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Marcus Hondro

Digital Journalist based in Vancouver, B.C, Canada, Canada. Joined on Dec 14, 2011



Canadian actor Donald Sutherland wants vote in his own country

Actor Donald Sutherland, the father of Kiefer Sutherland — has written an opinion piece in a national Canadian newspaper about his lack of voting rights in his own country. As he lives abroad, and has for over five years, he can't vote in Canada.

Cincinnati police officer charged for shooting, killing black man

A white police officer with the University of Cincinnati has been charged with murder for shooting an unarmed black male in the head on July 19. The man was shot during a routine traffic stop.

Scientists seek reason for mass whale die-off in Alaska, 18 dead

In mid-June and beyond, whale carcasses started to show up floating off of Kodiak Island in Alaska and scientists were called in to try and find out why. However, it appears they may never know the reason for the mass of deaths.

Canadian wins gold at International Mathematical Olympiad

A Canadian has won gold at the 2015 International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Alex Song pulled off the feat and solidified his IMO ranking as the top math student in the world. His score? Perfect.

Boating tragedy: North Vancouver dentist missing, daughter dead

There has been a boating tragedy in Howe Sound waters off of North Vancouver this weekend. A 60-year-old man is missing and his seven-year-old daughter was found dead in the water, apparently drowned.

Horrible Cruelty: Video of man kicking kitten in air, killing it

A shocking video of a man kicking a kitten like it is a soccer ball, lining up to do so and kicking it into the air, killing it, has emerged. The graphic footage is not pretty and not everyone will be able to stomach it.

Shipwreck over a century old discovered in Nova Scotia harbour

A team of seven divers were the first to visit a shipwreck over a century old in Pictou Harbour, N.S. on Friday. The divers came back with photos and the news that considering how long it has been down there. the ship is in remarkably good condition .

Iran executes hundreds, country 'out of step' with world

Amnesty International is monitoring Iran and keeping track of executions and say the data so far this year is startling. The human rights group says Iran has executed an incredible 694 people already in 2015. And the killing continues.

Study: Exercise reduces Alzheimer's Disease symptoms

There has been a lot of hopeful news at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference in Washington, and on Thursday came news of the benefits of exercise for patients. A study found exercise makes patients feel better and improves memory.

Petition to replace Kanye West at Pan Am Games over 50,000

The daughter of Kanye West is named North but in dad's world the word "north" is taking a hit. That's because the true north strong and free — Canada — may not want him. West is booked to play the Pan Am Games closing ceremony in Toronto — maybe.

Alzheimer's Disease: New drug may be breakthrough science seeks

A drug treatment that may halt the progress of Alzheimer's Disease, but only if caught early, is being introduced at a conference on Alzheimer's this week. The Washington conference will see the introduction of the promising drug Solanezumab.

Why is a woman hanging sex toys on power lines all over Portland?

It is uncertain why she's doing it, it's even uncertain if it is her doing it, but what is certain is someone is hanging sex toys on power lines - dozens - all over Portland. They're being seen by all ages and a young woman has claimed responsibility.

Navy officer dies of wounds from Chattanooga lone-wolf attack

A fifth member of the U.S. military has died as a result of being shot in the lone-wolf attack on two military facilities in Chattanooga, Tenn. Thursday. A Navy Petty Officer died Saturday from wounds sustained in the attack.

Suicide by cop? Surrey man shot in struggle with RCMP officers

A disturbing incident in Surrey, B.C. may have been a successful attempt by a man to use a police officer to help him commit suicide. A man described as suicidal lost his life to a bullet from an RCMP gun.

A whale tale: Lonely orca Sam reunited with family off B.C. coast

Two years ago ocean researchers in B.C. spotted a young orca killer whale floundering on its own. That whale has again been seen — back with his family. Sam, as he came to be called, had been lonely and in distress.

Obama talks to Netanyahu by phone over Iran nuclear deal

With news of a deal between Iran and the U.S. still fresh, and reaction still pouring in, President Barack Obama put in a call to an interested bystander today. Obama called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to talk about the agreement.

Don't take high road: Pot breathalyzers new weapon for police

The war on marijuana appears to be fast coming to a close in North America, and elsewhere, and as that happens the race for a "pot breathalyzer" is on, With relaxed marijuana laws comes an even greater need to find out who is smoking and driving.

Video shows Israeli officer shoot dead a fleeing Palestinian teen

A video released by an Israeli human rights group appears to show an Israeli officer jump out from his vehicle after a rock hits the windshield and within seconds start shooting. The army had claimed the officer only shot because his life was in danger.

Op-Ed: Gun owner should be charged in death of 14-year-old Toronto girl

The preventable death of a 14-year-old Toronto girl last week highlights the illegal possession of guns in Canada. She was killed by an unregistered, illegal handgun and while it may have been accidental, the owner of the gun should be prosecuted.

New cancer research uses 2 viruses to find and kill cancer cells

A novel method of fighting cancer being studied in Canada may be the big breakthrough the world has been waiting for. It is early but by using two viruses researchers may be able to target and kill off cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone.
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