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Marcus Hondro

Digital Journalist based in Vancouver, B.C, Canada, Canada. Joined on Dec 14, 2011



Police in Thailand arrest Bangkok bombing suspect

Police in Thailand have arrested the man they believe responsible for the bomb that killed 20 people and injured over 120 on August 17. They said the man is a foreigner but did not give out his nationality.

He's baaack: Justin Bieber releases new song 'What Do You Mean'

The Biebs is back as Canadian pop star Justin Bieber has finally released a new song. Bieber put out the much-anticipated first single from his upcoming new album today and it has all the necessary tools to return him to the spotlight - for music.

Metro Vancouver water restrictions to continue indefinitely

Due to an extremely hot summer Vancouver and area has had their water usage restricted since July 20 and it looks like that is going to continue. A spokesman for Metro Vancouver said a forecast for heavy rain over the weekend won't change the situation.

Former L.A. King Mike Richards charged with drug offence by RCMP

Mike Richards, once a star with the L.A. Kings and Philadelphia Flyers, has been charged by the RCMP in Manitoba with a drug offence. The charge stems from an incident back on June 17.

Greek archaeologists discover 17th century BC palace near Sparta

An archaeological dig in Greece has discovered a 10-room palace from the 17th-16th century BC at a site of ancient ruins near Sparta. The Ministry of Culture said the palace dates back to the Mycenaean Age and the site revealed a host of artifacts.

Injured orca whale in B.C. waters cut by boater's propeller

A young killer whale, also known as an orca, has been spotted in Johnstone Straight off the coast of Vancouver Island with a fresh cut this week. The whale's flank and dorsal fin was cut but though a long wound it may not be serious.

Toronto policeman who 'kettled' G20 protesters in 2010 guilty

The Toronto police superintendent who gave orders leading to the arrest of hundreds of protesters at the 2010 Toronto G20 Summit has been found guilty on 3 of 5 charges by a disciplinary committee. Supt, Mark Fenton will be sentenced December 21.

Canadian boy, 10, accidently shot to death by 7-year-old brother

An accidental shooting in a home near Grande Cache in Alberta has left a 10-year-old boy dead. It appears that it may be a case of a firearm not being safely stored and a youngster getting hold of it.

Really Floyd? Floyd Mayweather buys a car for $4.8 million

It would seem Floyd Mayweather has been busy spreading his money about of late. Known for, and rather proud of, his lavish lifestyle, the defeater of Manny Pacquiao has just bought himself yet another car for yet another massive sum.

Video: Humpback whale doing back-flip caught on camera

If you've never seen a humpback whale do a backflip - and few have - you'll want to have a quick look at both a video and a photo that show just that. The woman who took the photo runs a whale cruise tour and she'd never seen a whale do a backflip.

Moroccan gunman claims he is not a terrorist, only a hungry thief

The lawyer for the Moroccan national who has been arrested after his aborted attack on a train passing through Belgium said her client is not a terrorist. Why did he have an automatic weapon and 200 rounds of ammunition on the train then? To rob it.

Mulcair: NDP government would decriminalize marijuana in a flash

Vancouver - The leader of the federal NDP Party in Canada, Thomas Mulcair, did not mince words on Thursday in Vancouver when it came to the subject of marijuana. He made it clear what his party would do should they win the October 19 election.

Op-Ed: TTC case may not be police brutality - but civilian foolishness

There's a video making the rounds of an incident last winter at a Toronto TTC station that some say is an example of police brutality. But the police have said the use of force was justified and I'm with the law on this one - and it wasn't a hard choice.

St. Louis police shoot dead armed black teenager, more protests

An 18-year-old black male was shot dead by St. Louis police Wednesday and his death has ignited a fresh round of protests in the city. The St. Louis police department say the teen was pointing a gun at officers when he was killed.

German thieves break into shop, open 1200 beer bottles and leave

If you were going to break into a closed beer shop, in the dead of night, with the intention of stealing, if, then you would surely be doing so to take beer, right? No money in the till, just beer upon the shelves. After all, what else could you take?

Former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle: Child porn and sex charges

Former spokesman for the Subway sandwich shop franchise, Jared Fogle, has agreed to plead guilty to sex with minors and to child pornography charges. Fogle could spend the next decade in prison, or more.

Video of resourceful seal jumping into boat to escape orca whales

A rather resourceful seal saved itself from getting eaten alive by orca killer whales in B.C. waters last week. The desperate fellow jumped into an empty dinghy to avoid the whales and there is video of the seal waiting it out as the orcas search nearby.

Ocean liner gives up search for crewmember who went overboard

A search has been called off for the crew member of an ocean liner believed to have gone overboard. He has been missing since early Saturday morning off the coast of Newfoundland and the Queen Mary 2 turned around in an effort to find him.

T.O. police arrest Moka Cafe murder suspect in dramatic take-down

Toronto police say they arrested a Mississauga man on Friday who is the only suspect in the shooting deaths of two people in the Moka Cafe. There has been an intensive manhunt for the man since the June 24 shootings.

Toronto Boy, 13, charged in shooting of 14-year-old Lecent Ross

Toronto - A 13-year-old Toronto boy has been charged with manslaughter and other firearms offences in the shooting death of 14-year-old Lecent Ross. The young girl was shot in the face, just below her left eye, while visiting the boy's home. She died on scene.
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