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Donna Murphy

Citizen based in Gloucester, United Kingdom. Joined on Mar 19, 2011


Op-Ed: UK — Last few days before the polls

Now the Royal Wedding is past, the campaigners for this weeks referendum and local elections must have thought, at last, we can get our message out. No one could have reckoned with the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

Op-Ed: Syria — Is this situation moving on?

In a Press Association report, the UN's top human rights body used a special session to say it "unequivocally condemns the use of lethal violence" by Syrian authorities against peaceful demonstrators and the "hindrance to access of medical treatment."

Op-Ed: The Yes to AV campaign — better politicians than comedians!

I have always heard that comedy is all about timing. In that case, it is just as well that the referendum on the Alternative Vote is not being judged on rating figures.

Op-Ed: The UK Alternative Vote — The yes campaign attacks back

This weekend saw the Yes campaigners in the Alternative Vote come out fighting. Suddenly, the backslapping of David Cameron and Nick Clegg arriving at Downing Street after the general election seems a dim and distant memory.

Op-Ed: UK — the first big test for the politicians

When the British electorate go to the polls on May,5, 2011, they will be looking back at quite a turbulent year. We have a coalition government, the first in a long time. It will be a testing time for all three main parties.

Op-Ed: Libya - is anyone sure?

As this conflict goes into it's third month, the position in the war-torn country is a complete mess. More and more people are dying in the name of what?

Op-Ed: How long is a week in Syria?

Once again we are waking up to protests in Syria. Day after day, the numbers grow. Day after day people are being shot or dissappearing. How much longer must we watch reports from both sides which none of us can verify?

Op-Ed: Nigeria - what next?

As the results are coming in to the INEC in Abuja, observers and even Nigerian's themselves have been reporting that this election is the best they have ever known in the country, violence has begun to flare up in the north of the country.

Op-Ed: Nigeria - Results of the elections so far

The House of Assembly results are nearly all in and so are results for the Presidential elections. The overall picture seems to be good. Most observers have said that things seem to be free and fair.

Op-Ed: Syria — hope at last

After what seems a long silence, we finally saw Bashar al-Assad and his new cabinet, headed by Adel Safar. He had finally decided to stop watching the ticking time bomb that it his country and say something.

Op-Ed: Syria - Assad is his father's legacy too heavy for him to handle?

Another day, more protests. The range of the protests seems to get wider across the country each time we see or hear any reports. Deraa, Baniyas, Homs etc.. These are names that until a month ago, most of us had never even heard of.

Op-Ed: Nigeria — the first polls have finished

Right I thought, the first polls have closed. I just had to start looking around to see what the long wait had produced.

Op-Ed: Syria — The protests go on as do the denials

While the western world is busying itself with the problems of Libya and the Ivory Coast, the Syrian people are risking life and limb to try and gain the freedoms and rights the west enjoys, with very little or no help.

Op-Ed: Libya — Still nowhere near peace

The African Union have now stepped into this conflict. They have held talks with Qaddafi and yesterday went over to Benghazi to talk to the opposition. Will another group coming to the table, help Libya towards the freedoms, they are trying attain.

Op-Ed: Self-declared Ivory Coast president Gbagbo has been arrested

The news has started to come through that the terrible and bloody civil war in Ivory Coast may at last be coming to an end. Ivory Coast former president Laurent Gbagbo was arrested by French-backed forces of president-elect Alassane Ouattara.

Op-Ed: Ivory Coast — Another turn in this battle for power

Just as many of us thought that this long and bloody war was coming to an end, we see that there is yet another twist in this Ivory Coast tale.

Op-Ed: Nigeria — the first election has finally happened

Finally, we have, with a few exceptions, started the Nigerian elections. Accreditation lists, ballot papers, result papers and even officials have all been in their correct places. Let's go!

Op-Ed: Libya — time to reassess the situation

This can only be described now, as a civil war. We have Qaddafi's forces on one side, the 'rebels' on the other and no sign of anyone speaking for the whole of the country.

Op-Ed: Nigeria — I'm exhausted already

The more I look into the forthcoming elections, the sorrier I feel for the poor Nigerian voter. I am exhausted and completely confused. How must they feel?

Op-Ed: Nigeria — the elections are coming, soon

When looking around at all the other problems the world is having at the moment, an article caught my eye. Nigerian elections postponed.
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