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Dawn Denmar

Citizen based in Leicester, H4, United Kingdom. Joined on Jun 13, 2013
Expertise in Environment & green living, Religion, Careers & workplace, Single parenting, Government,   see all» Small business, Ethnic cultures, Home improvement, Travel, Jobs, Women's health, General business news & info, Politics, Decorating & interior design, Dating & relationships, Education



Op-Ed: Strike action threatens the NHS in UK

The UK is justifiably proud of the NHS, created by the National Health Service Act 1946 and initiated in July 1948. 2015 strikes and financial cuts could signal further demise of this national behemoth.

Op-Ed: Mark Zuckerberg giving 99% share of Facebook to charity

Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan celebrate the birth of baby daughter Max in style and with novelty — the creation of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative using 99 percent of their current shares in Facebook with a value of $45bn (£30bn) today.

New Earth-type planet spotted by Kepler telescope

It was confirmed a few hours back at a meeting of the American Astronomical Society that the Kepler Space Telescope has located another eight new planets, making a total of more than 1,000 new planets located to date. One Earth-like planet caused a buzz.

North East UK to find religion in shipping containers this Easter

Twelve shipping containers have been located across Northumberland, Tyneside & Wearside and Middlesbrough for Easter 2014. They will be transformed into religious works of art to reflect the sufferings of Christ, in traditional stations of the cross

Op-Ed: Burroughs wood, memorial to British victims of Bali bombings Special

The Bali bombings of October 2002 killed more than 200 people. In November 2003, a memorial stone and area of woodland in Leicestershire were dedicated to British victims of the bombing campaign. Winter 2013 images of the wood show its tranquility.

UK Schools: Sir Frank Whittle Studio, Lutterworth

Lutterworth - The Sir Frank Whittle Studio School in Lutterworth opens its doors to first student cohort in September 2014. Is this new school as revolutionary as it makes itself out to be?

Aurora borealis lights up parts of UK

The Northern Lights have given a spectacular light show display in various parts of the UK tonight. The lights are generally only visible in the north but onlookers have seen them as far south as Gloucestershire, South Wales and Norfolk.

July 2014 World War I - 100 years on Special

The 100-year anniversary of World War I is on 28 July 2014 and the UK will commemorate this event. For the United Kingdom it signified the start of collapse of British Empire but it was perhaps more significant in being forerunner to World War II.

Can pine vapor cure global warming?

International group of researchers report that the smell of forest pine could prove an important link in the battle against climate change.

Op-Ed: Reflections on zoos and euthanasia

The slaughter of giraffe Marius at a Copenhagen zoo has prompted interest in just how many healthy animals are actually slaughtered by zoos in Europe and worldwide. It seems numbers are unknown, however scientific thought is that slaughters are necessary

Op-Ed: Northern Ireland crime increases in past two years

The Office for National Statistics report today that 59 percent of respondents of a survey believe crime has increased in past two years. Major causes of criminal activity are perceived to be drug and alcohol abuse and lack of parental discipline.

Bonnie Prince Charlie portrait discovered in Scotland

BBC2 Culture Show will air a special at 9 p.m. GMT this evening to highlight the discovery of a "lost" portrait of Bonnie Prince Charlie painted in Edinburgh in 1745 just prior to his invasion of England. The program is being presented by Dr B Grosvenor.

Google mapping & charitable funding combine to show deforestation

The Global Forest Watch project may become a fantastic tool for consumers interested in finding out whether or not their products have really been sourced from responsibly felled trees or anybody interested in gaining an overall view on deforestation.

Syrian army continue to bomb streets of Aleppo

Jerusalem Online issued disturbing footage of the Syrian Army barrel bombs in Aleppo. In spite of diplomatic attempts to end the Syria crisis, the army continue to attack rebels in Aleppo and Damascus.

More heavy rain and gales for the South West of England Special

Today's Daily Mail has an impassioned plea for the British government to cut foreign aid and spend monies on victims of the current flooding. With yesterday's radio bulletins stating floods in Somerset are at biblical proportions it seems the end is nigh!

Aerie Lingerie to launch unretouched ads

Aerie, sister company to American Eagle, has launched its 2014 ad campaign, aerie Real, featuring natural beauty with no airbrushed add-ons. This move is good news for the brand's young female customers and potential future confidence in body image.

First frosts of winter in Leicester and Yorkshire, United Kingdom Special

Winter hasn't hardened its grip on the UK yet. I was fortunate to be in Yorkshire on its first frosty weekend and spent a glorious day in the Yorkshire Dales. Closer to home, frost layers sugar coatings on parks and fields creating wintry landscapes.

Sweden plans to close prisons

The head of Sweden's prison and probation services announced in November that four of the country's prisons are to close due to a decline in prisoner numbers. There's been a 6 percent drop in numbers of Swedish prisoners but crime rates have not fallen.

York is a beautiful UK city to visit with many historic features Special

York is a beautiful, historic city. It was founded by the Romans in 71 AD. Some portions of the ancient city walls date back to the Romans, while the rest is of Norman origin. York Minster, castle and Clifford's Tower are other famed features.

John Kerry promises some U.S. spying practices will end

John Kerry, United States secretary of state, said last night some of America's spying activities have "reached too far." Speaking by videolink yesterday to a conference with the Open Government Partnership, Mr Kerry confirmed trust needs to be restored.
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