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Andrew Reeves

Citizen based in Toronto, ON, Canada. Joined on Sep 26, 2011



Ontario schools divert over 25 tonnes of waste from landfill

Toronto - 200,000 elementary school students in Ontario helped divert over 25 tonnes of waste from landfill in a single week by lacking waste-free lunches.

Op-Ed: Canada - Harper stands by McKay amid calls for his resignation

Ottawa - Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is standing behind his embattled Defence Minister, Peter McKay, amid calls for his resignation over a controversial and ill-advised helicopter ride in Newfoundland in July 2010.

Op-Ed: NDP leadership debate showcases the (many) party hopefuls

Ottawa - The New Democrat's held their first leadership debate on Sunday afternoon in Ottawa. Marked by civility and platitudes, it was a showcase of each candidate more than a debate.

CFL: Argonauts announce Scott Milanovich as new Head Coach

Toronto - Toronto Argonauts General Manager Jim Barker announced his resignation this morning as Head Coach, confirming that former Montreal offensive coordinator Scott Milanovich will take over coaching duties.

Ontario: Queen's Park cool to landfill tax suggestion

Toronto - The Environmental Commissioner of Ontario suggested yesterday at a press conference for the release of his Annual Report that a landfill tax would be his preferred choice for increasing waste diversion in Ontario. Others aren't so sure.

ON Environmental Commissioner laments lack of environmental funds Special

Toronto - Ontario's Environmental Commissioner, Gord Miller, released the ECO's 2010/2011 Annual Report, which outlines the state of environmental affairs in the province. "Now is not a good time to disarm your environmental ministries," he warns.

Canada: Recent polls shows Liberals gaining ground

Ottawa - A recent Nanos poll shows that the popularity of the Canadian Liberal Party under interim leader Bob Rae has pushed them into second place behind the Conservatives, and ahead of the NDP.

ON Premier rumoured to be interested in Ottawa Liberal top job

Toronto - Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty is rumoured to be interested in running for the federal Liberal Party leadership to replace interim leader Bob Rae. That is, if Rae doesn't decide to run himself.

BC Lions win the 99th Grey Cup in Vancouver

Vancouver - Travis Lulay was named Grey Cup MVP for his efforts in leading the BC Lions to a 34-23 victory over the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the 99th Grey Cup in Vancouver.

Op-Ed: Is Bob Rae the Liberals next Keith Davey?

Ottawa - Interim Liberal leader Bob Rae is in a unique position to radically shake up the stale politics of the Liberal Party of Canada. He would do well to take a page out of the legendary Liberal kingmaker Keith Davey's playbook for inspiration.

The 99 Faces of the Occupy Toronto movement Special

Toronto - Toronto artists Richard Gottardo and Boston Dell-Vandenberd saw an opportunity to go behind the crowd at Occupy Toronto to better understand just who made up the endlessly diverse crowd.

Op-Ed: Ontario should brace for cuts ahead of March 2012 budget

Toronto - Ontario's political leaders need to be straightforward with Ontarians about the potential extent of necessary budget cuts to begin dealing with a growing $16B deficit.

Author Chris Turner on 'The German Leap' Special

Toronto - Canadian author Chris Turner is embarking on a four stop tour of Southern Ontario and Quebec to talk about "The German Leap" - a critical step towards a renewable energy economy where Germany leads the pack.

Op-Ed: Occupy protests must politicize while dodging rubber bullets

Toronto - The truest test of the resiliency of the Occupy movement will come as the second wave of city evictions notices and police violence is unleashed against the protesters. If they can survive this, they must find a way organize politically.

Op-Ed: Understanding those marginalized by Canada's EI system Special

Toronto - I recently spoke with former York University researcher Lee Berkowitz on the ways in which Canada's current system of distributing employment insurance marginalizes and excludes more than we may realize. The following is my Q & A with Lee.

Reform needed to modernize Employment Insurance Special

Toronto - A recent report released by the Mowat Centre for Policy Innovation is calling for massive reforms in the government assistance program for unemployed workers.

Economist: Health care will consume Ontario's budget by 2030

Toronto - Don Drummond, former chief economist at TD Bank, released a report through the C.D. Howe Institute on the state of Canada's health care system. He warns that Ontario's rising health care costs will consume the provincial budget by 2030 if left unchecked.

Op-Ed: Reading in the age of electronic content

Toronto - A plethora of e-readers and numerous applications to explore electronic reading content may revolutionize the way in which we think about that oldest source of knowledge - the book. But then again - it might not.

Report finds Canada's EI system unjust

Toronto - The Mowat Centre for Policy Innovation, a Toronto-based think tank, has released a study blasting Canada's Employment Insurance system as a "hangover for handling interregional problems," and in dire need of reform.

U.K. air pollution putting 'tens of thousands' at risk

London - A U.K. environmental watchdog is claiming that the government is putting the lives of "tens of thousands" at risk by watering down European Union air quality standards instead of tackling the problem directly.
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