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Marcus Hondro

Digital Journalist based in Vancouver, B.C, Canada, Canada. Joined on Dec 14, 2011



Op-Ed: Thank God discriminatory TWU law school denied accreditation

Our society has yet to provide an environment for each and every citizen that's free from discrimination. But we are getting closer to it and a ruling yesterday from the Ontario Court of Appeals indicates just that.

Pacquiao v. Broner battle surely followed by Mayweather fight

It is beginning to sound like a fight between Manny Pacquiao and Adrien Broner is a done deal. And judging from the comments of Pacquiao trainer, Freddie Roach, a KO Pacquiao KO may also be a done deal. And after that it will be Floyd Mayweather's turn.

Killer whale beaches itself for dinner, orders a tasty sea lion

A killer whale was seen by a handful of beach-goers in Argentina going to a rather great length for dinner. It is dangerous for whales to move up and onto a beach but this one managed to get up there, grab its prey and get back into the ocean.

Boxing vs. UFC? Mayweather vs. McGregor? Could it be in cards?

Super-earning superstar boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. is back in the news. Not only did he talk of fighting a boxer again, an opponent from the UFC cage wants to take on Money Mayweather. Providing, that is, it's an even split of the purse.

Medical marijuana producers worry about potential postal strike

Canada's medical marijuana producers have a pot of problems on their hands. A looming labour dispute has them scrambling to find ways to get their marijuana medicine to customers should the need arise.

Chute fails, BASE jumper falls 540 metres to death in Squamish

A parachute failed to open in time and an American BASE jumper died on Sunday morning in Squamish. Reports say his chute opened but so late that he died on impact.

Pope Francis says gays, and others, deserve apology from church

While Pope Francis stopped short of actually issuing one, on Sunday he said he believes that gay people deserve an apology from the Roman Catholic Church. He was responding to a question posed while on a plane.

Petition demanding new Brexit referendum at 3 million, growing

A petition calling for a second Brexit referendum continues to circulate in the U.K. and has now topped 3 million signatures. It needs but 100,000 for it to be put upon the docket to be discussed in Parliament but will it mean much of anything?

On inviting all children, including those born with down syndrome

I am not a weeper. Never have been. It's not uncommon for us men to stifle tears and we could argue whether it's due to nature or nurture. But not here, not now. This is about 2 kids, each born with down syndrome, and how they blessed me with tears.

Op-Ed: Are Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather and Bob Arum playing games?

The lead-up to last year's Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight saw it attract more hype on social media than any event in sporting history. It also attracted a bigger purse than sports has known and any pretense there won't be a rematch is simply gamesmanship.

Jury rules Led Zeppelin did not steal riff for Stairway to Heaven

After deliberating into a second day a jury in Los Angeles has ruled that Led Zeppelin did not steal a riff to help write their rock classic 'Stairway to Heaven.' The trial featured testimony — often humorous — from Jimmy Page and Robert Plant.

German police kill gunman but hostages survive, motive unknown

A gunman is dead but no one inside the German movie complex in which he fired his weapon Thursday was killed. There are reports of two dozen or more injuries but those injuries are related to police-fired tear gas, officials said.

Braden Holtby wins Vezina Trophy, 5th year in row a new winner

Doubtless Washington Capital's goalie Braden Holtby would prefer it was the Stanley Cup he's just won, but he'll have to settle for the Vezina Trophy. Holtby was announced the winner today and it accents a new trend in the award.

Op-Ed: Vancouver Canucks please trade for contract and get youth, pick

My suspicion is that it is frustrating for most fans of the Vancouver Canucks to hear GM Jim Benning repeat over and over again his mantra of making the team competitive now. Of putting the 2017 playoffs ahead of the franchise's next decade, or more.

Politics part of Manny Pacquiao family; new senator to take oath

The only eight-division champion in boxing history is about to sign on to something very different, and arguably much more important. Manny Pacquiao is to be inaugurated as a senator on Wednesday, and he's not the only one from his family in politics.

Monarch butterfly: Canadian towns to help endangered species

An American study released earlier this year said there is a possibility that the number of monarch butterflies could fall so low their migratory patterns will be disrupted. The study authors said that could lead to the Monarch becoming "quasi-extinct."

Lower fat chocolate? Now possible thanks to U.S. researchers

Anybody out there like chocolate at all? Anybody maybe LOVE chocolate? In case anybody does and worries its fat content is a trifle high, some physicists have come to the rescue by inventing a way to make chocolate with a lower-fat content.

X-Files' Gillian Anderson asks SeaWorld to release orca whales

Gillian Anderson, who rose to fame in the 90s TV series 'The X-Files,' has again spoken out in defence of the orca whales, also known as killer whales, that remain in captivity at SeaWorld. She wants them released to a coastal sanctuary.

Wheeling and dealing as NHL entry draft nears; Leafs get goalie

In the calendar year right now is the beginning one of the more interesting times in the NHL. Just days ahead of the entry draft, teams are starting to make trades and while off-season stuff doesn't match games, it can come pretty close.

Op-Ed: Bob Arum compares Lomachenko to Manny Pacquiao - and Muhammad Ali

Bob Arum is getting close to his 85th birthday so perhaps we should excuse him if he embraces hyperbole a little more than even boxing promoters normally do. But comparing a rising fighter, relatively untested professionally, to Muhammad Ali?
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