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Andrew Ellis

Citizen based in Minneapolis, MN, United States. Joined on Aug 26, 2013
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Review: Author Patricia Lea Olson inspires children with 'Zena's Dream'

Dreaming is a huge part of life, especially as a child. You're at a time in your life when you can dream all you want, and your responsibilities are minimal.

Netflix grabs movie rights to 'Bright' starring Will Smith

Netflix just keeps swinging for the fences when it comes to original content, and its most recent victory comes in the form of fantasy cop thriller 'Bright' starring Will Smith.

Joe Brandmeier says videos can 'make or break an artist' Special

It used to be you discovered new music via the radio. But the Internet changed that. Now, discovery tends to happen via your favorite social media site which usually sends you to YouTube for a music video binge session.

Joey Flip is ready to spread the blues around Minneapolis Special

Minneapolis - It's been a big year for Joe Filipovich, aka Joey Flip, and his band The Blue Cities, and they're about to bring it back on home with a headlining gig on Saturday, August 7th, at the Uptown Art Fair in Minneapolis, MN.

NASA confirms discovery of exoplanet 21 light years away

Pasadena - NASA announced in a press release on July 30th that they had found the closest rocky planet outside our solar system. It's only 21 light years away.

Aziz Ansari heading up new sitcom for Netflix

As the dust gathers on what remains of the 'Parks and Recreation' set, Aziz Ansari is already onto his next project: a sitcom for Netflix.

Dallas County to take guns away from domestic abusers

Dallas - Starting as soon as this week, the Dallas County Sheriff's Department will start taking guns away from those convicted of domestic abuse.

Review: The Unraveling is ready to 'Revolt'

It's been five years since Calgary-based progressive rock outfit The Unraveling released new music, and they're more than ready to get new stuff out there.

Jennifer Lawrence to play Pulitzer-winning war photographer

Jennifer Lawrence isn't afraid to take on heavy roles; fictional or real. Which is good, because she's set to portray Pulitzer Prize-winning war photographer Lynsey Addario in an adaptation of her just-released memoir.

Girl, 14, killed in fight that started on Facebook

Birmingham - A 14-year-old Alabama girl's life was cut short Friday when she was shot and killed in an argument that started on the Facebook social media site.

Rooftop Revolutionaries make their voice heard on 'WHITE' EP

The Rooftop Revolutionaries have something to say, and they're going to say it whether or not you want to hear it. Luckily, they chose to use hard-hitting rock music as their form of communication.

Apple gives Macs security update automatically to combat hackers

Apple updated users' Macs on Monday, December 22, automatically to combat a security issue that would have allowed hackers to take control of any of their computers from a remote location.

Review: Anne Simone's 'Bittersweet' EP is a strong effort

Anne Simone's new EP, "Bittersweet," is a mix of organic and electronic music complimented by a voice that is both polished and flawed when the moment calls for it.

Belgium seeks to have potato fries declared cultural heritage

Who would have thought that potato fries could unite an entire country? Well, that seems to be the case in Belgium where there is currently a movement to have Belgian potato fries officially recognized as cultural heritage.

Review: Billy Roberts' vocals struggle on 'Last of the Originals'

On "The Last of the Originals," Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders make their own brand of country music. But while the songs are catchy -- and the musicians are clearly talented -- the vocals fail to to deliver on an unfortunately consistent basis.

Amazon, Hachette reach new deal after months-long dispute

After a high-profile fight during contract negotiations, Amazon and Hachette Book Group have finally come to an agreement.

Review: The Hydrothermal Vents are adventurous, but lack direction

On "Neptune's Grave," the vocalists use the word "strange" numerous times, and that word seems to perfectly describe The Hydrothermal Vents' debut album, "Secrets of the Deep!".

Review: Boris Rogowski debuts solo project 'The Society Islands'

The Society Islands is a solo project from Germany-based singer-songwriter Boris Rogowski that includes style shifts that can occur mid-song.

Review: aCr's 'Ghost Note Manifest' is a raw and exciting debut EP

"Ghost Note Manifest" is the debut EP from aCr, also known as Alvaro Che Rodrguez, the vocalist and guitarist for Houston-based band Liquid Casing.

U.S. campaign against Islamic State to likely reach $1 billion

A recent report released by the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, based in Washington D.C., says the campaign against the Islamic State is going likely cost the United States at least $1 billion.
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