister, parent — a loved one is on the ship.

Video: Republicans unknowingly talk shutdown strategy on camera

A YouTube video has surfaced with Republican member Rand Paul saying: "I don’t think they’ve poll tested that we won’t negotiate. I think it's awful for them to say that over and over again, " to Mitch McConnell following a CNN interview.

ReBoot reboot in development; but not picked up

Bob, Dot, Enzo, Frisket and Megabyte may be coming back. A reimagining of the 90s geek cult classic T.V show ReBoot is currently being developed by Rainmaker Entertainment, Inc.

Liquid water found on Mars

After breaking down a sample of sand, Mars Rover Curiosity has discovered that the soil on the Red Planet is composed of 2 percent water.

Landmark Court Ruling: Masturbation in public is okay in Sweden

Stockholm - A man who was arrested on June 6 for masturbating into the water at Stockholm's Drevviken beach has been acquitted of sexual assault. The Södertörn District Court ruled that the 65-year-old man did not commit an offense as his action was victimless.

Photo Essay:Thunderstorm creates authentic Burning Man experience Special

Over 1,000 people attended Korea Burn 2013, a small-scale Burning Man on Sept. 13 to 15. Though much effort went into organizing it, the Korean version is a camping trip compared to the original. It took a massive thunderstorm to make it more authentic.

Photo Essay: New and old cultures mingle at the Nampo-Dong Market Special

Busan - There is a place in the former capital of South Korea, Busan, that is said to be a hidden tourist attraction. Nampo-Dong is not widely advertised in travel brochures, but it is gaining popularity among the international community.

Video: A Miley case of Nicolas Cage

Merging Nicolas Cage’s face with inanimate objects and characters (fictional or not) is a meme that continues to dominate the Internet. Add Miley Cyrus and her wrecking ball and you get the perfect weight-loss solution — endless calorie-burning laught

Harry Potter spinoff film incoming, J.K. Rowling to write script

Warner Bros. Entertainment. has confirmed plans to make a new fantasy movie set in the Harry Potter universe. Calling it an "extended creative partnership" on Twitter, they have enlisted Hogwarts' creator, J.K. Rowling to pen the script herself.

Video: Twerking girl catching fire is a hoax

Take a girl; add a trending infamous subject matter, throw in a camera and some flammable disaster, and you get hoax gone viral.

Hoax: New Harry Potter book confirmed, 75 percent written

Citing a five-months-old April Fools article, some news agencies have published stories claiming that an eighth Harry Potter book has been confirmed and is near completion – 75 percent complete to be exact.

64-year-old woman swims from Cuba to Florida without shark cage

After 35 years and four failed attempts, Diana Nyad, 64, braved 110 miles (180 km) of shark and jellyfish infested water to become the first woman to swim the Florida Straits (Cuba to Florida) without a shark cage. She succeeded on her fifth try.

Man unknowingly raped HIV positive woman

Manchester - After breaking into an acquaintance’s house at night and raping her in her sleep, a convicted rapist was told by police that the women he assaulted was HIV positive.

Student charged over $4000 for a $308 taxi ride

Chicago police are investigating an airport taxi scam which resulted in a foreign University of Illinois student being overcharged 13 times the standard amount for his cab fare.

Asian Girlz: Uproar over racist music video

Much outrage worldwide followed the release of band, Day Above Ground's debut single: "Asian Girlz." Feeling offended, many have taken to YouTube and Twitter calling the video racist, and that it set's women and ethnic acceptance back decades.

FoxNews interviews a scholar on religion, embarrass themselves

A Fox News interview about religion has gotten many, including BuzzFeed, questioning if it is the most embarrassing thing Fox News has ever done.

Canadians asking Olympics Committee to boycott Russia Special

Following the persecution of homosexuals in Russia, thousands of people worldwide have banded together to protest, each in their own ways. In Canada, a petition to its Olympics Committee to boycott the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, has come out.

'Temper Tantrum Wife' tells her side of the story

Knoxville - In a video that went viral last week, millions of people witnessed the infamous “Temper Tantrum Wife” throw a fit. Since then, Whitney Mongiat, the soon-to-be ex-wife in the video, has come out with her side of the story.
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