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Nanditha Ram

Citizen based in Wellington, New Zealand. Joined on Dec 4, 2008


Chickpeas can cure Leukoderma

Chickpeas are in the news, and for a good reason too. Scientists say they have discovered the chickpea's innate ability to treat leukoderma like nothing else can. Literally speaking.

Maternal death dismally high in world’s poorest nations

The UN is warning us that deaths resulting from pregnancy and childbirth complications are "unconscionable" in number. Here is a closer look at UNICEF's report.

Coke’s fizzy drinks contaminated with pesticide

If you consume fizzy drinks, perhaps to the point of addiction, take a look at what this study reveals. Coca-Cola has put drinks on the supermarket shelves that are completely unsuitable for consumption.

Mouthwash increases risk of oral cancer, study reveals

Are you excessively worried about oral hygiene? Do you buy mouthwash without reading the fine print? Well, maybe you shouldn’t anymore, because study reveals there is something else to be worried about.

Heavily processed carbs addictive, according to study

Are you addicted to chocolates and cookies? Do you suffer withdrawal when you stop eating them temporarily? Then you could be suffering from a classic case of carbohydrate addiction, say scientists.

Eat well, exercise for a long and healthy life

Scientific research is reinforcing what common sense has been telling us for sometime now. Eat right and shake a leg if you want to live a long and healthy life.

Cow's Urine: elixir of life

Does the thought of drinking cow's urine make you cringe? If it does, then you'd better think again, because this yellow liquid has the power to restore life and health like nothing else can.

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