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Marcus Hondro

Digital Journalist based in Vancouver, B.C, Canada, Canada. Joined on Dec 14, 2011



8 Russian London Olympic athletes retest positive for doping: IOC

Russian participation in the 2016 Olympic Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro is in danger after 8 blood samples from their athletes from the 2012 London Olympics have retested positive. Russian made the announcement on their Olympic website Saturday.

3 teen girls in Florida charged for throwing rabbit against wall

Three teenage girls in Florida have been taken into custody and charged after allegedly throwing a bunny rabbit against a wall. Repeatedly.

FDA approves first implant to fight opioid drug addiction

A tiny implant that will help opioid addicts fight their cravings has won approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The implants will soon be available in that country, likely next month.

Illegal entry: Trespassers caught on camera having sex in hot tub

A security camera at a home in Kelowna caught some rare footage for the owners. After all, it's not often you see two perfect strangers sneak into your backyard, climb into your hot tub and have sex.

Op-Ed: Toronto police raid on marijuana 'dispensaries' right thing to do

The arrogant and self-serving pot activists that hijacked that Toronto police press conference Thursday gave us an ugly view of the marijuana movement. To be sure there are reasonable pot-smokers who are in the right but we did not see them on this day.

Donald Trump rally in San Diego draws protesters, 35 arrests made

The Donald Trump rally in San Diego on Friday night was peaceful on the inside but not so on the outside. Anti-Trump protesters again made their voices heard, this time in the border city that boasts a strong Latino population.

New boa constrictor species found on remote island in Bahamas

A new species of boa constrictor has been discovered on an uninhabited island in the Bahamas. One of the manners in which the species introduced itself was to slither out of a tree right up upon the head of a researcher.

23 London Olympic athletes test positive after reanalyzing: IOC

The International Olympic Organizing Committee (IOC) has reanalyzed blood samples from the 2012 London Olympics and found 23 athletes were guilty of using banned substances.

Manchester United appoints heralded José Mourinho as manager

Manchester United has ended rather quickly its search for a new manager, announcing on Friday, May 27th that the club has landed José Mourinho. Mourinho takes over an historic franchise that fared poorly last season.

No selfies with seals: New England officials issue public warning

If you're a beachgoer in New England then officials there want you to know that taking selfies with seals is not a good idea. It's never a good idea anywhere, they say, and to do so is to endanger the seal — and you.

Report says EgyptAir Flight 804 emergency locator signals found

There are two flight recorder boxes from EgyptAir Flight 804 officials are seeking and reports say the signal for at least one has been heard. The reports were published in Egypt Friday but the government has not commented on them.

Op-Ed: NHL fan tattoos a Gary Bettman face on butt after Twitter boast

Guys, would you promise to get another man's face tattooed upon your rear-end because, on a whim, you said you would if a certain event took place? And if it took place would you follow through? Isn't that something only, well, only an ass would do?

Shooting at rapper T.I.'s concert in NY leaves 1 dead, 3 wounded

At least one person was killed and three others wounded at a shooting at a rap concert by American rapper T.I. in New York Wednesday evening, May 25.

Adidas to return to Germany to make shoes by robots

Adidas, a German company, has not manufactured its products in Germany in more than 20 years. However, later this year it will begin production of shoes in Germany, made by robots.

Dad of NHL's Linden Vey on trial with mistress for murder plot

The father of an NHL hockey player and his mistress are on trial in Saskatchewan for conspiracy to commit murder. The two are accused of plotting to murder their respective spouses.

Scream for ice-cream: South Korea invents ice-cream hangover cure

Thanks to a South Korean company it looks as if boozers may be able to go from consuming their favorite beverage at night to their favorite food in the morning. A company there says it has invented an ice-cream bar that will cure your hangover.

Neil Young supports Sanders but fine if Trump uses his music

Canadian rocker Neil Young, who lives on a ranch in California, doesn't have a vote in the country he lives in but does have a candidate. That would be Democrat Bernie Sanders, who in Young's opinion is the only one who'll re-democratize the system.

Texas man gets 38 years for shooting dead Iraqi man new to U.S.

A young man has been found guilty in Dallas, Texas of shooting to death a man newly arrived to the U.S. The Iraqi victim was taking photos of the first snowfall he had ever seen when he was shot dead.

Tragically Hip singer Gord Downie has incurable brain cancer

Gord Downie, the singer of The Tragically Hip, has been stricken with an incurable form of brain cancer, it was announced today. Despite his illness, however, Downie and the band intend to tour this summer.

Op-Ed: China sets (odd) record for most choreographed dancers

Okay so it's not the kind of record most of us would aspire to holding, or be a part of holding, and it doesn't have the sex appeal of, oh, say, most goals at the World Cup of Soccer. But it is a world record and it took a lot of effort to achieve it.
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