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Aidan Phillips

Citizen based in Hitchin, United Kingdom, United Kingdom. Joined on Oct 2, 2010


Hello there all English speaking readers and writers, bonjour and hola to any European foreigners and alright there my lover to any fellow west country folk.
About myself - your average (i would hope) 17 year old teenage boy, attending 6th form in physical and mental form yet in spirit I like to think of myself as somewhere less depressing with less mindless essays to do. For an unknown reason I've always liked writing - I began composing my first novel at 9 years old (I only managed 3 pages before I gave up, the MI6 operative had run out of plot to go by.) Due to the unfortunate infliction of natural teenage laziness and cant-be-bothered attitude, of which has plagued me for many years, I have more or less lost my interest; but now I aim to rekindle it! And by rekindle I mean aimlessly write a load of pointless, occasionally topical but largely ranting articles and blogs on this fabulous website (i must say) until one day, one moment in time in the far yet hopefully not too distant future, I have a chance of entering the fascinating world of journalism. Are you still reading? Congratulations, you're up at a ridiculous hour of the morning and are just as bored as I am right now!
I think that's all that needs to be said. Of course if you wish to know any of my more private information, such as where to stalk me, how to rob me or what my pin number is, then feel free to ask; I promise I wont call the police. At least not straight away.

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