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Citizen based in Melbourne, Australia. Joined on Jan 10, 2008


Gay Man Challenges Red Cross on Blood Donation

A Tasmanian man is challenging the Australian Red Cross ruling that sexually active gay men are automatically rejected as blood donors

The Mathematics of Gambling

Australian Family Association are up in arms after a maths teacher in Brisbane, Australia, takes his class to the racetrack.

Australian man sells his entire life on eBay

They say you can buy almost anything on eBay. One man decided to put that to the test and is auctioning his entire life, including house, job and even his friends. Current bid: $2,201,000 AUD ($2,133,427.90 CAD).

Gay or straight, it may be in the brain

Gays and straights of the opposite sex share some characteristics in the area of the brain responsible for emotion, mood and anxiety, a new study has found, suggesting sexuality may be a biologically fixed trait.

Binge Drinking Redefined in Australia

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) will release its new official drinking guidelines next month under steep criticism, labeling many Australians as binge drinkers.

UK Pedophile Jailed After Message from Psychic

A British pedophile was found guilty and jailed for indecently assaulting three girls between 1997 and 2001...thanks to a lead from a psychic.

Norway Passes Gay Marriage Law

Norway today became the sixth country in the world to grant homosexuals the right to marry on an equal footing with heterosexuals in a landslide vote of 84 to 41.

Canada Says Sorry to Aboriginals for Decades of Abuse

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper today formally apologized to Canada's indigenous people for more than a century of abuses.

Royal Debt Paid - 350 Years Late

Heir Apparent to the English throne, Prince Charles, has paid off a family debt dating back almost 350 years...without interest.

X-Ray Vision in US Airports

New security scanners that are to be installed in US airports can clearly see through passengers' clothing reveal more detail than just concealed weapons.

World's Biggest Pub Crawl in Australia

More than 3,000 drinkers took to the streets on Sunday in Maryborough, Queensland in an attempt to break the world record for the biggest pub crawl.

Estrogen May Help Prevent HIV Infection

A recent study reveals that topical application of estrogen to the human penis could assist in the prevention of HIV infection.

Expect More Aussie Tourists in the U.S.

The Australian dollar hit a 24 year high against the US dollar last month, passing 96 cents. Economists predict it will reach parity by the end of the year.

Australia's Government in the Dark

Last night confirmed what many Australians already knew: our government is in the dark. This time, however, it was due to a power failure.

Aussies will need to register to visit the US

A Homeland Security source leaked news that that countries who currently do not require a visa to enter the US will now be required to register their intent to visit online with the US government.

Ice on Mars?

Scientists are abuzz after NASA's Phoenix lander's first scoop of Martian soil reveals white streaks that could be water ice.

Orgasms in Australia's Parliament?

A slip of the tongue lead to a backbencher for the Australian Liberal Party to have multiple orgasms on the floor of Parliament last night.

Google Maps accused of tresspassing

The private community of North Oaks, Minnesota, takes its trespassing ordinance very seriously. It has banned Google Maps from displaying "Street View" images.

Wannabe filmakers arrested in Melbourne, Australia

Two wannabe amateur filmmakers got the shock of their lives yesterday when their attempt at amateur film making turned into a major security scare and probable criminal charges.

Is a Nebraskan alien a peeping tom?

On a lighter note, a video that purportedly shows a real life extra-terestrial was shown to the media in Denver on Friday.The media's reaction to the video by a Nebraskan father was lackluster and skeptical.
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