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Sean O'Flynn-Magee

Citizen based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Joined on Mar 31, 2009


Op-Ed: Egypt — Change you can't believe in

The Egyptian protests have been the world's number one headline for the past three weeks. But although change is on everybody's mind, it appears that in Egypt business is set to carry on just as usual.

Op-Ed: Islam and You - The Politics of Geert Wilders

There is something about Geert Wilders. Wherever the provocative Dutchman goes, controversy tends to follow. He shuns political correctness and has become (in)famous for his comments about immigration and Islam, like comparing the Qu’ran to Mein Kampf.

Op-Ed: The Morality of Violence—Reflecting on Toronto

These days will probably become known as the Toronto Riots, locally the G20 Riots (Toronto doesn’t lend itself to rhyme, so catchier names like the Battle in Seattle are out).

Iranians ask 'why shouldn't Iran have nukes?' Special

Tehran - Reza Mohammed walked into Café de l’Art, a busy, somewhat posh restaurant near the sprawling Tehran University, ten minutes late for our meeting.

Op-Ed: Dispelling myths about drugs

Today is the high holiday of North American's cannabis culture. In Vancouver, Canada's marijuana Mecca,10,000 people will gather at the Art Gallery to celebrate their favorite weed.

Hijab Politics in Iran Special

Tehran - Being a woman in Iran is challenging at the best of times. But this is a society chock full of articulate, passionate women, and a resolute gender equality movement is growing in the shadows of the Islamic Republic.

On the Streets with Iran's Green Movement Special

Tehran - It's clear Iranians are not happy with their government. Whether riding in a taxi or sitting over a cup of tea, conversation inevitably drifts to politics. I hear the same sentiment expressed again and again: "Ahmadinejad is bad!"

Disappointment in Iran Special

Tehran - Although hopes were high that the Green Movement would use yesterday's celebrations as a venue for protest, the government successfully quelled dissent.

Op-Ed: The American Agenda in Haiti

The massive earthquake that recently shocked Haiti is the biggest news story in the world at the moment. But a nefarious subplot is simultaneously developing as the United States uses the crisis to reassert its influence over the Caribbean nation.

Op-Ed: Faux-Bama, a disappointing year in the White House

Dear President Obama. Do you remember, a year ago, when millions of Americans stood in the cold, warmed only by their joyful tears, to witness your historic inauguration?

Op-Ed: The Problem with Corporate Ecology

Not surprisingly, Copenhagen was a complete flop. The only way humans are going to stop destroying the enviroment is if the role the corporation plays in society substantially changes.

Op-Ed: Reflections on a Decade of Individuality

The last 10 years have seen the super-expansion of communication technology bringing with it a double-edged sword of mass accessibility and mass celebrity.

Op-Ed: The Morality of Theft

Are superstores legitimate targets for theft? A renegade priest in Northern England raises important philosophical questions about the values of a society. What do we care more about: property rights or human rights?

Court's Ruling Inflames Kurds

As the government courts the European union, a legal ruling in Ankara has brought underlying tension in Turkey back to the surface.

Drafts, Dollars and Disagreement in Copenhagen

Predictably, Copenhagen has thus far seen lots of talk and little agreement. The major economies are debating over the usual details: who's going to reduce what, and who's going to pay for it.

Dirty Energy Prevents Canada's Chance of Climate Deal

Although popular opinion sometimes suggests otherwise, Canada's environmental record is dismal. Any genuine deal at the Copenhagen Summit will be impossible without addressing Canada's biggest climate issue, Alberta's tar sands.

Tension on the Rise in Bangkok

Widespread protests against the Thai government reveal deep lines of social cleavage in a country desperately seeking to cope with hard economic times and end three years of political strife.

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